“Careful, love. Prices aren't the only things I can cut in half!”
—Anna in Fire Emblem Awakening

Anna is a recurring character in the Fire Emblem series. She has made an appearance in every single Fire Emblem game to date save Fire Emblem Gaiden and its remake, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. She is a red-headed young woman and is commonly seen in a trademark pose with her index finger rested at her face and wearing a sly smile.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Traditionally a non-playable character, Anna appears throughout various Fire Emblem games as a guide, cameo, prompt for suspending map data, or most often as a merchant in one of the Secret Shops. In the GBA games she also appears in the Link Arena and also in the prompt before game data is erased. In Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, she hosts the in-game tutorial. She also appears in the beginning of Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem, guiding the player in the creation of Kris.

Anna appears in dialogue as an NPC in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, its remake Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, New Mystery of the Emblem, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, and Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. In all of those games, she appears to have a close relationship with another recurring character, Jake. Anna and Jake are in fact engaged in Genealogy of the Holy War.

Anna will make her playable debut in Fire Emblem Awakening through a Paralogue and is playable in every game, except for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, since then as a DLC.

Shadow Dragon and Mystery of the Emblem[edit | edit source]

“ Not everybody fighting for Grust is a bad apple, you know. Take my sweetheart, Jake. He’s got a heart of gold, that one. If you see him, tell him Anna’s worried sick about him.”
—Anna in Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon

Anna first appears as a Archanean villager in palace town. Despite Grust occupying the country, Anna has a close relationship with Jake, a drafted soldier who worked as a Ballistician for the Grust army. Not wanting Jake to be hurt by the Archanean League, Anna told Caeda to tell Jake to quit fighting as she's worried sick about him. After Jake joined the league, Anna cheered on her "honeycomb."

Anna also ran a series of secret shops throughout that could only be accessed with a Member Card. As mentioned in the game's ending, after the War of Shadows was over, Jake and Anna decided to travel the world as they always wanted.

In the DS remake of Mystery of the Emblem, Anna returns to give gameplay functions to Kris and cheer on Jake. They resume traveling the world in their ending.

Genealogy of the Holy War[edit | edit source]

Anna appears as a villager in Leonster in Chapter 7, revealing she is worried about Jake going off to fight against the Grannvale Empire. In Chapter 8, Jake is rescued by Amid, and Linda, with the reunited couple saying they will name some children after the two.

The Blazing Blade[edit | edit source]

Alongside her usual secret shop duty, Anna makes an appearance in the pub at The Port of Badon. She comments on the party's troubling situation and gives them advice on how to prevail against Fargus' pirates. Afterwards she says to say hi to her boyfriend Jake and stays at the pub.

Awakening[edit | edit source]

Awakening marks the first time that Anna can be a recruitable unit, joining as a Trickster in Paralogue 4. Anna appears in both Paralogue 2 as a Merchant and Paralogue 4 as a recruitable Trickster, but if the player plays Paralogue 2 after 4, Anna will still appear in Paralogue 2.

After finishing both chapters, Anna explains her family's striking resemblance to each other, revealing that the Anna that appears multiple times is not a single woman, but a large family of female merchants who all appear the same and even have the same mannerisms, serving as part of their secret as the "secret seller".

The existence of multiple Annas is also shown through the variety of versions of Anna in the same game, including one who serves as an Outrealm guide, a traveling merchant, a smith, and so on. The Merchant version of Anna, in particular, appears as a boss in Apotheosis. She has the most private savings in the army.

Fates[edit | edit source]

Like Awakening, Anna appears in as the gatekeeper for the Dragon's Gate for the Xenologues of Fates.

In her Xenologue, Anna is caught by Lloyd and Llewelyn, hoping to utilize her "sneakiness" in their pirate crew. As fate would have it, Corrin and Felicia/Jakob arrive near the pirate's base after hearing rumors of them causing problems for local villagers. Eventually Corrin and their army dispatch the bandits and rescues Anna. Hearing that they are of royalty, Anna pledges her services as payment for her rescue. Consequent playthroughs of the Xenologue revolve around another Anna being caught. Corrin rescues them and she thanks them for the rescue.

