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A Servant's Essentials is a DLC quest given to Byleth by a Lady-in-Waiting in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Completing this task also grants servant attire for the present roster.

Quest Details

Missing: Package needed for important task.


"Look for the servant's supplies that the young lady misplaced. She mentioned going to pray, so maybe the supplies are near the cathedral?"

Quest-Giver Dialogue 

"I've been given a special request from the church, but when I got back from my prayers just now, I realized I'd left behind an important package... Without it, I can't carry out the request."

Quest Completion Dialogue

"I am ever so grateful for your help. With this, I can properly carry out my duties as a servant. We may go largely unseen, but we really help keep everything running smoothly behind the scenes. Thank you."


Given to you by a Lady-in-Waiting in the Dining Hall on the 1F.


  • Nuvelle Chamberlain Co.
  • Nuvelle Attendants Co.
  • Nuvelle Stewards Co.


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Talk to the Lady-in-Waiting in the dining hall. Search the back row of the Chapel to find the Servant's Supplies item and report back.