Yied Desert TCG

Yied Desert in the TCG.

The Yied Desert is a region of Jugdral west of Isaach, northeast of Grannvale, southeast of Silesse, and northwest of the Manster District, and within the Aed Desert are: Phinora Castle, the Yied Shrine, and Darna Castle. The Yied Desert as a whole is known as a scorching hot, inhospital place that is mostly avoided. Phinora Castle is where Grannvale keeps a foothold in the Yied Desert, the Yied Shrine is where the Loptr Church has hidden for many years, and Darna Castle is most well known for the Miracle of Darna.

In the first generation, the Yied Desert (the west part of it) is journeyed through by Sigurd and his army during Chapter 5 on there way toward Grannvale, but the most noteworthy event is the Yied Massacre, in which Travant ambushes Quan, Ethlyn, and the knights of Leonster. Sigurd hears about the massacre when he reaches Phinora Castle.

In the second generation, the Yied Desert (the east part of it) is journeyed through by Seliph and his army when he is trying to reinforce Leif. First, Seliph captures the Yied Shrine, and learns about what it has to do with the Loptr Church. Afterward, Seliph captures Darna Castle after the capture of Melgen Castle, and here he learns about the Miracle of Darna.

Vaha, the Mage Fighter, is stationed at Phinora Castle, most of the Loptr Church are from the Yied Shrine, Lene grew up at Darna, and it is presumed Coirpre was here for a little while before being adopted by Hannibal.


Aed was a god of the underworld in Irish mythology.


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