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Ásgarðr is a region in Fire Emblem Heroes. It's believed to be the location where Alfaðör resides, and, therefore, is likely the home of Loki and Thórr.


Alfaðör's two generals, Loki and Thórr, are tasked with witnessing the execution of the Twilit Runes, a prophecy written by Alfaðör at the time the nine realms were created. The Runes encompass all of time, and foretell the end of the gods of each of the realms.

Notable people from Ásgarðr

  • Alfaðör - The supposed ruler of the region. He is the god who created everything and seems to dislike mortals since he asks his forces to invade Askr and other worlds.
  • Thórr - The god of war and Alfaðör's loyal general. Unlike him, she respects mortals and sets trials in order to test their strength. She often appears alongside her teammate Loki and criticizes the latter's actions.
  • Loki - The sneaky tactician of Ásgarðr who is playful and impatient. She can turn into anyone else and often tricks and deceives people.

Notable allies

  • Líf - A former general of Hel and the Crown Prince of Askr who sides with Alfaðör so he could restore his world.
  • Thrasir - A former general of Hel and the Princess (and ex leader) of Embla who sides with Alfaðör so she could restore her world.
  • Triandra - A dökkálfar who delivers terrible dreams to mortals. She sides with Alfaðör in hope to revive her ruler, Freyja.
  • Plumeria - A jaded dökkálfar who delivers salacious dreams to mortals. She sides with Alfaðör in hope to revive her ruler, Freyja.


In Norse Mythology, Ásgarðr or Asgard is the home of the Aesir gods and ruled by Odin. Asgard and Midgard (the realm of humans) are connected through the Bifrost the rainbow bridge guarded by Heimdall.

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