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“Which one is right... It's because of that kind of minor issue that people are suffering. It'd be better if humans and dragons could live together. That's why the world is so vast, isn't it?”
—Al's response to Athos' test

Al is the main character of the Fire Emblem: Hasha no Tsurugi manga. He is a brave, but rash young boy who grew up in the mountains along with his foster father, Magough. The thought of giving up without trying does not exist in his mind. Over the course of the story he comes to join Roy's battle to defeat the invading Kingdom of Bern and comes to wield the titular Champion's Blade. The weapon Al's Sword from Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade is a reference to him.


Hasha no Tsurugi

Volume 1: Brave Youth

On his fifteenth birthday Al set out from his home located in the mountains between Pherae and Bern in hopes of finding what it is that he wished to do with his life. Before leaving his home, his father gifted Al his eponymous sword and set him off with the promise that he would follow a path as straight as the blade.

Al first stops in the Town of Alta where he meets an old woman who tells him of the corrupt lord Richten who burdens the people with heavy taxes. Richten soon arrives with an entourage of knights and attempts to shoot a child who had accidentally crossed his path with an arrow, Al quickly steps in to save her. One of Richten's Knights, Gant, is ordered to seize him and after a short battle, Al is apprehended. Although he works for Richten, Gant proves to be a kind man when he offers his food to a hungry Al who is locked in a cell. Al questions him on why he works for the corrupt noble, but Gant tells him it does not concern him and leaves. Al is able to escape his cell and evade pursuing guards but sees Gant being attacked by a dragon and chooses to save him.

Though using an ordinary sword proves ineffective, Gant tosses Al his sword which allows him to fatally wound the dragon and as it dies it flails about inadvertently falling upon Richten, killing him. Al and Gant escape Alta thanks to the help of the old woman Al met and while on the outskirts of town Gant tells Al what he knows about the origins of his sword as well as about the Fire Emblem. Informed that it has gone missing, Al elects to find the emblem so that he may see it for himself.

Al and Gant are later ambushed by a group of bandits as they wonder the woods, though it is revealed they are truly knights of Tania, the kingdom which Gant was originally in service to, with one of them being his companion, Warren. Al and Gant are then brought to a party where Gant reveals Tania's Princess, Tiena, is being held in Graizel Prison. However upon hearing this Warren and his men are disheartened, fearing that they lack the necessary forces needed to rescue the princess. Gant and Warren argue about saving the princess, with Al, now drunk, also berating Warren for giving up before trying. Warren attacks Gant after he claims his heart had sunk to that of a bandit's and their fight causes Warren to drop his prized sword granted to him by the princess off of a cliff and into rough waters below. Despite others believing the sword to be lost, Al dives into the water determined to retrieve it, and does so successfully, returning it to Warren.

Al and Gant then go off to Graizel Prison to save the Tiena, but are ultimately backed into a corner. They are saved however by Warren and his men who arrived just in time, allowing them to successfully capture the prison. When Al goes to free Tiena, he is instead struck in the face with her staff. Warren thanks Al for helping him save the princess and Al asks her if she knows of Fire Emblem's disappearance. She denies having any knowledge of the emblem but says that her uncle, Ranward, may know something. While Warren stays behind, Al, Gant and Tiena travel together to see Tiena's uncle the Marquess of Worde.

Along their travels, Al and company encounter the young thief Chad, who in a failed attempt to steal Al's Sword, injures himself. Chad explains to them that he seeks revenge on Bern for attacking his orphanage, Al agrees with him, though Tiena does not approve of his plan. Later that night, Chad sneaks off to a Bern camp with Al's sword, quickly being spotted and restrained by one of the soldiers. Al and the others arrive just in time to save him, however Chad and Tiena are both caged in a prison wagon. Al grabs hold of the wagon they are being held in as it attempts to escape and forces it to crash. While this stopped the wagon Al was Injured and left immobile, nearly being killed. Tiena is able to distract their captor long enough for Al build up his strength to slash him in the back, bringing him down. The group soon thereafter goes their separate ways, Chad seeking out those who attacked his orphanage while Al, Tiena and Gant continue onward to Worde.

