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• 11/7/2018
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• 11/5/2018


For FE Awakening Olivia is trash even if you level her up all the to level 30. But for me I used a secondary seal on and she turned into a killing machine, and the class that I've changed her into was a swordmaster. I've also turned myself into the Hero class and for the both of us combined our character rating is 305 if I was leading when were paired.

YOU DWEEBS CAN"T DEFEAT US!!!! *laughs evilly*

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• 11/3/2018

Samson or Arran

Which should i pick. I dont really need either but what would be a good choice to have a useful backup unit
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• 10/30/2018

Fe heroes

Good units I need I need a lot more chacters
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• 10/25/2018

FE Fates

I heard you can get Flora in Conquest but I just can't seem to get her can anyone help please?

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• 10/25/2018

FE Shadow Dragon Master Seal

I just came across a master seal in the game. Which unit should i try to get through promotes?
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• 10/24/2018


Hi, I bought the art book of fire emblem awakening in Japan, but in the concept art I see a very strange thing.

Why Nintendo put satana here!!!

look at the book.

Post image
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• 10/22/2018

Cough Syrup

I think I had a little too much Cough Syrup and I feel funny

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• 10/16/2018

Three houses

What does everyone think of the formations in three houses ? Do you think it’s gonna be like a Rock Paper Scissors thing where it gives you a percent advantage based on formation ? Let me know !
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• 10/16/2018

Rhajat and Niles 3: Support Conversations

So what do you guys think of support and unique child units in FEH

I was thinking like if an awakening character gets married who would normally have kid viola

But then we could get a good couple of unique children units from characters from other games and the OCs in this one, including Anna

Just put any ideas you got in the comments I guess, I didn’t have much but I like the idea

*side note, I’ve decided Imma just put Rhajat and Niles at the start of all my post names, pls don’t be alarmed
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• 10/15/2018

What's the difference between Aether and Radiant Aether

So Aether is Treats foe's Def/Res as if reduced by 50%. But Radiant Aether is During combat, Treats foe's Def/Res as if reduced by 50%. What's the difference?
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• 10/14/2018

Shadow Dragon tips

I am trying to play every american FE handheld before three houses. I just got Shadow Dragon. Any tips or tricks to be most successful.
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• 10/14/2018

Your favorite character

In a certain game?
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• 10/13/2018

Favorite S ranked/personal weapons

Sealed sword , makes Roy actually useful
Leifs light brand
Garm , slow axe users love this axe
Yato , I like how it evolved over the story and was different in every route .
Forblaze bc awesome animation
Apocalypse and glipnier bc you can nuke enemy’s with them
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• 10/13/2018

Rhajat and Niles 2: Electric Boogaloo (Copy and Paste Characters)

With the coming of 3 houses, how would you feel if we got some Owain/Odin and Severa/Selena style characters, I personally enjoyed the idea of them being in the game, my favorite character in awakening was Inigo, and Laslow is perfect, so I wouldn’t be mad if we got something like that again.
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• 10/11/2018

Rhajat and Niles and the uprising of Gay options in fire emblem

Simply put do you think that there will be more gay options in fire emblem three houses and maybe heroes, I think I’d be ok with it, as long as it stayed exclusive to only a few characters
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• 10/3/2018

Mission Complete

I've finally married all the females in Conquest and Birthright( I don't have a life)

It took kind of forever but, it was really worth it. Now all I have to do is to complete the conversations with the male characters but, that won't be hard cause I'm basically almost done. I really don't know what else to do after I'm done with this. Any ideas?

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• 10/3/2018

Tellius Weapon Forging

I know this is a really specific question that very few people will respond to, but when you're playing FE9/10, which weapons do you find the most effective when forged and who do you think benefits most from them?
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• 10/2/2018

Birthday for 2

hi, today for the Fire Emblem Fates fans, today is a special day for Kaze and Saizo.

they are twin, so is good today for grow up their stat.

happy twin birthday.

if you have a character that do the birthday in your same date, say that.


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• 10/1/2018

heroes ghb wishlist?

dear IS, ive been very good this year - ive spent way too much money on orbs, you have to appreciate that - so pretty please give me Gangrel, Naesala (when are we getting laguz units btw), Caellach, Iago and Fernand

(ik this is really generic and dumb but i just want to see how many people have crappy taste like i do)

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