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“Uh-oh! That bandit's spotted me! He's coming this way! Let's close in and attack!”

A Girl from the Plains is the prologue of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. This chapter contains only two enemies.

Before the battle begins, there is a short conversation between Lyn and the player's Tactician in which Lyn says she found Mark unconscious. He also appears briefly on the field before being picked up by Lyn in an animation very similar to rescuing (though Lyn does not suffer the rescue penalties, nor is Mark listed as a traveler on her stats).


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The entire chapter is a tutorial and as such is scripted, the player will always get the same result. However, should the player choose Lyn's Hard Mode, then the chapter is no longer scripted. When playing Hard Mode, it would be smart to use the mountains in the north, so the bandit can be avoided easily, because it's definitely a good idea to make sure Lyn is at full health when fighting Batta. Two consecutive hits from him spell Game Over at this point, although he should not be able to get in two hits consecutively.


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