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“Don't make General Geoffrey mad! You're a Royal Knight! You better follow his orders!”
—Amy, to Makalov.

Amy is a young girl who appears in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.


She is the adopted daughter of Largo and Calill. Having been adopted at a young age, she is unaware that her parents are not her blood parents, but nevertheless loves them dearly. Initially, Amy had to take care of herself while her parents fought in the The Mad King's War, but later was raised by Largo while Calill still fought due to Largo losing an arm between the events of Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. While Amy's birth parents are unknown, she is Branded, signifying that either her parents was a Beorc while the other was Laguz, or one of her ancestors were.

During Part 2 of Radiant Dawn, Calill joins the Crimean forces to help defend the country from Duke Ludveck of Felirae, who attempts to take over Crimea but eventually fails. Because of this, Amy is left with Largo. Calill then becomes involved in the later conflicts Laguz-Begnion War which separates her from her family.

Much later in Part 4 of Radiant Dawn, Amy is brought with General Geoffrey and Count Bastian to one of the three groups marching towards the Tower of Guidance. Geoffrey had stayed in Crimea when the army left to watch over the country. Queen Elincia then left with Lady Lucia to search for Bastian. Following the majority of people being turned to stone by the goddess Ashera, they left Crimea taking anyone they found who had not been turned to stone with them.

Amy arrives at the camp with Bastian, Geoffrey, Volke, and Duke Renning (who at that time was insane from Izuka's feral drug). Amy managed to evade Ashera's judgement due to her branded status as Ashera's curse did not account for the union of Beorc and Laguz. Calill will comfort her daughter since it is revealed that Largo has been turned to stone. If Calill is not present, then Ranulf (who Amy calls 'Kitty Cat Man') will calm her.

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