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“Reginn, you are my sister no longer. As of now, you are my enemy! You've forsaken your homeland, and for that, I will run you through without hesitation! Your only value to me now is as food for the dogs! And then... Then! Then I will be the only family our dear brother has left! HahahaHAHH!”
—Ótr disowning Reginn

Ótr is the secondary antagonist during Book V of Fire Emblem Heroes. The prince of Niðavellir, he is the younger stepbrother of Fáfnir and older brother of Reginn, worshipping the former and fully supporting his ambitions of conquest. He is also working with the main antagonist of Book V.


Ótr was orphaned after the previous king of Niðavellir was killed, plunging the kingdom into chaos. Alongside his younger sister Reginn, the two found shelter in a remote village until they were found by Fáfnir, the new king of Niðavellir who adopted them as his step siblings. While the siblings deeply loved their new older stepbrother, his kindness dissipated into madness when he began conquering realms. While Reginn found his actions concerning, Ótr embraced them and never questioned it.

When Fáfnir began his invasion of Askr, Reginn was sent to lead the first wave. When she failed to return, Ótr was initially concerned, but Fáfnir was not. Ótr lead the next wave and discovered that Reginn had allied with the Askran forces with the intent of stopping their stepbrother. The news caused Ótr to disown Reginn and delight in the thought of having Fáfnir's attention all to himself. Though Ótr attacked Reginn with the intent of killing her, he is repelled by the Askr forces and retreated.

Later on, Ótr is handed over both Kiran and Gramr by Nótt, having manipulated her by promising to marry her.

He is secretly working with Eitri and wants to use Kiran's soul and Breidablik in order to make Járngreipr, a weapon able to destroy the portals between other worlds.

It is later revealed that Ótr had discovered the truth about Fáfnir's past before Reginn did, and had been hiding it from her since finding out.

Later on, the Order of Heroes find the Niðavellir capital completely devastated by Fáfnir, now turned into a mechanical dragon with Ótr at his side. Finding Gramr with him, Reginn attempts to get the blade back but Ótr refuses and reveals that Reginn is the true princess out of the three siblings and he resented her for that as his parents were killed by the royal family in the rebellion. More exactly, Ótr's parents were servants in the Royal Palace and they were tricked by invaders into helping them invade the castle, a young Ótr ran off with an infant Reginn even when his mother urged him to kill her, and then the two were killed.

Making a last stand against the Order, Ótr falls in battle for the last time where Reginn takes Gramr by force but she refuses to kill him. Utterly baffled at Reginn's kindness toward him despite his attempts to kill her, he refuses her sympathy and uses the last of his strength to head toward Fáfnir believing he now has purpose. However, now completely consumed by madness, Fáfnir fails to recognize his brother and swiftly kills him.

Forging Bonds[]

Beyond Control[]

Around the time while the Order of Heroes were still trapped in Dökkálfheimr, Eitri and Ótr were still trying to figure out how to solve the problem of summoning Heroes without their souls. As a solution, Eitri attempts to summon Heroes who have already lost their souls which include fallen versions of Lilith, Ninian, Rhea and an alternate version of Gustav from a world where Hel won which concerns Ótr.


A devout follower of his older brother, Fáfnir, Ótr's devotion to his brother goes as far as to be considered worship and is in full support of Fáfnir's ambitions of conquest. At times however he becomes concerned with Fáfnir's mental state especially after witnessing Fáfnir's headaches and hearing him say that their sister means nothing to him, but quickly chooses to side with his older brother, deeming her a traitor. Ótr is also the one behind the Askr invasion, being the one to suggest the idea to Fáfnir in the first place. This goes as far as being amazed when Fáfnir becomes a monster, as he knows that Fáfnir is too far gone to ever consider leaving the kingdom behind.

In contrast, Ótr hates Reginn as much as he cares about Fáfnir, as Ótr believes that as the legitimate heir to the throne, she never lifted a finger to get what she wanted while Ótr himself was just someone who was born inside the castle walls and had to dive through trash to take care of both of them after his parents unintentionally helped with the coup against the royal family. He sees Fáfnir as being the only family he has for helping him out, thus he absolutely resents Reginn when she tries to kill the transformed Fáfnir. Ultimately he has felt hatred for so long that in the last moments of his life he couldn't comprehend Reginn's kindness in spite of what he did to her earlier.

Ótr is also very manipulative, using Nótt's love for him in order to trick her into handing over the weapon Gramr and capturing Kiran. He has no romantic feelings for Nótt whatsoever and considers her "a fool", hoping that she and Dagr will kill each other to make conquering Jötunheimr easier in the future.