As Al and his companions approach Worde Castle, they are met with the aftermath of a devastating attack, with all but one of the castles inhabitants dead, that being Danan, a knight of Worde. Danan informs the group of Worde's minister, Youzen's betrayal and how he is currently located in Olst castle along with a captive Ranward. Danan suggest a plan to disguise themselves in order to rescue him, however upon reaching Olst it is revealed that Danan was in truth on orders from Youzen to lure out any survivors. The three are captured with both Gant and Al forced to fight in the arena until finally being made to fight each other while Tiena and Lord Ranward could only watch. At Al's provocation, Gant stabs him with his lance, this is however a ploy as when Youzen got close, Tiena used her staff to heal Al who then springs up and cuts Youzen down

Volume 2: World's Finest Knight

Al, Tiena, Gant and Ranward all attempted to flee Olst Castle with the assistance of Danan, who had come to regret his betrayal. While they all managed to make it outside of Olst castle, Ranward is gravely injured by a mage who had been lying in wait. Al is able to quickly dispatched of the mage, however it was too late and as Ranward lay dying, he tells Tiena of Bern's act of reviving the dragons and tells her that she must locate the Fire Emblem. Ranward is then buried and Danan chooses to remain behind and rebuild Worde Castle, the three depart with an even greater desire to locate the emblem.

Al and company next take part in a battle assisting the forces of Lycian territory of Ragna. After the battle is over, they are thanked by the marquees of Ragna, Dovanan and are also introduced to his daughter Celdia. After the introductions, Al and Tiena take their leave while Gant is asked to remain to speak on another matter. While Gant is away from the castle, supposedly on Tiena's orders, Ragna Castle is attacked by a Squadron of Wyvern Riders of Bern lead by Zeed, and despite his best efforts, Al is unable to stop him from capturing Tiena. Gant returns, heavily injured after having been ambushed by Bern's forces, though Al ensures Celdia and Dovanan that he would not die. Gant soon awakens and he and Al set out to pursue Zeed and save Tiena. The two are able to catch up to Zeed with Celdia's aid, and upon confronting him, Gant challenges Zeed to a dual. While choosing to keep out at first, Al soon steps in when Gant is unable to best Zeed on his own and by working together, they are able to drive him off. Having saved Tiena, the three soon depart Ragna castle, making their way to Ostia.

Volume 3: For Lycia!

Arriving in the outskirts of Ostia, Al and company are attacked by bandits, but soon saved by a cavalier named Lance. They are taken to Ostia Castle where they are told by Marquess Pherae, Eliwood, that the Lycian League has reformed, but also that a rebellion is being led by a mercenary named Kruzard. Castle Ostia is soon set upon by the rebels with Al, Gant and Lance heading out to fight, there they push back the bandits and Al encounters Kruzard in person. After returning to the castle Al picks up on Lance's unease, he reveals himself to have once been a friend of Kruzard. Displeased with Lance's willingness to fight and kill a friend, Al sneaks into Kruzards camp at night to stop him, but is defeated and tied up. He is released by Kruzards wife who reveals his intent to die in order to properly unit Lycia and begs Al to stop him.

Al arrives on the battlefield and reveals Kruzard's plan to Lance, with Kruzard attempting to silence him. Al pushes himself and Kruzard off of a ridge, and pretends to have killed Kruzard leading to the rebel armies surrender. Receiving news of betrayal by Marquess Zem, Al and Lance rush back to Ostia castle, with Lance confirming that Kruzard is alive. Al and Lance notice Marquess Zem holding Tiena and Eliwood hostage, and Al jumps ahead, freeing Tiena and taking on the Marquess' general. Al is no match for the general, but Lance having caught up fells him with ease, Marquess Zem having managed to slip away is killed by Kruzard. Told by Eliwood to leave Lycia in secret, Kruzard departs with his wife, Al assuring Lance that they will meet again.