Her supports with Female Corrin show that she is initially upset that all her sisters share the same name and wonders why her parents gave it to them. However, it is later revealed that her parents gave each Anna a different pronunciation so that when they called for one, that one would respond back rather than all of them. 

She has the most side jobs in the army.

Three Houses[edit | edit source]

In Three Houses, Anna appears during Part II, though in order to get access to her shop the player must first complete the quest 'The Secret Shop', wherein the player must find her Secret Thingy located on the grounds of Garreg Mach Monastery. Anna also appears within some characters' support conversations.

Anna also appears in both Part I and Part II as the shopkeeper if the Marketplace is accessed from the battle preparation menu.

In the launch edition of the game, Anna cannot be interacted with further past her duty of running the shop. However, Anna is a playable character in the Wave 3 DLC. With this DLC installed, she can be recruited as early as Chapter 3, and her starting class is Myrmidon or Thief depending your progression in the story. She also comes with a new Paralogue. However, she does not have support conversations with any character.

She possesses a major Crest of Ernest.

Heroes[edit | edit source]

In Fire Emblem Heroes, Anna plays a vital role in the story. A veteran commander of the Order of Heroes, she summons Kiran, who later becomes the tactician of the army, and entrusts them with the legendary relic, Breidablik to fight and protect the world of Zenith from the Emblian Empire. Her personal axe is named Nóatún.

In the Paralogue chapters, Anna, despite her status as commander, frequently contemplates and acts on a variety of comical money-making schemes. This is apparently due to the Order of Heroes constantly running low on funds.

Warriors[edit | edit source]

In Fire Emblem Warriors, Anna makes an appearance as a bonus character and does not play a role in the main story. She is unlocked by first completing any Illustration, which unlocks a special mission on that Illustration's respective History Mode map. Completing that mission unlocks Anna.

In her support conversation with Celica, Anna is overjoyed to the point of tears to be the very first Anna she has ever encountered, feeling detached from the other returning characters who have all met one of her family members at some point in their journeys. For the honor she gave her, Anna pledges to come to Valentia to sell Celica special goods at a discount.

In her support conversation with Caeda and Lyn, Caeda and Lyn does mentioned about Jake from Archanea and Elibe to Anna. She nevered meet anyone nor had a boyfriend that she knows the name of Jake. Caeda and Lyn never knew the Annas from their world that they meet had sisters.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Due to Anna being a multitude of individuals, her personality differs slightly between games. However, there are some consistent traits amongst each other. Anna is typically whimsical and jovial, tending to do things her own way.

Shadow Dragon to Radiant Dawn[edit | edit source]

The original Anna appeared quite whimsical, keeping her shop secret despite others like Marth pointing out that doing so would cripple sales. That Anna was also not judgmental about other nationalities, as despite Archanea's enmity with Grust, she had a close relationship with the Grustian Jake, with whom she shares a love of travel. Her relationship to Jake ranges, but goes as far as engagement in Genealogy of the Holy War and talking of having children. While Anna is usually very lighthearted, she is shown to occasionally worry about Jake. Anna appeared to be a singular character as she and Jake made references to Linde of Archanea in Genealogy of the Holy War despite the game taking place in the distant past.

Awakening and Fates[edit | edit source]

Anna appears in a multitude of ways in both Awakening and Fates, being the first game in which more than one Anna appears simultaneously. Driven by an almost instinctual need to make money, Anna is willing to do whatever it takes to sell an item, sometimes telling little-white lies, though often regrets using such tactics. She does show restraint more often than not but any means of obtaining gold legitimately through sales is fair game in her mind. This fondness of gold even affects her love life, as for any Robin or Corrin who marries her quickly find out that her love of money remains more than her love of them, but she still shows that she loves them nonetheless.

As part of a large family, the Anna family share a strong familial bond with each other and respects each other's "territories", doing their best not to impede on each other's work, even ceasing their own plans the minute they learn that another Anna has dibs on the same schemes. Despite their similar appearances, each Anna is able to distinguish Annas from one another from an early age thanks to a special log that records all acts of every single Anna in history that every Anna is required to read. According to the Fates Anna, though their names are spelled the same, there are different pronunciations of their names to help distinguish each other during family gatherings. As a mother, of either Morgan in Awakening and Kana in Fates, it is shown that she does not force Robin or Corrin to name either of them Anna, but nonetheless stresses the importance of her huge extended family and its traditions to her daughters.

