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Alfred is a playable character from Fire Emblem Engage. He is the crown prince of Firene and the older brother of Céline.


Alfred is the son of the Queen Ève of Firene and the older brother of Princess Céline. Throughout his childhood, Alfred would visit the Divine Dragon Alear during their slumber. He later received two retainers, Boucheron and Etie, for his protection. His father taught him how to use a lance before he died. As a child, Alfred was beset by illness and greatly suffered personally as a result. While a majority of it has long since passed, he still occasionally has lingering effects of it.

When hostilities began with the Corrupted attacking Firene, Alfred departed to Lythos to obtain help from Queen Lumera. Upon his arrival, he found Lythos Castle under siege by Elusia just as the recently reawakened Alear heads to the Ring Vault. Assisting Alear in repelling the forces, Alfred witnesses Lumera's death. The following day after burying Lumera, Alfred asks for Alear's help against the invading Elusian forces. Despite still grieving for their mother, Alear accepts.

Alfred takes Alear and his retainers to Florra Mill Town where they find his sister and her retainers, Louis and Chloé, being attacked by the Corrupted; they meet up with her, and with help from the Ring of the Caring Princess, now awakened by Alear, clear out the Corrupted, save her retainers and make way for Firene Castle, where they meet Zephia, a mage dragon from Elusia, who has her army take Queen Ève captive. They defeat her captor, Nelucce, and rescue the Queen, and Alfred asks her for her permission to join Alear's army in the fight against Sombron, along with Céline, to which she approves.

Queen Ève then directs Alear to a shrine at the edge of Firene, where she used to take Alfred when he was younger because she wanted him to remember it well as it was the location of the Ring of the Dawn Maiden, Firene's second ring, a secret to everyone to keep it safe. At the shrine however, they come across Yunaka, who claims to have found the ring only for it to be stolen by bandits on her way to Lythos castle, she aids them in their fight against the bandits and takes back the ring. After the battle however, Yunaka admits to Alear and Alfred that she actually stole the ring to sell it and lied to them after finding out that they were royalty, so as punishment, Alfred assigns Yunaka to Alear's army, to which she happily accepts.

In the end, if Alfred survives until the end, he is crowned King of Firene and establishes a non-aggression pact with all of Elyos, but eventually dies of a resurgence of his previous illness at an early age, though it is stated that his life was full of love and joy, and he was beloved by his people. However, if Alfred marries Alear, he lives a very long and lasting life while continuing his body strength training.

Fell Xenologue[]

In an alternate world, Alfred was a more aggressive and violent prince who enjoyed slaughtering his foes on the battlefield, so much so that he gained the title of Prince of Strewn Flowers, but was still devoted to the Divine Dragon. While he fought alongside his world’s Alear in the war with Sombron, his mother and retainers died, along with the Divine Dragon, leading Alfred to become more hostile and closed off towards others and eventually severed all ties with Lythos, as well as with Nel and Nil; he also took the Bracelet of the Brash General, relying on it to bolster Firene's strength, despite Nel's urging. He was eventually crowned King of Firene, but struggled to rule properly due to their declining economy.

As Céline urged him to consider invading Brodia for the sake of their people, he was quick to deny her request, but when she decided to leave on her own, Alfred immediately turns around and approves the invasion so as to protect her. They are intervened by Nel, Nil, and the main timeline Alear's army, where they immediately become hostile, believing that Alear had become one of the corrupted and resolve to fight them. Upon their defeat, Nil explains the situation and the siblings apologize for their actions and hand over the bracelet, Alfred and Céline ask to join the army, but Nel insists they stay. They then wish them safe travels and invite them to visit once they are finished.

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At some point however, Nel returns to Firene castle where she precedes to kill both Alfred and Céline as they were unaware that they were corrupted, having already died in the war.

Later, Nil revives Alfred a second time, equipped with the same Bracelet and is killed once again in order to retrieve it, where he finally dies in peace.

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Alfred is easygoing and casual toward those with whom he is familiar, as well kind, disciplined, happy-go-lucky, and a lover of flowers. He is also devoutly religious, having worshipped the Divine Dragons as his deities all his life, and while Alear slept, made visits to the Somniel where he prayed at their side.

Alfred is obsessed with strength and getting stronger, and he admires people like Boucheron for their physique. He gets along with his other retainer Etie who shares similar interests in strength training. He regularly spends his free time training in order to achieve his goals and desires to bulk up as much as possible. Much of this desire stems from his childhood when he was beset by an illness, and his fitness regimen aids his weakened constitution. Alfred still suffers spells from time to time, but prefers to keep it a secret from his allies, including Alear and the Emblems, as he would rather they see him as fitness-obsessed than frail. Only Céline and his mother know about his true condition. When confronting his Xenologue counterpart, he laments that even his alternate self is not buff and wonders if there is a universe where he achieves his goal.