Volume 4: Cross the Sea

In the following days Lance set off to reunite with Roy, Eiwood's son and leader of the Lycian League army, in the Western Isles while Al and Gant spend the days training. One day the Mage General of Etruria Cecilia arrives in Ostia in order to inform the Lycian League that Roy was being attacked by Etrurian nobility and seeks aid. Al having eavesdropped on the conversation offers to head to the western Isles with both Tiena and Cecilia in agreement. Before they set off, Eliwood informs Al and Tiena that Roy is likely to know something about the Fire Emblem, making Al all the more eager to meet him. Whilst sailing to the Western Isles, they are stopped by knights from Etruria who attack the ship, leading Al to jump into action, and while he is able to hold his own against the knights, he ends up falling overboard.

When Al next awakens, he finds himself in a prison wagon alongside other men, one being named Mancel who informs him that he is being taken to "The Depths of Hell". Al finds himself in one of the Western Isles many mines where he is met by the commander of the mines Galdes. Whilst imprisoned, Al asserts his intentions to escape, this draws the attention of a mysterious prisoner who tells him that attempting to do so will only be an annoyance. Regardless, Al makes multiple attempts to escape from the prison, with his fifth attempt being the closest to success as he was able to get a hold of some grass from the outside. This inspires the other prisoners to help him in his final attempt at escape by attacking the guards, with Al himself fighting Galdes. While Galdes proves to be too much for him, he is saved by the mysterious prisoner who kicks him to freedom, but Al soon returns riding a mine cart and using the speed of the cart he is able to take down Galdes in a single strike. Al thanks the man and asks him for his name, to which he tells him it is Kilmar.

Al, Kilmar and Mancel all leave the mines and arrive at the hideout of the Western Isles resistance and meet Barnz, a member of the resistance who informs Al that they have his sword, Barnz also informs Al of Kilmar's past and the death of his lover Aileen. The resistance hideout is suddenly attacked by bandits working for Arcard a corrupt Etrurian noble siding with Bern, as well as a berserker known as "One Strike Zapper", Al attempts to take on Zapper but his attacks have no effect and he is easily sent flying. Kilmar after saving Mancel's daughter from Zapper is able to fell him in just a single strike. Kilmar with his resolve renewed decides to take the fight to Arcard in Juteaux.

Volume 5: Dominion

Al, Kilmar and Mancel arrive in Juteaux just as Roy and his forces are storming Arcard's castle with Al leaping in just in time to stop a magic attack from one of Bern's mages Jemmie. Jemmie flees into the castle while Al, Tiena and Gant celebrate their reunion, Al also takes the time to introduce himself to Roy. Jemmie soon returns with the Ain who proceeds to transform into a dragon and attacks the group. While all attacks thrown at Ain prove ineffective, Al and Roy devise a strategy to attack his stomach which, while effective, it only serves to enrage the dragon. Roy is attacked and nearly eaten by Ain, but Al pushes him out of the way and is eaten in his place, although he is eventually able to carve his way out of Ain's stomach from the inside. Unable to fight any further, Al falls to the ground, but Kilmar takes up his sword and is able to use it along with his own blade to slay the dragon, soon after Jemmie is saved by her brother Zeed which brings the battle to an end. Despite their victory however the army has little time to celebrate as word comes in that Cecilia as well as the Princess of Bern, Guinevere, who bares the Fire Emblem are in danger. Knowing that traveling by boat would take too long Al, at Kilmar's suggestion, uses one of the wyvern Bern kept in order to fly to the Old Castle in Missur ahead of Roy's Army.

Volume 6: Fire Emblem

Arriving in Missur, Al saves Guinevere from Narcian, a Wyvern General of Bern, but on an attempt to flee are stopped by the King of Bern, Zephiel. Attempting to protect Guinevere but no match for Zephiels power, Al's sword begins to react with the Fire Emblem allowing him to cut Zephiel, who halts the fight stating that they have no cause to fight as Al is a child of Bern. Al denies this but is taken aback when Zephiel says the same words his father told him before he set out on his journey, allowing Zephiel to cut Al's sword with his own. Zephiel attempts to take Guinevere but Al leaps in to stop him and is nearly killed until Guinevere dives in front of Zephiel's attack causing Zephiel to redirect it. Al then makes contact with the Fire Emblem, having fallen off Guinevere's person, inducing a class change into a Dragon Lord, allowing him to best Zephiel but only for a scant moment. The power eventually proves to much for him causing him to fall unconscious, Zephiel leaving him and taking Guinevere back to Bern.