Heroes[edit | edit source]

Heroes portrays Anna in a slightly different light as she takes her role as commander of the Order of Heroes very seriously and acts as a guide for Alfonse and Sharena. She harbors some guilt towards Zacharias's disappearance and feels that she is responsible for it. This in turn makes her an emotional crutch for Alfonse and Sharena on the subject.

In special Xenologue chapters with the event Heroes, Anna retains her Awakening and Fates incarnations tendencies to capitalize on the Heroes in their special forms to turn a quick profit if she can. Anna occasionally tries to keep these impulses in check, but she has been known to work up herself into a fever when trying to suppress these urges.

In-Game[edit | edit source]

Fire Emblem Awakening[edit | edit source]

Help Description: A world-travelling merchant who loves money and big spenders.

Base Stats[edit | edit source]

Starting Class
FE13 Anna Trickster Map Sprite.gifTrickster
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
Movement +1.pngMovement +1
Picklock (FE13).pngLocktouch
SwordIconFE13.pngSword - C
StaffIconFE13.pngStaff - D
Steel Sword FE13 Icon.pngSteel Sword
Heal FE13 Icon.pngHeal
Concoction FE13 Icon.pngConcoction

Growth Rates[edit | edit source]

HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res
80% 40% 55% 60% 55% 80% 35% 40%

Max Stat Modifiers[edit | edit source]

Str Mag Skl Spd Luk Def Res
-1 0 +1 0 +3 -1 0

Supports[edit | edit source]

See also: Anna/Supports (Awakening)

Romantic Supports

Other Supports

  • Tiki
  • Robin (Female)
  • Morgan (If Anna is her mother)

Class Sets[edit | edit source]

Base Classes Promoted Classes

Overall[edit | edit source]

Secret Book (Artwork).png
Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.
Base Class[edit | edit source]

Anna is essentially a very versatile unit, possessing Trickster class. When compared to Gaius, her closest counterpart, Anna trails behind Gaius in several stats, though she has better defensive stat growths over him and a modest magic growth, making her a decent Trickster healer. Her main quirk is that she has an incredible amount of Luck growth, on top of a decent speed and skill growths to make her a tricky unit to hit. Her resistance is also quite high making her good for countering mage units. These traits usually make her more durable and more well suited for the Trickster class. It is recommended to give her Levin Swords to build off of her decent magic stat, though other swords work well with her decent strength cap and growth rate. She starts off with the Thief set of skills so she can pick locks right away and have a decent movement range with Movement +1.

Anna has the ability to slide into the Assassin class once she reaches level 10 and is a good option for Anna to be an offensive unit. She will lose a huge amount of her resistance, though this will get reallocated, with some of her Magic loss, into her other stats making her faster and stronger. She can grab her only offensive skill, Lethality, in this class and Pass to help her swarm or escape swarms herself.

Reclassing[edit | edit source]

Anna's two reclassing sets are the Archer and Mage lines. As a Mage and Sage, Anna is lacking the magical potency of Miriel and Ricken but is a bit sturdier and much harder to hit. Same going with the Dark Knight classes aside from Magic and Luck, Anna's caps are similar to Ricken in all other stats. Anna can grab Focus for good solo attacks, Slow Burn to slowly build her dodging and accuracy, and Lifetaker for regeneration. Magic +2 can be good as well for some extra healing potency and Levin Sword damage if needed initially, but best left off once she builds up some decent stats.

The Archer class may seem tempting, but Virion has higher strength, skill, and speed growths, allowing him to hit harder and faster. Aside from some of the skills offered in that class, Anna really plays best in her other classes. The Bow Knight's Bowbreaker is great for her to use when equipped with a sword since she'll have no options to counterattack unless she is wielding her Levin Sword and the Sniper's Hit Rate +20 is decent to help Anna hit enemies and Bowfaire is useful if Anna becomes an Assassin.

