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|uses = 10}}
'''[[Alm]]'s Blade''' (アルムの覇剣 ''Arumu no haken'', lit. '''Alm's Supremeblade''') is a special [[Sword]] from ''[[Fire Emblem Awakening]]''.
'''[[Alm]]'s Blade''' (アルムの覇剣 ''Arumu no haken'', lit. '''Alm's Supremacy Sword''') is a special [[Sword]] from ''[[Fire Emblem Awakening]]''.
==Weapon Stats==
==Weapon Stats==

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Alm's Blade (アルムの覇剣 Arumu no haken, lit. Alm's Supremacy Sword) is a special Sword from Fire Emblem Awakening.

Weapon Stats

Name Type

Alm's Championsword FE13 Icon Alm's Blade

SwordIconFE13 Sword

Rank Uses Mt Hit Crt Rng WEx Worth
B 10 15 75% 10% 1  ? 1,630*


*Sells for 1/4 of its worth instead of 1/2.

Item Locations

Method Location
Event Tiles --
Barracks Lost item.
Renown Obtain 8,000 Renown points in order to acquire this sword. Only one may be redeemed per save game file.
SpotPass Alm


  • The appearance of the sword is based on the Royal Sword, Alm's personal sword from Gaiden.


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