Having just arrived at Missur with Roy and his army, Al's body is discovered by Tiena who says that he feels light like burnt firewood. The Shaman Sophia, informs them all that his body will disappear at sunset but he can be saved at the hidden village of Arcadia in the desert. Tiena along with the Pegasus Knights, Shanna and Thea fly ahead to Arcadia but are attacked by masked figures and are separated, leaving Tiena to carry Al alone. They are both saved by Zeed who had lost the desire to fight and opts to take them the rest of the way. But they too get separated when Fae, a dragon child, attacks them just outside of the village. Despite having made it to Arcadia, Tiena is seemingly too late as Al's body is destroyed. Al is however saved by the spirit of the Archsage Athos who not only tells him that he has the blood of a human and a dragon, but also gives him a dragonstone with which to control his powers. Al is resurrected in time to save Tiena from one of the masked figures, and though she does not recognize him at first, she does when he begins to show his normal personality. The Lycian League army soon reunites with Tiena and Al in Arcadia.

Volume 7: Resurrection

After departing Arcadia, the army marches to Aquleia, the capital of Etruria and are met by Perceval, the Knight General of Etruria. The night after attending a war meeting, whilst training, Al and Gant overhear Perceval renewing his vow to Elffin, the tactician of the Lycian League army who in reality is Mildain, Prince of Etruria. Al confronts Elffin on the truth, which he does not deny, also telling him that his father the King is being held hostage by Bern and is used as a means to coerce the Great General Douglas to side with them. This causes Al to question Elffin on his willingness to let his father and Douglas die, which Elffin says he is prepared for. On the day of the battle Al is unwilling to let Elffin sacrifice his father and Douglas, and thus breaks from the army intent on saving the King on his own, however he finds that Fae was hiding on his horse and decides to take her with him.

Volume 8: Deathmatch in the Sky, Agony on the Ground

In the midst of the battle, Al struggles to find the King, but notices Narcian and follows him, having Fae save the king just as Narcian is preparing to attack him for refusing to convince the League to surrender. Al and Narcian then battle until, out of desperation, Narcian attempts to trick Al with the truth of his origin, the plan however fails as Al transforms with his dragon stone and defeats Narcian. Bern having successfully been defeated, the Lycian League take back Aquleia and it's members are promoted. That night Al sits with Elffin who refuses to see his father until the war had ended, Al however suggests that Elffin play his harp for the king.

Although he was able to help Elffin with his father, Al is still troubled by the mystery of his heritage, and shaken by a nightmare he sets out with Shanna back to his home in the mountains as the Lycian League Army likewise sets out for Bern.

Volume 9: Eternal Siblings

When he finally makes it back home, he is greeted by the Hermit Niime, who he recognizes as the old woman who helped him back in Alta. She uses her crystal ball to reveal to him the truth that he is in fact that son of the leader of the Eight Legends of Elibe, Hartmut and Melitha, a dragon. He also sees that due to being dragons, Harmut was forced to seal both he and his mother with the power of the Binding Blade and although shaken by this revelation, Al resolves to create a world in which both humans and dragons can exist. Niime then shows Al to the a room containing the Champion's Blade, a sword Magough spent much time tempering. And with that, Al meets back up with Shanna to set off for the final confrontation with Bern.

Volume 10: Dragon's Roar

Al reaches the battlefield outside of Bern Castle just as Roy has defeated General Murdock, the leader of the Wyvern Generals and soon thereafter they begin storming the castle. While their allies remain at the lower levels of the castle, Roy and Al both make their way to the throne room where Zephiel awaits them. Zephiel reveals himself to be wielding both of Harmut's great weapons, Eckesachs and the Binding Blade. Witnessing the blade that sealed both he and his mother, Al is unable to shake his nerves, but transforms to meet Zephiel head on. Despite the boost in power from his transformation, neither he nor Roy can match Zephiel's might, it is only after Zephiel destroys his sword again and Al draws the Champion's Blade does the tide of battle seem to shift, but it is too late as Zephiel had cut Al with the Binding Blade, ensuring that he would be sealed again. Helpless to do more than watch as Zephiel outmatches Roy, Al curses his inability to do anything, and in desperation calls for the power to defeat Zephiel, sparking a transformation into a dragon, which, while incomplete and unable to prevent him from being sealed, knocks the Binding Blade from Zephiel's hand.