As a Boss[edit | edit source]

All Difficulties[edit | edit source]
Starting Class
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
FE13 Aether.pngAether
Counter (FE13).pngCounter
Divineweapon.pngRightful God
LanceIconFE13.pngLance - ABrave Lance FE13 Icon.pngBrave Lance*
Spear FE13.pngSpear*

*Forged +8 Mt and 20 Hit

Fire Emblem Fates[edit | edit source]

Help Description: A merchant who pops up unexpectedly. One of many identical sister Annas.

Xenologue 10: Anna on the Run[edit | edit source]

  • Note: Starting stats as an NPC will scale based off chapter progression.

Growth Rates[edit | edit source]


Starting class
HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res
35% 40% 60% 40% 60% 70% 20% 65%
HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res
35% 35% 70% 35% 60% 70% 20% 65%
HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res
45% 40% 55% 45% 55% 80% 20% 55%

Max Stat Modifiers[edit | edit source]

Str Mag Skl Spd Luk Def Res
-1 +1 0 -1 +2 -2 +2

Supports[edit | edit source]

See also: Anna/Supports (Fates)

Romantic Supports

Other Supports

  • Corrin (Female)
  • Kana (If Anna is her mother)

Class Sets[edit | edit source]

Base Classes Promoted Classes
  • Marriage Class: Anna can receive whatever secondary class that male Corrin has if she has achieved an S-Support with him.

Overall[edit | edit source]

Secret Book (Artwork).png
Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.

Anna functions similarly to her Awakening version. She trails behind Niles, the other available Outlaw, in most stats with only her excellent Magic and Luck stats making up for these shortcomings. This can make things slightly problematic as she is physically frail and has middling strength, leaving her ability as an offensive unit initially in question. However, with time put into her, she can provide solid reliability and utility, especially since her entire class set revolves around utility, rather than offensive presence. She benefits from the Shining Bow which works off of her Magic growths and since Anna does not learn attacking skills in any of her classes, the penalty for using it is not a factor. One of Anna's best features is her Personal Skill, Make a Killing, which gives her a chance to obtain a random amount of gold whenever she kills an enemy. She is a great money generator and can help alleviate the need to grind Challenge maps or the Ghostly Gold maps as much for money, especially for Conquest where challenge maps are unavailable. Her base class is the Outlaw, where she starts off with Locktouch and Movement +1 readily available. Both increase her utility to spread out your units to pick locks in multiple areas and do so quickly. Depending on the chapter in which she is recruited, she may not be entirely necessary for this purpose, but the option still remains if a Locktouch unit is needed.

Her promotions are the Adventurer and Bow Knight class. Adventurer is probably the best of her promotions to capitalize on her high magic growths, allowing her to be a great mobile healer and certainly fulfills the role of Adventurer healer better than Niles. She learns Lucky Seven to boost her Hit and Avoid during the first seven turns of a map and Pass to allow her to escape enemy swarming tactics or to barge through enemy obstacles to heal beleaguered allies. Bow Knight takes the path of a more offensive Anna. She now gains access to swords and can utilize Levin Swords very effectively and are a great option for Anna to have when dealing with Weapon Triangle match ups. She learns Rally Skill for some more utility and Shurikenbreaker which allows her to deal with Ninja and Maid units more effectively.

Secondary and Tertiary Class[edit | edit source]

Anna's Secondary class is the Apothecary class. The Apothecary provides more utility for Anna. In its promotions, Anna learns many great utility skills and most importantly, in the Merchant Class, she learns Profiteer, which allows her to acquire even more money for the first few turns of a map. Given her strong luck, it is almost guaranteed that she obtain Gold Bars fairly often and can be either kept for selling or expended to boost Anna's offense when using Spendthrift. Mechanist provides most notably Replicate which allows Anna to replicate her self and potentially obtain twice the amount of gold per turn using her Personal Skill.

Anna's Tertiary class is the Troubadour class. Troubadour allows Anna to be a full magic support. With promotion, Anna learns skills that primarily increase her potential as a supporting unit, the least notable being Tomebreaker which is of little use to Anna due to her high Resistance base and growth rendering Tomebreaker typically useless for her. Live to Serve is a decent skill for Anna should you choose to keep her in a support staffing role. With another promotion option of Strategist, her only magic wielding class, barring DLC, granting her Inspiration serves a similar role boosting her potential as a supporting unit. Rally Resistance provides more utility for her, once again, as a supporting unit.

