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“Ugh! No matter how many we defeat, there are more waiting to attack! And not just those ravens of Kilvas, either-- there are beorc, too. What do they all want here!?”

A Guiding Wind is Chapter 13 of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.

The boss of the chapter is Norris, a sniper working for Daein. Naesala appears talking to Norris but doesn't face Ike and his Mercenaries until later in the game, he sends in some of the Kilvas ravens to steal the treasure from the Begnion ship and the Daein ship because they aren't looking after it and their right to it was over.

  • Enemy starting units: 23
  • TIP: Kill the ravens first. They will seize if they have the chance, and their ability to fly across the ships and obstacles makes them very dangerous. If a Raven manages to get to a chest before you, you can still get the item if you kill the raven before they leave the map or they go to a different treasure chest.
  • TIP: You can potentially recruit both Astrid and Gatrie on your first turn. Use 2 units to shove Ike toward Astrid (Remember that Mordecai has Smite), move Ike next to Astrid, recruit her, and use Astrid to recruit Gatrie. You should use Astrid's innate Canto ability to not get hit. You can also place Gatrie on the tile you have to protect, because of his very high defense.


Dropped Items

Chest Items

Middle ship.

Top ship.

Base Conversations

Name Value Requirement Obtain
Youth ** - -
Woman ** - -
Jill * Jill recruited and is alive -
3 Brothers *** Oscar, Boyd and Rolf are all alive Follow-up convo (Ch 19)

Enemy Reinforcements

  • Some Ravens will arrive to take the treasure, they will also seize the defend spot if they are within range and the spot is unguarded. These ravens will focus primarily on the treasure (or the defend spot) and although unlikely, it is possible that they will attack units near either target.