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“Go, my children! Make your master proud! And do it quickly. I am needed elsewhere... But I promise to linger long enough to see them suffer... Heh heh...”
—Algol to his Risen army in Death's Embrace

Algol is a boss character and secondary antagonist in Fire Emblem Awakening. He is a Grimleal priest and bandit.


Algol is tasked by Validar to prevent Chrom and his forces from escaping Plegia Castle. Despite the numerous traps set in place, Algol is killed in battle.

Algol also appears in the DLC Death's Embrace, where it's revealed that he dabbled in necromancy. He succeeded and managed to create loyal, unquestioning Risen by attacking villages and capturing the strongest of them for his own use. He is later confronted by Chrom and the Shepherds after they are notified by other villages about his actions. Algol sends his best Risen in addition to his masterpiece to fight them, watching the battle from afar.

After 10 turns, if he is not defeated, Algol will realize that the Shepherds are stronger then they look, reluctantly abandoning his temple and vacates the area. The player can kill him instead if they reach him before 10 turns pass.


Boss Stats[]

*Dropped when defeated


“Heh heh... Leaving Plegia so soon? No, please, stay awhile. Stay...forever!”
—Algol's battle quote in Chapter 21.
“No! Hyaughhh...”
—Algol's death quote in Chapter 21.
“...What? No... I decide who dies... Heek! Spare me...please...”
—Algol's death quote in Death's Embrace
“Heh heh. Signal the men in hiding, and give these Ylissean scum no quarter!”
—Algol after turn 1 in Chapter 21.


Algol is the name of a trinary star system in Perseus. It is Arabic for 'winking demon', and is named for the fact that β Persei B regularly eclipses β Persei A, so that the star appears to periodically brighten and dim.


  • Algol's pre-battle quote may be a reference to the game Impossible: Mission. When the player first starts the game, the villain says "Another visitor. Stay awhile. Stay forever!"
  • He shares the same portrait with Morristan.
  • Algol is one of the few generic bosses in the game to actually make more then one appearance without creating a new boss but reusing some Boss portrait