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“The group visits Rhajat, Hayato's daughter. As she studied the dark arts, Rhajat has summoned a throng of Faceless, and they are out of control.”
—Opening Narration

After the End (Mastering The Secret Art in the Japanese Version) is Paralogue 14 of Fire Emblem Fates.

Paralogue Information

This paralogue is unlocked when Hayato has achieved an S-Support with a female character.

Rhajat joins the army if Hayato talks to her or if she is defeated in battle. If the female Corrin is Rhajat's mother, an additional dialogue occurs between the two.


The script for this chapter can be found here.

Dragon Vein

Activating the Dragon Veins on this map causes the Acid Bog around it to dissipate, preventing it from summoning more Faceless.

Enemy Reinforcements

  • Endless amounts of Faceless spawn on active acid bogs every three turns.


Secret Book (Artwork).png
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This chapter is relatively straightforward, only needing to rout the enemy. Recruiting Rhajat can be accomplished either by talking to her with Hayato or simply defeating her. Either method does not change the outcome.

Faceless will continually spawn until all enemies are routed or Rhajat is defeated/recruited. Similarly to Fort Dragonfall, the Faceless spawn every three turns on the acid bogs throughout the map, reduce evasion of units on them and damages player units. These bogs can be neutralized by using the Dragon Vein. It is required to neutralize the acid bogs so that it stops the flow of Faceless coming into the map, unless a player wishes to train weaker units on them.

On the harder version of the map, the Faceless will have higher stats, and more notably is that each one has a random Weaponbreaker skill on them.