According to Yunaka and Ivy, Alfred is naïve as he does not have a lot self-awareness; this can be seen when he made fun of Veyle for being unable to handle a spicy soup until he tasted it himself and was immediately overwhelmed. Even when his sister chides him, calling him a barbarian due to his sometimes boorish behavior, he misinterprets it as a compliment, much to her frustration.

Alfred goes out his way to help people in need, such as wanting to help Alear for their troubles or Ivy for being lost in the Somniel and giving advice for her sleep. He does not expect anything in return from people he helped.

Fell Xenologue Alfred[]

In the alternate Elyos, Alfred was known to be an aggressive fighter with violent tendencies before ascending the throne. Currently however, he has become disillusioned with the life of a king, with the deaths of his mother and retainers and Céline's insistence on invading other countries for the sake of their own leading him to become bitter and belligerent towards others. Alfred becomes very protective of his only remaining family as well as his kingdom, trying as hard as he can to provide for his people with their declining economy, leaving him completely burnt out. He is easily outraged and quick to jump to conclusions, believing that the main versions of his retainers and Alear are actually Corrupted, but understands when he makes mistakes and tries to make amends.

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After being revived a second time, Alfred has become delusional, believing that he is fighting beside his former comrades once again, unaware that he is one of the Corrupted and is fighting Alear's army alongside Fell Nil. After being defeated, he dies happily, reunited with his loved ones and his world's Alear.

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Fire Emblem Engage[]

The staunch and loyal crown prince of Firene. He trains constantly to strengthen his constitution.

Base Stats[]

Starting ClassBattle Style
EmblemSkillsWeaponStarting Items
-FE17 Self-Improver IconSelf-ImproverFE17 LanceLance - BIronLanceFE17SpriteIron Lance
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As An Enemy[]

Fell Xenologue 2: Seeds of Unrest[]
King of Firene from another world. Bitter and belligerent, he scatters his foes without mercy.
Fell Xenologue 6: Seven Bracelets[]
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Growth Rates[]

HP Bld Str Mag Dex Spd Def Res Lck
65% 10% 40% 5% 35% 40% 40% 20% 40%


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The first royal unit of Engage, Alfred is also the second Horseback Unit available to the player after Vander. He has growth rates that are above-average and are well-distributed between HP, Strength, Speed, Defense and Luck, letting him potentially become a fast, physical tank unit with enough investment. This is somewhat spoiled by his lackluster base stats - mediocre Speed coupled with low Build means he is weighed down by his starting Iron Lance which leaves him prone to Follow-Up Attacks. This most notably includes many of the fast Sword Fighters that the party encounters that Alfred otherwise would do well against as a Lance user, complicating his range of viable targets. His unremarkable Resistance also leaves his effectiveness against Mages wanting, particularly with his low Speed again.

Alfred's unique promoted class is Avenir, which builds on his physical tank role by giving him large boosts to HP, Strength and Defense, and gives him access to B-rank Swords. Its unique class skill, Golden Lotus, further improves his resilience by letting him soak some attacks at half-damage, though this should not be relied upon to save him from large groups of enemies. If Avenir is not pursued, Paladin is a reasonable alternative with higher focus on Speed and Dexterity at the cost of Defense. His Personal Skill, Self-Improver, adds +2 Strength for 1 turn if Alfred Waits without attacking or using items, which can be beneficial when using him to bait opponents.

Alfred benefits well from several Emblem Rings that can fix his shortcomings: the Rings of the Holy Knight and Sage Lord both provide a sorely needed boost to his Build, with the former generally boosting his overall mobility and the latter giving him access to Vantage. The Ring of the Young Lion synergizes with his natural bulk with Hold Out as well as giving him perfect weapon triangle coverage thanks to Lancereaver and a small mobility boost while Engaged. Finally, The Ring of the Azure Twins is useful for its cavalry Battle Style bonus on Twin Strike, and Gentility combos well with Golden Lotus to further reduce the damage he takes.

Overall, Alfred has a generally rocky start that hampers his ability to contribute early on. If given enough levels and other investments, he can eventually turn into a straightforward physical tank unit with enough bulk and speed to be able to contribute on enemy phase fairly reliably, but the effort required to get him there will seldom be justified in most playthroughs.