This one action proved to be enough, as Roy picks up the Binding Blade with it responding to his will, allowing him to defeat Zephiel. Upon Zephiel's defeat, Guinevere and a few other member of the Lycian League army enter the throne room witness the aftermath of the battle, Guinevere, with the power of the Fire Emblem, is able to unseal Al. Both Roy and Al step out to the crowd signifying that the war has finally ended.

However, even though the war with Bern was over, Al, Gant and Kilmar learn that Tiena had been kidnapped by the masked figure who had attacked her in the desert. Choosing not to get Roy involved, the three are transported to the location of the individuals who took Tiena.

Volume 11: Seperate Ways

There they are confronted by Audamorze, the leader of the Black Bone Clan, who had gathered all of the Legendary weapons of Elibe, including Zephiel's Eckesachs. Revealing to Al that he is an Archdragon, Audamorze offers Al a chance to come over peacefully, but Al transforms, assuring Audamorze that he will be taking Tiena back. In response Audamorze grants his ally, "One Horned" the Blazing Blade Durandal to fight Al. Though struggling to fight back, Al is able to land a strike on "One Horned's" Mask, and believing he had won, leaves himself open to a devastating strike from his opponent. Al realizes that the attack was the same as one that Magough once used, and when he looks up at his opponents face he sees that it is indeed he who was behind the mask.

Shocked and confused, Al is hesitant to hurt his foster father until Magough is poised to kill Gant, Al then charges at him, stabbing him with his sword. Audamorze undoes the mind control that he had placed on Magough, allowing him to come to his senses just as Al stabbed him. Overcome with despair at his actions, Al transforms completely into a dragon. Audamorze seizes this opportunity to enact his plan and steal Al's dragon power using the Legendary weapons, reverting Al back to human form. Magough, still alive, tells Al everything involving himself, the Black Bone Clane, Al and Melitha.

Al then stands up ready to fight Audamorze in his new dragon form, yet he unable to contest with full power of an Archdragon, and is only saved by Tiena's intervention with the Aureola tome. As Al gets ready to fight Audamorze again, he is this time visited by his mothers spirit which resided within the Champion's Blade. She tells him of the power of the Archdragons, and that in order to use the Champion's Blade's true power he must make his heart one with the Archdragon that the blade was made from. Calming himself and focusing, he makes his heart one with the Archdragon and with a tremendous thrust of energy, obliterates Audamorze, with a great light which envelopes Al as he disappears.

Al then reappears inside a realm he assumes is within the Archdragon. The Champion's Blade guides him until he is assaulted by specters of despair as well as an apparition of Audamorze, which Al dispels with the Champion's Blade. He is then confronted by the Archdragon of the Champion's Blade, and chooses to return the blade. Al then promises his mother that he will never give into despair or want for power ever again.

Al is not seen again until two years after the war, a time in which he is presumed to have died, though when he does return he acts as though no time had passed at all. At some point he is granted the title of "Viscount Eldreed" for his actions during the war and marries Tiena. On the day of his wedding, he leaves castle Tania, telling a maid that he felt uncomfortable and needed some fresh air. Nearly late for the start of his wedding ceremony, he is retrieved by Warren. Tiena and Al would then go on to focus their future efforts on maintaining peace in the world.

The Binding Blade

Although Al does not make a physical appearance in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, the sword given to him by Magough does appear in a village in Ch. 13 of the game. By visiting the village on the Eastern part of the map you can talk to a villager who will give you his sword, stating that is belong to a courageous boy who stood up against Bern.


