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A Passion for Music is a quest given to you by the Choir Coordinator in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It unlocks the choir practice facility.

Quest Details

Calling all students! Enrich your bodies and minds through choir!


"Find out which students are passionate about music. It seems there was a sign-up sheet being passed around the dormitory seeking students to join the choir."

Quest-Giver Dialogue

"I've been thinking about starting a choir, and I need a volunteer who can help me get it off the ground. Can you help me find some students who love music?"

Completion Dialogue

"Thank you for your assistance! I'm sure there are more music lovers around the monastery, so feel free to invite anyone to participate in choir practice. I'll make all the necessary preparations when the time comes."


The quest is given to you by the Choir Coordinator in the Cathedral.


  • Chickpeas x4
  • White Trout x3
  • Peach Currant x4
  • 300 Renown


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Head to Dormitory and find Choir Sign Up Sheet next to Dorothea. Return to the Choir Coordinator to complete the quest.