“Avatar's group manages to beat back the Ice Tribe attack, gaining Camilla as an ally in the process. They then arrive in port town of Cyrkensia.”
—Opening Narration

A Lost Peace (失われた楽園 Ushinawareta rakuen lit. Lost Paradise in Japanese version) is Chapter 13 of Fire Emblem Fates in the Revelation Version. This chapter takes place in Destroyed Town.

Syposis Edit

The Avatar's army arrives at Cyrkensia, but they find the city has been completely destroyed. Kaden and Keaton appears and warn the Avatar and their army that the city is dangerous. They tell them that the town was destroyed by an unseen force and their injuries were a result of an attempt to stop it. Takumi tells them that Ryoma and Xander are fighting at the outskirts of town and Kaden and Keaton decide to join the fight and the Avatar's army afterwards.

The Avatar and the army arrive to see Ryoma and the Hoshidan army fighting Xander and the Nohrian army, in the ruined streets of Cyrkensia, both accusing each other of attacking and destroying the neutral nation. They are unaware that invisible soldiers from Valla are responsible for destroying the town. The armies of Hoshido and Nohr are both convinced that the opposing kingdom was responsible for the unprovoked attack, but Kaden and Keaton's claim that they and the city were attacked by "invisible foes" makes it clear to the Avatar that the real culprits were the soldiers of Valla. They manage to defeat the Valla soldiers, ending the fight. 

After the battle, Xander and Ryoma continue to maintain their exchange of hostile blows. Azura intervenes by singing a melody to calm their enraged minds. As Xander prepares to leave the scene thereafter, he is stopped by the Avatar, who urges him to go to the suspension bridge above the Bottomless Canyon on the day that the skies above Nohr and Hoshido change, promising to reveal the truth of their cause to him. He responds by brushing their words off as nothing more than those of a traitor before leaving.

Then the Avatar returns to their army to see Ryoma being notified of the Avatar's actions by Azura and the others, and although initially hesitant to believe the Avatar's claims of the true enemy, he decides to do so after being convinced by Scarlet. The Avatar later asks Ryoma if he is in possession of any information pertaining to an enigmatic "dragon". Unable to answer their question, he directs them to the Rainbow Sage before returning to Hoshido. The Avatar then leads the group to head to Notre Sagesse to meet with the Rainbow Sage


The script for this chapter can be found here.


Dropped ItemsEdit


Secret Book (Artwork) The following part of this article contains strategy; therefore, it is subjective, and may not work for everyone.

This map requires that the party picks up and places obstacles to clear your path and obstruct your enemy's path. As with most actions, picking up the obstacle and placing it each end the character's turn. Nohrian forces are on the left side of the map, and Hoshidan on the right.

Though you could fight your way through one or both of the paths, the easiest way to clear the stage is to have a few fliers fly some of your strongest units across the water to the boss. Camilla is a good choice for this, as she is strong and counters the lancers surrounding the area. Keaton or Kaden might be good choices to bring over as well, as they can take out the horsemen and wyverns with ease and can deal significant damage to the boss.

If one wants to take out Ryoma, Xander, and Scarlet, then some preparation is required, as simply rushing them down is more likely to kill one of your own units before they themselves fall.

  • Scarlet is probably the easiest since she is not equipped with ranged weaponry of any kind. She does sport 24 Defense, but her low Resistance does make her highly vulnerable to tomes, scrolls, and the Shining Bow if the player somehow has one. It is also possible to use Scarlet as an opportunity to grind for EXP and weapon EXP.
  • Ryoma can very easily wipe out a unit in one turn if proper care is not taken. He can be the hardest to take down if his health goes below half and allows Vantage to activate, which can happen to unlucky players. Probably the best way to deal with him is to debuff him using one of the three Ninja you have gotten at this point. Kaze is most likely to outspeed him with proper support, while Kagero can deal the most damage in a single hit, and Saizo can likely take his attacks better than the other two should they connect.
  • Xander has high Defense both thanks to Siegfried and his own base stats, but he is easily outsped, especially if his speed is dropped. However, he will hurt you badly if you let him, so the player should try to take him out in one turn. The same strategy as Ryoma works here, minus Vantage. Keaton and Kaden can also deal bonus damage to Xander, but unless the player has grinded them EXP throughout the chapter they should not be able to take Xander out without weakening him considerably.

In both cases, it is wise to take out all other enemy units on the map to avoid letting any of the above enter Attack Stance, which can potentially all but one round an unprepared unit.

Beware that the units left near the start don't die to enemy forces. Take out the forces in the immediate vicinity, and block the paths on the left and right as quickly as possible with obstacles.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only chapter in the game in which one must fight enemies from Hoshido, Nohr, and Valla at the same time.