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Gift List[]

Gift Name Type of Gift Description
Training Weight Favorite A stone weight that can be held by hand or tied to the leg. Favored by fans of training and exercise.
Muscle Balm Favorite Apply to muscles after working out to avoid soreness. Favored by fans of training and exercise.
Dragon Scripture Favorite Scripture written by Divine Dragon worshippers passed down through the ages. Favored by pious believers.
Sun Visor Favorite The visor protects the face and neck from sunburn. Favored by fans of exercise and walks as well.
Lentil Flower Favorite This popular blossom is the national flower of Firene. Favored by Firenese fans of flowers.
White Clover Favorite Used for cooking. With luck, one can be found with four leaves. Favored by fans of cooking and herbs.
Horn Favorite A hollow animal horn that makes a loud noise. Has no holes for playing notes. Favored by fans of music.
Flower Wreath Favorite A handmade wreath often displayed on doors or walls. Favored by fans of flowers and cute things.
Bandages Favorite Mainly used for tending wounds or bracing joints and muscles to prevent injury. Favored by fans of training.
Spirit Gem Favorite A gem that shines with many colors. Found only in the Somniel, especially near Sommie. Favored by all.
Sharp Chisel Disliked A tool used to carve intricate designs on wood. Favored by fans of crafting and weapons.
Sewing Kit Disliked This compact, well-organized sewing kit is handy in a pinch. Favored by fans of sewing and knitting.
Sheep Wool Disliked A soft ball of yarn spun from the fresh wool of young sheep. Favored by fans of sewing and knitting.
Spicy Seasoning Disliked Very spicy powdered red seeds that can add a kick to any dish. Favored by fans of spicy food and folk food.
Horse Manure Disliked Ordinary horse manure. That’s it. You could technically give it to someone, but why would you?

Fire Emblem Heroes[]

Floral Protector
Crown prince of Firene, a peace-loving land. He trains constantly with the intent of improving his constitution. Appears in Fire Emblem Engage.

Base Stats[]

Rarity: ✯✯✯✯✯

Alfred Heroes spriteTitle
Floral Protector
Heroes Cavalry Cavalry
FEH skill offense Arcane Qiang
FEH skill special Glowing Ember
FEH Lance Lance


FEH skill offenseIron Lance---
Steel Lance---
Silver Lance---
Arcane Qiang-FEH Star Rarity 5-
FEH skill specialGlowing Ember---
BonfireGlowing Ember--
AFEH Self-Improver Self-Improver-FEH Star Rarity 5
BFEH Flow N Trace 1 Flow N Trace 1--
FEH Flow N Trace 2 Flow N Trace 2FEH Flow N Trace 1 Flow N Trace 1-
FEH Flow N Trace 3 Flow N Trace 3FEH Flow N Trace 2 Flow N Trace 2-
CFEH Spur Atk 1 Spur Atk 1--
FEH Spur Atk 2 Spur Atk 2FEH Spur Atk 1 Spur Atk 1-
FEH Spur Atk 3 Spur Atk 3FEH Spur Atk 2 Spur Atk 2-
FEH Cross Spur Atk Cross Spur AtkFEH Spur Atk 3 Spur Atk 3FEH Star Rarity 5


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Base Kit[]

Alfred is among the first representatives of Engage to join Heroes, and is the first Hero unit to make their debut as a Rearmed Hero. As a result, Alfred is a bit hard to acquire as he is only available in certain banners, but comes with a potent kit and the unique ability to have his skill inherited by other units without expunging any copies of himself from the player's Roster. Alfred has incredible starting Atk at 45 and with his starting 43 Def and total physical bulk of 83, he is a formidable physical tank who only gets stronger when taking into account his other skills mentioned below. His staring 25 Spd is remarkably on the lower end to prevent him from performing Follow-Ups naturally and can get doubled by speedy foes, and his 27 Res is a sour spot that prevents him from fully becoming a mixed tank. Nonetheless, Rearmed Alfred packs a ton of perks that more or less hatches carves him into a potent frontline unit.
Rearmed Alfred wields the Arcane Qiang, which accelerates his Special trigger, thus requiring one less attack to charge. If his HP at the start of combat is at least 25%, he gains +5 to his four core stats, makes a guaranteed follow-up, and prevents his foe from performing one. If either Rearmed Alfred or his foe moved a space before initiating combat, he gains additional Special charges per attack. With this, Alfred can turn his massive mobility into empowered combat and his physical sturdiness can keep the charge up. As the only means to inherit this weapon, this can be given to Heroes who benefit from fast special triggers, especially those who use Bonfire/Iceberg/Glimmer for damage or Galeforce.
Rearmed Alfred has a unique skill, Self-Improver, which gives him a flat +10 Atk, +5 Spd, and +20 Def. As a result, with Arcane Qiang taken into account, Rearmed Alfred has a monstrous 71 Atk and 63 Def. The latter is most notable as he will have the highest Def of the entire cast, outstripping every other unit alone without considering further increases through Seals, stat refine of his Arcane Qiang, Dragonflowers, Merges, and Traits on both Rearmed Alfred and his competitors The 30 Spd is decent for Rearmed Alfred to be at, but hardly matters when his weapon is taken into account, but nonetheless can help him from taking hits if he is low. Self-Improver also slows his foe's special trigger if his HP is above 25% at the start of combat. His two skills thus far in tandem with each other make him incredibly hardy and difficult to destroy through physical foes and especially hard to brute force through with special skills. His only trade-off is -5 to his Res, bringing his default to 22, which is hardly a bad trade off for the 35 total increase to his other four stats.
Bonfire is in Rearmed Alfred's base kit and will likely trigger in a single round of combat thanks to Arcane Qiang. With 63 base Def thanks to Self-Improver, he can deal a massive 30 true damage when it triggers on top of the damage he is likely to inflict off of his similarly monstrous Atk. Flow Near Trace prevents his foe from negating his follow-up if he initiates combat and if he attacks, uses an assist skill, or destroys a structure, Rearmed Alfred can move after utilizing any remaining movement he had not used prior to his action. Cross Spur Attack grants +5 Atk to allies in four cardinal directions of him during combat.