Marriage Classes[edit | edit source]

If looking to expand her into an offensive role, Anna's biggest need is skills to boost her damage, especially attacking skills since Corrin is her only marriage partner and is the only way for her to acquire attacking skills without using online features. Other classes such as Archer, mainly for Bowfaire for additional damage, and Oni Savage, as Counter carries risk for her enemy to attack her at close range. High Luck activated skills such as Good Fortune from the Mercenary class, Miracle from Shrine Maiden, and Salvage Blow from Blacksmith syncs well with her high luck. Other than that, any sort of skill that can either boost her durability, provide good health regen, or provides more utility are well worth obtaining for her.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses[edit | edit source]

Base Stats[edit | edit source]

Starting ClassCrest
FE16 Myrmidon Anna Icon.gifMyrmidonMajor Crest of Ernest
MagicCombat ArtsAbilitiesStarting Items
-Icon Combat Art FE16 Sword.pngWrath Strike
Icon Combat Art FE16 Bow.pngCurved Shot
Pomp & Circumstance FE16.pngBusiness Prosperity
Sword Prowess Lv 2.pngSword Prowess Lv 2
Axe Prowess Lv 1.pngAxe Prowess Lv 1
Bow Prowess Lv 2 FE16.pngBow Prowess Lv 2
Faith Lv 1.pngFaith Lv 1
FE16 Sword Weapon Icon.pngIron Sword
FE16 Potion Icon.pngVulnerary
FE16 Gold Icon.pngLarge Bullion
Skill FE16 sword icon.png FE16 lance icon.png FE16 axe icon.png FE16 bow icon.png FE16 brawl icon.png FE16 reason icon.png FE16 faith icon.png FE16 authority icon.png FE16 heavy armor icon.png FE16 riding icon.png FE16 flying icon.png
Level D+ E E+ D+ E E E+ E E E E
Budding Talent

Growth Rates[edit | edit source]

HP Str Mag Dex Spd Lck Def Res Charm
35% 35% 35% 45% 55% 45% 30% 40% 50%

Maximum Stats[edit | edit source]

HP Str Mag Dex Spd Lck Def Res Charm
68 55 49 76 65 75 44 49 60

Learned Magic[edit | edit source]

Skill Level Reason Faith
D Fire Heal
D+ Thunder Nosferatu
C - Ward
C+ - -
B - Rescue
B+ - -
A Meteor -
A+ - -

