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A Visit to Jeralt is a quest given to you by Seteth in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This quest is only available during the month of Verdant Rain Moon before the time skip.

Quest Details


"Professor: Jeralt wishes to speak with you." "Find Jeralt and speak with him."

Quest-Giver Dialogue

"Jeralt is looking for you. I last saw him near his quarters, but if he is not there, simply ask around."

Completion Dialogue

"So, you found Jeralt visiting a grave, did you? Interesting. I would not have expected him to know anyone buried here. Still...none of my business, I suppose."


Given to you by Seteth on the Second Floor of the Officers Academy. He will give you Dedue's Seeds.


  • Duscur Bear
  • Mint Leaves x2
  • 500 Renown
  • 500 G


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Talk to Seteth to begin the quest. Next talk to Leonie and she will tell Byleth to go to the Knight's Hall. Catherine will then tell Byleth and she will tell him/her about the graveyard and to speak to Seteth. He will tell us where Jeralt is. Find him near the grave of his wife and he will tell him/her about her and show us his wedding ring. This will complete the quest.