Paralogue 18: Abducted


  • Elise: I’m SO excited to meet Forrest!

Elise: It’s weird to think that I have a nephew. And that he’s all grown up! Elise: I haven’t seen Forrest since he was barely out of his crib. Elise: What’s he like now? He’s a troubadour, right? Elise: Think he wants to join us? The more the merrier!

  • Leo: No.

Leo: And, er, let’s cancel this trip. We can go to this Deeprealm some other day.

  • Elise: What? Cancel the trip? But I’ve looked forward to seeing Forrest.

Elise: And you haven’t visited him in forever. Don’t you miss your son?

  • Leo: …
  • Niles: Milord Leo? Urgent news. The town just ahead is being swarmed by brigands.

Niles: They also say that a beautiful woman was caught in all the fracas. Niles: But she’s apparently a troubadour and is doing her best to treat the wounded.

  • Leo: No, this can’t be…
  • Elise: Uh-oh, what now? You’re as pale as a ghost.
  • Leo: We need to get there, before… before…

Leo: Let’s just get there… fast!

  • ???: Well, that’s that. I must have healed a dozen villagers.

???: I’d better keep looking for more wounded. Those brigands – mindless beasts!

  • Elise: Ah! that must be the troubadour we heard about.

Elise: She’s as beautiful as they say. Don’t you agree, Leo?

  • Leo: …
  • Elise: Big Brother? What’s wrong?
  • Forrest: Father! You’re here!
  • Leo: …
  • Elise: Hm? What do you mean...Father? You mistake us for someone else. I mean, unless — HA! Unless my brother here has been hiding a second child!
  • Leo: Don't be crass, Elise.
  • Forrest: Father? What does she mean? Has the cat got your tongue? Hmm. I'll introduce myself then. Delighted to make your acquaintance, Aunt Elise. I'm Forrest.
  • Elise: What?! You're Leo's son?
  • Forrest: Of course. The one and only.
  • Elise: Oh, wow! You''re... You're better than I could have ever imagined! And your sense of style It's exquisite!
  • Leo: You…

Leo: What are YOU doing outside of the Deeprealms?

  • Forrest: I heard that this village is a fine place to shop for sewing supplies.

Forrest: My village has an abominable selection. One cannot make fashion from burlap. Forrest: But soon as I arrived, brigands came crawling out of the woodwork. Forrest: Fortunate for the villagers here, I came just in time to heal their wounded.

  • Leo: You’re a disgrace.
  • Forrest: Oh? Excuse me? Since when is saving lives considered a disgrace?
  • Leo: You know what I mean, Forrest. You! The way you dress.

Leo: I’ve told you before…

  • Forrest: But… never so cruelly! Why are you being so hateful? In front of Aunt Elise too!
  • Elise: Leo! What’s wrong with you?! Embrace our lovely Forrest!
  • Leo: No – and hold your tongue, Elise. This isn’t your business.
  • Forrest: I’m sorry…

Forrest: Sorry that I ever left my Deeprealm! I’ll go back where I’m appreciated.

  • Leo: Well then, godspeed.

Leo: But… hold on, Forrest! Watch where you’re–! You’re running straight for–!

  • Forrest: No! Get your paws off of me!
  • Ruffian: Well hello, young miss! What’s a lady like you doing in this pigsty?

Ruffian: Heh. How about I be a gentleman and put you somewhere nice and safe? Ruffian: Wouldn’t want a pretty thing like you to get hurt. Ruffian: Let’s get ‘er, boys. She’ll fetch a king’s ransom in gold.

  • Forrest: And now THIS too?!
  • Elise: Stop! Forrest – we’re coming!
  • Leo: …
  • Elise: Leo! Stop being a jerk and help me save your son!
  • Leo: …
  • Elise: All right! Then I guess it’s up to the rest of us to rescue my nephew!
  • Leo: …

After Battle

  • Forrest: What a shame, Father. To meet your brave friends – and now say farewell?

Forrest: But I’ll make good on my promise to head back to my Deeprealm. Forrest: Don’t think for one moment that I’m leaving to spare your feelings. Forrest: You’re unworthy of me, Father. Forrest: I’ll miss Aunt Elise, of course. But I’m sure that SHE will visit me. Forrest: And so, farewell.

  • Leo: Forrest…
  • Boy: Please, wait! Forrest, is it?

Boy: You may not remember – you saved me. Boy: As I lay dying, there you were! And then I was fine! Boy: I don’t have much. But please, take this. Just a small token of my appreciation.

  • Forrest: Why, thank you!

Forrest: This broach is beautiful. But I can’t take this. I was only doing my duty.

  • Boy: Uh-huh! Yes you will!

Boy: My whole family would have been dead without you. Boy: Wait right here. I’ll get them, and a lot of other people who want to thank you!

  • Leo: …

Leo: Nice trinket you got there. Leo: I mean… Er, I mean… Leo: Sorry, I can be a bit of a jerk, as Elise so bluntly puts it. Leo: That is… indeed a lovely keepsake the villager gave you. Leo: And you are the hero here. Leo: We… I merely blundered in late.

  • Forrest: Oh? Well, Father, I know it must agonize you to say something nice to me.

Forrest: I’ll take your words with me as a keepsake too.

  • Leo: I’m sorry. I truly am. I must seem like a stone-hearted father to you.

Leo: You’re right to say I’m not worthy. Leo: That Elise was able to see you as a person of sterling qualities… Leo: While I couldn’t? Leo: I’m, er, I’m a better person than this. So I like to think.

  • Forrest: Father? An apology from you? Don’t bother. I really don’t need–
  • Leo: Yes, I’m sure you don’t, Son. You’re far stronger than I ever could be.

Leo: And I’m embarrassed to ask… Leo: But I wonder if you’d want to spend more time with your father? Leo: I don’t mean in the Deeprealms. I mean here, with me.

  • Forrest: …

Forrest: What a joy! I can get to know my Aunt Elise. Forrest: She and I will be fast friends. Forrest: I might even learn a thing or two about fashion from her. Or she from me.

  • Elise: Yay! You’re actually going to come with us, Forrest?
  • Forrest: Of course. I couldn’t say no to my Aunt Elise.
  • Elise: Hm? Hold on. You have to stop that RIGHT now, Forrest.

Elise: I’m not going anywhere with you if you keep on with this “Aunt” stuff.

  • Forrest: Fair enough… Elise.
  • Elise: Phew! I’m just NOT ready to grow up THAT much yet.
  • Forrest: Well, you’re sure about this? I’m giving up a lot to join you, Father.
  • Leo: Yes, absolutely. And I give you my solemn vow, Forrest…

Leo: I’ll learn to be a father worthy of you.

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