Learnt Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ability Learned at Notes
Sword Prowess Lv 2.png Sword Prowess Lv 2 Innate -
Sword Prowess Lv 3.png Sword Prowess Lv 3 FE16 sword icon.png C+ Replaces Sword Prowess Lv 2
Sword Prowess Lv 4.png Sword Prowess Lv 4 FE16 sword icon.png B+ Replaces Sword Prowess Lv 3
Sword Prowess Lv 5.png Sword Prowess Lv 5 FE16 sword icon.png A+ Replaces Sword Prowess Lv 4
Icon Combat Art FE16 Sword.png Wrath Strike Innate -
Icon Combat Art FE16 Sword.png Grounder FE16 sword icon.png C -
Icon Combat Art FE16 Sword.png Soulblade FE16 sword icon.png C+ -
Axebreaker FE16.png Axebreaker FE16 sword icon.png B -
Icon Combat Art FE16 Sword.png Hexblade FE16 sword icon.png A -
Sword Crit +10 FE16.png Sword Crit +10 FE16 sword icon.png S -
Swordfaire FE16.png Swordfaire FE16 sword icon.png S+ -
Lance Prowess Lv 1.png Lance Prowess Lv 1 FE16 lance icon.png E+ -
Lance Prowess Lv 2.png Lance Prowess Lv 2 FE16 lance icon.png D+ Replaces Lance Prowess Lv 1
Lance Prowess Lv 3.png Lance Prowess Lv 3 FE16 lance icon.png C+ Replaces Lance Prowess Lv 2
Lance Prowess Lv 4.png Lance Prowess Lv 4 FE16 lance icon.png B+ Replaces Lance Prowess Lv 3
Lance Prowess Lv 5.png Lance Prowess Lv 5 FE16 lance icon.png A+ Replaces Lance Prowess Lv 4
Icon Combat Art FE16 Lance.png Tempest Lance FE16 lance icon.png D -
Icon Combat Art FE16 Lance.png Knightkneeler FE16 lance icon.png C -
Swordbreaker FE16.png Swordbreaker FE16 lance icon.png B -
Lance Crit +10 FE16.png Lance Crit +10 FE16 lance icon.png S -
Lancefaire FE16.png Lancefaire FE16 lance icon.png S+ -
Axe Prowess Lv 1.png Axe Prowess Lv 1 Innate -
Axe Prowess Lv 2.png Axe Prowess Lv 2 FE16 axe icon.png D+ Replaces Axe Prowess Lv 1
Axe Prowess Lv 3.png Axe Prowess Lv 3 FE16 axe icon.png C+ Replaces Axe Prowess Lv 2
Axe Prowess Lv 4.png Axe Prowess Lv 4 FE16 axe icon.png B+ Replaces Axe Prowess Lv 3
Axe Prowess Lv 5.png Axe Prowess Lv 5 FE16 axe icon.png A+ Replaces Axe Prowess Lv 4
Icon Combat Art FE16 Axe.png Smash FE16 axe icon.png D -
Icon Combat Art FE16 Axe.png Helm Splitter FE16 axe icon.png C -
Icon Combat Art FE16 Axe.png Spike FE16 axe icon.png C+ -
Lancebreaker FE16.png Lancebreaker FE16 axe icon.png B -
Icon Combat Art FE16 Axe.png Armored Strike FE16 axe icon.png A -
Axe Crit +10 FE16.png Axe Crit +10 FE16 axe icon.png S -
Axefaire FE16.png Axefaire FE16 axe icon.png S+ -
Bow Prowess Lv 2 FE16.png Bow Prowess Lv 2 Innate -
Bow Prowess Lv 3 FE16.png Bow Prowess Lv 3 FE16 bow icon.png C+ Replaces Bow Prowess Lv 2
Bow Prowess Lv 4 FE16.png Bow Prowess Lv 4 FE16 bow icon.png B+ Replaces Bow Prowess Lv 3
Bow Prowess Lv 5.png Bow Prowess Lv 5 FE16 bow icon.png A+ Replaces Bow Prowess Lv 4
Icon Combat Art FE16 Bow.png Curved Shot Innate -
Close Counter FE16.png Close Counter FE16 bow icon.png C -
Icon Combat Art FE16 Bow.png Break Shot FE16 bow icon.png C+ -
Bow Crit +10 FE16.png Bow Crit +10 FE16 bow icon.png S -
Bowfaire FE16.png Bowfaire FE16 bow icon.png S+ -
Brawling Prowess Lv 1 FE16.png Brawling Prowess Lv 1 FE16 brawl icon.png E+ -
Brawling Prowess Lv 2 FE16.png Brawling Prowess Lv 2 FE16 brawl icon.png D+ Replaces Brawling Prowess Lv 1
