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Part 1: Awakening Ancient Power[]

  • Anna: I hope you're all ready to go. We've got a mission in the western part of the kingdom. We're headed to an ancient ruin known as the Eternal Sanctum. The power that sleeps there will serve as an aid to the Order of Heroes—I'm sure of it!
  • Sharena: What are you talking about Commander? What sort of power is it?
  • Anna: I don't know the details, I'll admit. But Zacharias urged me to investigate the ruin.
  • Sharena: Zacharias did?
  • Alfonse: I see. Even though he can't rejoin us, he's doing what he can to help. Let's go! I want to see what lies in wait for us there!

Scene transition

  • Alfonse: So, this is the Eternal Sanctum...
  • Anna: I spy Heroes guarding it! We have no choice but to show them what the Order of Heroes is made of!

After Battle[]

  • Alfonse: We've reached the bottom. This stone slab looks significant. Let's examine it...
  • Sharena: Good eye, brother! There's definitely some sort of writing engraved here...Can you read it?
  • Alfonse: It's ancient Askran—and, as you can see from the way the letters are's very old. Let's see..."In remembrance of Askr, the Great Pathfinder, we here inscribe..." Then, "Find you here a fragment of the god-dragon Askr's Rite of Awakening...Call forth the the god-dragon's Seals Sacrosanct..." It keeps going like that, with details on how to perform the rite.
  • Anna: Are you saying that the rite calls forth the power in Sacred Seals? That does sound worth pursuing. OK, team! Back to base, armed with this knowledge. We have work to do!