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The ☆Seiken Reeve (☆聖剣リーヴェ Seiken Rīve, lit. Holy Sword Reeve; fan translated as ☆Holy Sword of Reeve, ☆Reeve Calibur, or ☆Varunastra) is a divine Sword that appears exclusively in TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. The holy sword of Reeve, it is only usable by Runan. Alongside its sacred counterparts, it is a weapon that is crucial to piercing the scales of Gerxel, as it can negate the effect of ☆Dragon Scale.

When equipped, the sword imbues resistance to Breath attacks, cutting the damage they do by half. Being one of four holy swords of Lieberia, ☆Seiken Reeve can only be activated and worn upon fusing with its respective ring (in this case, the Ring of Reeve).

Weapon Stats

Name Type

Seiken Reeve Icon.gif☆Seiken Reeve

TS Sword.png Sword

WLv WHp Power Hit Crt Rng Wt Worth
- - 20 78% 15% 1 7 -

Runan only; Halves the damage sustained from Breath attacks. Negates the effects of ☆Dragon Scale.

Item Location

Method Location
Event M37 - Direct Runan to extract the blade from its pedestal in the Temple of Water.


The name used in the fan translation, Varuṇāstra (वरुणास्त्र), is a weapon used by the Hindu water-god Varuṇa. It is said to be capable of taking any shape, and it can release torrents of water. It is often invoked as a counter to the fire-arrow Agnēyāstra.