Brawling Prowess Lv 3 FE16.png Brawling Prowess Lv 3 FE16 brawl icon.png C+ Replaces Brawling Prowess Lv 2
Brawling Prowess Lv 4 FE16.png Brawling Prowess Lv 4 FE16 brawl icon.png B+ Replaces Brawling Prowess Lv 3
Brawling Prowess Lv 5 FE16.png Brawling Prowess Lv 5 FE16 brawl icon.png A+ Replaces Brawling Prowess Lv 4
Icon Combat Art FE16 Brawl.png Fading Blow FE16 brawl icon.png D -
Icon Combat Art FE16 Brawl.png Rushing Blow FE16 brawl icon.png C -
Combat Art Icon FE16 Special.png Healing Focus FE16 brawl icon.png B -
Brawl Crit +10 FE16.png Brawl Crit +10 FE16 brawl icon.png S -
Fistfaire FE16.png Fistfaire FE16 brawl icon.png S+ -
Reason Lv 1 FE16.png Reason Lv 1 FE16 reason icon.png E+ -
Reason Lv 2 FE16.png Reason Lv 2 FE16 reason icon.png D+ Replaces Reason Lv 1
Reason Lv 3 FE16.png Reason Lv 3 FE16 reason icon.png C+ Replaces Reason Lv 2
Reason Lv 4 FE16.png Reason Lv 4 FE16 reason icon.png B+ Replaces Reason Lv 3
Reason Lv 5 FE16.png Reason Lv 5 FE16 reason icon.png A+ Replaces Reason Lv 4
Black Magic Range +1 FE16.png Black Magic Range +1 FE16 reason icon.png S -
Black Tomefaire FE16.png Black Tomefaire FE16 reason icon.png S+ -
Faith Lv 1.png Faith Lv 1 Innate -
Faith Lv 2.png Faith Lv 2 FE16 faith icon.png D+ Replaces Faith Lv 1
Faith Lv 3.png Faith Lv 3 FE16 faith icon.png C+ Replaces Faith Lv 2
Faith Lv 4.png Faith Lv 4 FE16 faith icon.png B+ Replaces Faith Lv 3
Faith Lv 5.png Faith Lv 5 FE16 faith icon.png A+ Replaces Faith Lv 4
White Magic Range +1 FE16.png White Magic Range +1 FE16 faith icon.png S -
White Tomefaire FE16.png White Tomefaire FE16 faith icon.png S+ -
Authority Lv 1.png Authority Lv 1 FE16 authority icon.png E+ -
Authority Lv 2.png Authority Lv 2 FE16 authority icon.png D+ -
Authority Lv 3.png Authority Lv 3 FE16 authority icon.png C+ Replaces Authority Lv 2
Authority Lv 4.png Authority Lv 4 FE16 authority icon.png B+ Replaces Authority Lv 3
Authority Lv 5.png Authority Lv 5 FE16 authority icon.png A+ Replaces Authority Lv 4
Rally Luck FE16.png Rally Luck FE16 authority icon.png D -
Battalion Vantage FE16.png Battalion Vantage FE16 authority icon.png C -
Defensive Tactics FE16.png Defensive Tactics FE16 authority icon.png B -
Offensive Tactics FE16.png Offensive Tactics FE16 authority icon.png S+ -
Weight -3 FE16.png Weight -3 FE16 heavy armor icon.png C -
Combat Art Icon FE16 Special.png Smite FE16 heavy armor icon.png B -
Weight -5 FE16.png Weight -5 FE16 heavy armor icon.png A+ Replaces Weight -3
Armored Effect Null FE16.png Armored Effect Null FE16 heavy armor icon.png S+ -
Pass FE16.png Pass FE16 riding icon.png FE16 hidden talent icon.png Unlocked after twelve tutoring sessions in Riding
Dexterity +4 FE16.png Dexterity +4 FE16 riding icon.png C -
Movement +1 FE16.png Movement +1 FE16 riding icon.png A+ -
Cavalry Effect Null FE16.png Cavalry Effect Null FE16 riding icon.png S+ -
Alert Stance FE16.png Alert Stance FE16 flying icon.png B -
Alert Stance+ FE16.png Alert Stance+ FE16 flying icon.png A+ Replaces Alert Stance
Flying Effect Null FE16.png Flying Effect Null FE16 flying icon.png S+ -

