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“During the war between the Laguz Alliance and Begnion, the three remaining countries on Tellius--Daein, Crimea, and Goldoa--have thus far remained neutral. In Daein, the war for independence is over, and Prince Pelleas has been crowned king. Daein is now free from Begnion's rule and is once again universally recognized as a sovereign nation. Micaiah decides to honor the promise she had made and continue on as the general of Daein's armies until the country stabilizes. Most of her companions remain by her side, helping to restore their beloved country. It is their hope that Daein will recover soon, both politically and socially. Focused as they are, they realize that they can spare no time on outside concerns, including the current war in Begnion. However, King Pelleas has a mysterious change of heart and orders Micaiah into the war--on Begnion's side.”
—Opening narration

A Reason to Fight is chapter 6 of part 3 of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. It is the first chapter in Part 3 in which you control the Dawn Brigade. You fight the Gallian army as it crosses the river while attempting to retreat from the Begnion Central Army. It is also the first chapter in the game that requires the player to eliminate a set number of enemies in order to clear the chapter. During the base conversations, the player gains powerful weapons for each of the original Dawn Brigade members (Lughnasadh for Leonardo, Caladbolg for Edward, and Tarvos for Nolan), as well as a Brave Axe for Jill and a Master Crown from Sothe. During this chapter, unfortunately, you do not have access to Tauroneo, so having underleveled characters will be a significant burden, especially against the laguz. Later in the chapter, however, the Black Knight will appear and aid you in the battle.

  • This chapter has Fog of War.
  • If Lethe and Mordecai are defeated in this chapter, they will still return later.
  • If you have Zihark talk to Lethe or Mordecai, they can recruit Zihark to the enemy's side. If he is then killed, he will die permanently. Note that he will not be able to talk to them if he was attacked by them first.
  • If Lethe was killed in Part 2, then the boss will be Kezhda instead.
  • This is the final chapter the player has control over the Black Knight. If he has any items bar the Alondite at the end of the chapter, they will be lost forever.


  • Brave Bow (5 east, 6 north) to the right of the tiger
  • Olivi grass (7-9 east, 3-4 north)



Base Conversations[]

Name Value Requirement Obtain
Sothe *** - Master Crown
Jill *** Jill must be alive Brave Axe
Edward *** Edward must be alive Caladbolg (Not in Japanese version)
Leonardo *** Leonardo must be alive Lughnasadh (Not in Japanese version)
Nolan *** Nolan must be alive Tarvos (Not in Japanese version)

Bonus Experience[]

  • Clear: 4500 (easy/normal), 1250 (Hard)
  • Allied Units Experience


Secret Book (Artwork)
Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.

This chapter marks a difficulty spike for the part. In fact, instead of the Greil Mercenaries, the player will take control of the Dawn Brigade once again. As such it will come to the eye that the characters are rather underlevelled for this point of the game. Before the chapter is over, unless the player wishes to remove characters from the battle and have less fighters, at least five different characters must be promoted or else the battle will be even harder, also considering that many strong and useful characters left the army for the time being (Tauroneo, Tormod, Nailah, etc...).

Every enemy in this chapter is either a Tiger or a Cat so buying the Beast Killer from the bargains is highly recommended, like it is to give someone the Beastfoe skill that the player has hopefully obtained back in Chapter 1-4. Another good thing would be to buy Physic as characters will have limited mobility, should they be in the water.

While Cats are not so troublesome, Tigers are particularly difficult as they can easily halve the health of pretty much any of your character so be careful as to not blindly rush in the fog. A better idea would be to form two groups, one to defend the north and the other the east.

A hint would be to wait for the enemies to come. It might be a good idea to not let the Daein soldiers get too far from the starting point or they might attract all the enemies to themselves and easily die. Remember that the objective is to slain enemies so having them come at you is actually a good thing.

A positive thing about the otherwise strong enemies is that untrasformed enemies are very easy to kill and they will transform only if they have someone in their range but they will still move towards you. Kill the enemies that have their gauge filled (or almost) and leave those who have it almost empty for later. Transformed enemies are much more difficult to take down but definitely easier if you use Sothe with the Beast Killer and whoever has the Beastfoe skill.

One last thing is to completely ignore Lethe/Kezhda as reaching them truly gives no reward. If someone really wishes to fight Lethe, be sure to not use Zihark or he will defect to the enemy and join the Greil Mercenaries in later chapters (less he's defeated and, as such, killed) which will prove a bad blow for future Dawn Brigade chapters.

Alternatively, the player can wait for the Black Knight to arrive and let him kill all the enemies but mind that this will the last chapter he will be playable so remove any item he might have in his inventory (barring the Alondite) or it will be lost forever.

If you've sufficiently trained a tankier unit such as Jill, Aran, or Nolan, you can try a turtling strategy with a smaller team due to there being no "clear by x turn" condition for bonus experience. Since the battle starts so close to a corner and there being a lack of 2-range enemies, you could hypothetically have Sothe, Volug, Zihark, and the trained unit create a wall, leaving a 2x2 square for the rest of the squad to hide behind. The squishier of the four should be positioned at the outer edges, so they will only need to face one round of combat on the enemy phase, while the tankier of the four can be positioned on the inner edge. Sothe can be quite dodgy using Micaiah's A-support, so it would be advisable if you placed him here with a Beast Killer. For the first few turns without the Black Knight, just focused on staying alive with Laura's healing and Vulneraries. Once he spawns, he can replace a unit in the wall, and can potentially even pick up a unit to lower his speed enough to avoid doubling enemies if you wish to save them to level up your weaker units. You may also unequip the Alondite if you want the AI to target him more. If all is done correctly, you should be able to train a few characters by a fair amount by the time you finish the map.