In later chapters, however, Ótr is revealed to lack a sense of self-worth, as well as believing that he doesn't have a purpose in life without Fáfnir. This would become the reason why he supports Fáfnir's conquests of other realms and aids Eitri in creating Járngreipr.

If Ótr is summoned by the player, other sides of his personality are unveiled. Not only it's confirmed that he has an extremely low self-esteem and is lost without Fáfnir around, but he can be extremely awkward when around people he does not know and especially in the presence of Kiran. He also seems to like eating sweets, but tries to hide it from Kiran.


Stepbrother of Niðavellir's king, Fáfnir. Worships his brother and fully supports his ambitions of conquest.

Base Stats[]

Otr SpriteTitle
Heroes Cavalry Cavalry
FEH skill offense Auto-Lofnheiðr
FEH skill special New Moon
FEH Axe Axe


FEH skill offenseIron Axe---
Steel Axe---
Silver Axe---
Auto-Lofnheiðr-FEH Star Rarity 5-
FEH skill specialNew Moon---
LunaNew Moon--
Brutal ShellLuna--
AFEH G Duel Cavalry 1 G Duel Cavalry 1--
FEH G Duel Cavalry 2 G Duel Cavalry 2FEH G Duel Cavalry 1 G Duel Cavalry 1-
FEH G Duel Cavalry 3 G Duel Cavalry 3FEH G Duel Cavalry 2 G Duel Cavalry 2-
FEH G Duel Cavalry 4 G Duel Cavalry 4FEH G Duel Cavalry 3 G Duel Cavalry 3FEH Star Rarity 5
BFEH Flow Refresh 1 Flow Refresh 1--
FEH Flow Refresh 2 Flow Refresh 2FEH Flow Refresh 1 Flow Refresh 1-
FEH Flow Refresh 3 Flow Refresh 3FEH Flow Refresh 2 Flow Refresh 2-
CFEH Threaten Def 1 Threaten Def 1--
FEH Threat Atk Def 1 Threat Atk/Def 1FEH Threaten Def 1 Threaten Def 1-
FEH Threat Atk Def 2 Threat Atk/Def 2FEH Threat Atk Def 1 Threat Atk/Def 1-
FEH Atk Def Menace Atk/Def MenaceFEH Threat Atk Def 2 Threat Atk/Def 2FEH Star Rarity 5


Secret Book (Artwork)
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Base Skills[]
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Kingsbrother Ótr
Ótr kingsbrother pop01 Ótr is the prince of Niðavellir, realm of the dvergar. He's Reginn's older brother, and adoptive brother to the king, Fáfnir, who he worships.
Ótr kingsbrother pop02 Ótr once wandered the war-torn wastes of a ruined Niðavellir with Reginn in tow. They were taken in by Fáfnir, and grateful for his aid, Ótr pledged his undying loyalty.
Ótr kingsbrother pop03 While he may look cool and aloof, Ótr is a devoted, intense man beneath that icy exterior, and he'll readily take on any duty if it helps Fáfnir achieve his goals!
Ótr kingsbrother pop04 While Ótr and Reginn are siblings by blood, it seems his attitude toward her is a lot more complicated. I hope that they can get past their problems and be good friends like me and Alfonse!
Closely Associated Characters
Reginn Adoptive sister of Niðavellir's king, Fáfnir. Chooses to work together with Askr to stop her suddenly changing brother. She and Ótr were taken into Fáfnir's care when they were children.
Fáfnir The king of Niðavellir, the realm of dvergr. Once a kind and just king, he suddenly became cruel and aggressive. He took Ótr and Reginn into his care when they were children, and raised them.


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Round Placement Character Version Votes

CYL5 289 CYL Ótr Portrait
CYL6 304
CYL Ótr Portrait

CYL7 290
CYL Ótr Portrait


In Norse mythology, Ótr along with Reginn were the younger brothers of Fáfnir who could change into an otter and greedily eat fish. He was accidentally slain by Loki who wanted to keep his pelt. His death later contributed to the madness in Fáfnir as Loki offered the ring Andvaranaut to Ótr's father Hreiðmarr as compensation only for Fáfnir to steal it where it later turned him into a dragon.


  • In one of the artworks for "Reginn: Bearing Dawn", she is seen holding a plush doll of an otter. This is a likely reference to how Ótr in Norse Mythology had the ability to shapeshift into an otter with Sharena even commenting on the parellels between the two in the Fire Emblem Heroes guide.
  • According to the Fire Emblem Heroes Character Illustrations Vol. 2 book, Ótr stands at 175cm (or about 5'9).
    • He shares this same height with Triandra.


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