Al is a brash and headstrong youth, who seeks out anything that interests him in earnest, deciding to look for the Fire Emblem immediately after Gant told him about it. Likewise he is blunt and lacking in tact, honestly telling others how he feels and what he thinks regardless of social or political standing. This often earns him the frustration of enemies and allies alike, however this also earns him the trust of individuals who appreciate his straight forwardness. Unwilling to compromise on his ideals, he will not tolerate any lack of effort, and will often chastise those who give up on something without ever truly trying, to the point where it is a catchphrase of his. His indelible heart and willingness to persevere acts as an inspiration to those who meet him.

Al can also be considered nosy, as he takes on the burdens of others regardless of whether they ask or not, such as when he snuck off to fight Kruzard so that Lance would not have to, or when he went off to save King Mordred despite Elffin being prepared for the possibility his father and Douglas would die in the battle of Aquleia. He also does not allow things that he considers to be minor details to get in the way of doing what he believes to be the right thing, shown when he tells Athos that he would not choose between killing him or Fae simply because one was a human and one was a dragon.

Despite his strong willed personality, there are things that can get to him, such as Zephiel telling him that he was a a child of Bern. And despite having faced Zephiel before, on there second encounter he was unnerved while in the presence of the Binding Blade due to it having been used to seal him and his mother during the time of The Scouring. While not being anywhere near the level of a skilled tactician, his plan against Ain as well as his plan to fake Kruzard's death display his ability to think on his feet when necessary. He is also skilled in combat, performing feats of agility that bewilder both enemies and allies to the point of being referred to as a monkey on multiple occasions.

Manga Stats

Base Stats

Starting ClassAffinity
???GBAFire.gif Fire
WeaponStarting Items
Sword.gif SwordAlsword.gifAl's Sword

Promotion Gains

Item Required Promoted Class
Fire Emblem Dragon Lord
1 +20 +7 +14 +11 +7 +7 +0 +1
Weapon Levels


Al - Blue Champion

  • After defeating Audamorze, he disappeared in the resulting light. Everyone thought he had lost his life, so a magnificent tomb was made in his honor. However, two years later, he reappeared as if nothing had happened. In recognition for his achievements in the war against Bern, he was given the title of "Viscount Eldreed." However it is unknown whether he is truly pleased with such a title. He suddenly and unexpectedly married Tiena, and together, they focused their efforts into building and maintaining world peace.

Other Appearances

Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher)

Al is illustrated in the trading card game Fire Emblem Cipher with the following cards:


  • In the manga, Al breaks three swords.
  • Al and his companions are the first characters not originating from a video game to be featured in the trading card game, Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher).
  • Al is the only lord not to come from one of the games.
  • When considering the fact that Roy promotes upon receiving the Binding Blade in the original game, Al actually promotes sooner than him when taking both the games story progression and the manga's into account.
    • Roy actually promotes sooner in the manga than his game counterpart too, promoting after retaking Etruria.
  • Al and Corrin as characters share a few similarities between them.
    • Most obviously, both are half human and half dragons.
    • Both are not actually raised by their true fathers, with Al being raised by Magough and Corrin being raised Sumeragi and then Garon.
    • Both wish to see peace between two enemy faction with which they have a connection to. In Al's case this being Humans and Dragons, and in Corrin's this is Hoshido and Nohr.
    • Both unlock their true dragon form through despair, with Al having given into despair after believing he killed Magough and Corrin being overwhelmed by despair when Mikoto sacrificed herself to protect him.
  • Al also shares a number of similarities with Dai, the protagonist of the Dragon Quest spin-off manga and anime, Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai.
    • Both originate from spin-off manga based on long running video game series.
    • Both had their stories published in Jump Comics, though Hasha no Tsurugi was published in Monthly Shonen Jump and not Weekly like The Adventure of Dai.
    • Both are wild and heroic youths who grew up in seclusion. Though Dai is noticeably more polite than Al.
    • Both are children who were separated from their parents at a young age and adopted by individuals once associated with an evil faction. In Al's case he was adopted by Magough, a member of the Black Bone Clan. Dai was adopted by Brass, a Lump Shaman who was once a high ranking member of the Dark Army.
    • Both posses the blood of dragons and humans. Al getting his from his Archdragon mother Melitha and human father Hartmut, while Dai's comes from his Dragon Knight father Baran and human mother Soala


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