Rearmed Alfred is near impossible to deal with by physical means without resorting to multiple attacks at the risk of losing a unit. Only the strongest units with Def ignoring skills can hope to pierce through his physical bulk. In exchange, he is incredibly weak to Tome users as 22 Res hardly mitigates serious damage and none of his base kit reduces damage at any point. It is highly unlikely that a Distant Counter variation replacing Self-Improver is a solid trade-off just to deal with mages himself. As such, several powerful Green Mages can easily score kills on him in a single round like Eitri, Céline, Legendary Male Robin, and Seiðr can deal with him with their base stats and skills alone. Mages who carry cavalry effective tomes like Micaiah's various forms or Rhajat can brute force him even if they cannot perform a Follow-Up. Some physical units who carry Cavalry effective weapons can also kill him in some capacity depending on kits. Brave Eirika is one of those who can cleanly defeat him if she gets the initiation. Only a small handful of units can cleanly tank hits from Rearmed Alfred like Young Hector and Winter Black Knight, especially thanks to their color advantage. The latter can retaliate through his high Def thanks to Black Luna. Fallen Anankos, Rearmed Robin, and Harmonic Bride Tiki all similarly carry enough bulk and/or damage reduction to take a hit from him as the magical damage of their weapons easily deal with him.

Skill Inheritance[]

Rearmed Alfred's only missing skill is his Support Skill, which Reposition fills nicely. His remaining stats do not require replacing as they carry tremendous value, though Cross Spur Atk can be replaced with skills that better directly assist him rather than just his allies. Atk Def Menace gives the debuffs he values on his foes so he can hit harder and take more hits for less damage in return.
Due to his status as a Rearmed Hero, he is an excellent unit to fodder even random high value skills to since he can then have other units inherit them from him should the player acquire multiple copies of him for merging in order to allow multiple Skill Inheritances from him.

Meet Some of the Heroes[]

Floral Protector Alfred
Alfred floral protector pop01 This is Alfred, the crown prince of Firene! He's a handsome Hero who looks just like the very image of a perfect prince!
Alfred floral protector pop02 He may seem delicate at first glance, but he has a bold and daring personality. He's super-positive and super-determined!
Alfred floral protector pop03 Also, he loves to exercise and train his muscles. In fact, I hear that spectacular-looking lance he carries was specially made to be heavier than most—so he never misses a workout!
Alfred floral protector pop04 It's a good thing that there's a lot of Heroes in Askr who are proud of their muscles. I'm sure Alfred will get along with them splendidly!
Closely Associated Characters
Céline Princess of Firene and Alfred's younger sister. Has a calm personality and loves tea.
Etie Knight of Firene. Prince Alfred's retainer. A noble lady with a love for building muscle.



Alfred (Engage)/Quotes


Alfred (Engage)/Heroes Quotes

Possible Endings[]

Floral Protector Alfred
As king of Firene, Alfred forged a new non-aggression pact with Lythos and the other countries, ensuring a long period of peace.
Records reveal Alfred's reign was brief, as he died an early death. However, he was loved by his people, and there is no doubt his life was full of joy.
Alfred and Alear
Alear became the new Divine Dragon Monarch. His/Her bonds with the rulers of each nation resulted in a lasting peace.
Alfred continued training after taking the throne and worked on behalf of Firene and Lythos. His long life, a blessing of the Divine Dragon Monarch, was full of joy.

Choose Your Legends Placement History[]

Round Placement Character Version Votes


CYL8 41 CYL Alfred Portrait


Alfred is a male given name from Old English meaning Elf Counsel. He might also be named after the Alfred Sung fashion brand.

Alfred shares similarities to Britain's Alfred the Great. The King was a merciful, scholarly man who fended off Viking invasions and later made peace with them. He promoted education, developed a better legal system, and improved his people's quality of life. Throughout his life, he suffered from Crohn's disease, which often left him in a weakened condition.



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