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Takumi's son, Kiragi, runs into enemies when returning from a hunting trip in his Deeprealm. Kiragi fights, despite the danger, certain his father will come to help.”
—Opening Narration

A Great Hunt (狩猟に導かれし道 The Road to Hunting in the Japanese Version) is Paralogue 8 of Fire Emblem Fates.

Paralogue Information

This paralogue is unlocked once Takumi has achieved an S-Support with a female character.


The script for this paralogue can be found here.


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In this chapter, all enemies are fliers, either Sky Knights or Wyvern Riders. If starting this chapter in later chapters, they are replaced by Falcon Knights, Kinshi Knights, Wyvern Lords and Malig Knights.

On the harder variants of this map, it is imperative to use a Rescue staff on Kiragi as almost every enemy unit will have higher speed than him. The Offspring Seal can be used instead, but it is best to have Kiragi reunite with the rest of the team first before doing so.

There are plenty of enemy fliers scattered around the map, which move in small waves as the turns continue to pass. Most of the fliers are at a universally even level, although there are a few Falcon Knights (along with the boss) that are slightly stronger then them. These can be easily detected as they have a higher level and carry staves.

Since every enemy is a flier regardless of when this paralogue is started, it is very easy to beat this paralogue by simply placing a lot of bow users during the preparation screen. If you want to train other units, you can have physical users go after the Falcon/Kinshi Knights while the magical ones attack the wyvern units. Any Kinshi Knights the player has should avoid the enemy Kinshi Knights on the field, as they will easily shred them in mere seconds if they wander into their attack range.


  • Although the introduction shows a Wyvern Rider portrait when Kiragi accidentally shot it, they do not appear at all during the battle if late enough into the game for them to appear as their promoted classes.