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A Question of Conduct is a DLC quest given to Byleth by a male or female (same as Byleth) Student in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Quest Details[]

Friendship at the cost of education? Unacceptable!

Requirements []

"You've been summoned to a tournament! All you need to do is participate in the tournament yourself and win... right?"

Quest-Giver Dialogue []

"Professor, you've been getting along really well--almost too well--with all the students lately... Friendships between teachers and students is wholly unacceptable! We will hear you defend your actions in the tournament!"

Quest Completion Dialogue[]

"I can't believe we were soundly defeated. Professor, were we so wrong? Does friendship between teacher and student really build such resilient and...acceptable bonds? I hope we can achieve such connections, as well!"

Location []

Given to you by a Student near the Reception Hall on the 1F.


  • Armored Bear Stuffy x1
  • Stylish Hair Clip x1
  • Gemstone Beads x1
  • 700 Renown


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A student challenges the player to prove themselves in the Proper Conduct tournament. Unlike other tournaments, Byleth is the only one allowed to participate against five generic students: An Armored Knight, A Warlock, a Hero, a Paladin and a Cavalier. Win the tournament to complete the quest.

Proper Conduct Tournament description: A challenge has arrive from a student who wishes to demonstrate the virtues of proper public behavior.