Recruitment[edit | edit source]

If one were to purchase the downloadable content for Three Houses, then Anna can be recruited from Chapter 3 onward, even during the War Phase. Unlike most characters, there are no requirements that Byleth must meet to recruit her.

If the downloadable content was not purchased, Anna will still appear as an NPC from Chapter 15 onward - in all four routes - where she will offer The Secret Shop quest and gives the player access to Anna's Secret Shop.

Overall[edit | edit source]

Secret Book (Artwork).png
Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.

Much like in previous Fire Emblem titles, Anna is a peculiar character who plenty of utility at her disposal, but at a cost of power. In Three Houses, Anna has good Speed, Dexterity, Luck (along with her personal skill giving her an innate +5 Luck bonus), and high Charm, along with above-average Resistance, but has shaky growths everywhere else. Anna is highly unusual as she does not have the ability to form supports with any of the Three Houses cast, meaning that her ability to assist and receive assists in Linked Attacks and Gambit Boosts are significantly reduced compared to every other unit. She bears a Major Crest of Ernest, giving her a chance to negate enemy counterattacks whenever she is attacking with a weapon, and allowing her to use Heroes' Relics without New Game+.

Anna has a wide variety of skill strengths, including Sword, Axe, Bow, and Faith, as well as a budding talent in Riding, but has unfortunate weaknesses in Reason and, more importantly, Authority. While she struggles to improve her authority, her high Charm growth will make any gambit more powerful, but gaining the necessary ranks to use more powerful Gambits will require extensive time and focus. All of this gives Anna plenty of versatility, but also makes it tricky to put her into any Master classes besides Holy Knight (which tends to be an under-performing class) or Bow Knight (she can find success in this class, but faces stiff competition from Leonie, Shamir, etc.). Her spell lists are also rather quirky; she has access to Meteor, but will have a hard time reaching it due to her weakness in Reason. She will also have a harder time using it effectively because of her inferior Magic stat compared to Dorothea and Hanneman. Her Faith spells include Ward and Rescue, which are both very helpful utility spells. Again, however, she has inferior Magic to Flayn, so Anna's Rescue will have limited reach. In terms of Combat Arts, Anna has access to Break Shot, Soulblade, and Hexblade, the latter two of which allow her to deal magic-based damage even while in strength-based classes. With the addition of the Cindered Shadows DLC, Anna gets easy access to the Trickster class, which is arguably her best late-game build due to her utility focus (having access to Foul Play and Rescue will make her a great choice for pulling allies out of sticky situations).

Regardless of her final build, she molds well into most classes given her even stat distribution, albeit lacking some of the raw damage that most specialized units would have. Given her subject strengths, making Anna an Assassin could take advantage of her high Speed, good Dexterity (for Lethality), and high Luck and can be paired up with pass from her budding talent in riding for a deadly combo. However, Building Anna this way could present Strength growth issues. One could also try classing her as a Sniper, which could improve her Strength and Luck growths. One could also even class her into a Warrior to augment her Strength, though she won't compete with Hilda, Caspar, or other axe-wielders for raw damage. Spending time in the Brigand class will prove beneficial to her as learning Death Blow will give her some much needed Strength boosts when initiating an attack in any ending physical class. She can perform well enough as a Priest and Bishop due to her strengths in Faith, but her unique spell pool may hold her back compared to characters like Mercedes or Flayn. However, having access to Rescue does mean that she can help pull wayward allies back from the frontline or pair with Manuela, Linhardt or Lysithea for the tried and true Rescue/Warp spell combo. The Miracle skill from the Priest class has a decent activation rate given her Luck growths, which could potentially allow her to cheat death whilst facing a particularly powerful foe. Her Reason weakness does mean that she will grow slowly in the Mage class, but if time can be allotted into mastering the class, Fiendish Blow will give her a much needed boost in magical damage.

Overall, Anna makes for a good jack-of-all-trades, but a master-of-none. Her main utility is her speed, but her lack of Support chains and below-average damage capabilities mean she is unlikely to outpace several other members of the roster.

Gift List[edit | edit source]

Gift Name Type of Gift Description Rank
Goddess Statuette Favorite A beautiful wood carving of the goddess. Appreciated by those who like art or carving, and by devout believers. ★★★
Forget-me-nots Favorite Grown sometimes in Fodlan. Appreciated by those who like flowers. ★★★
Landscape Painting Favorite A landscape painting of magnificent Lake Teutates in the clearing fog. Appreciated by those who enjoy nature or art. ★★★★
Blue Cheese Favorite A pungent cheese with a very distinctive taste. Appreciated by lovers of food and drink. ★★★★
Coffee Beans Favorite Beans meant to be ground and boiled into a hot beverage. Appreciated by those who enjoy bitter flavors. ★★★★
Exotic Spices Favorite Spices from a land to the east of Almyra. Appreciated by those who enjoy traveling or cooking. ★★★★
Owl Feather Favorite A feather from a messenger owl that can be used in a variety of ways. Appreciated by everyone. ★★★
Fishing Float Dislike A tool that tells you when a fish is on the line. Appreciated by those who enjoy fishing.
Smoked Meat Dislike Meat prepared in the monastery’s smoker. The type of meat is unclear, but a meat lover would appreciate it.

Share a Meal List[edit | edit source]

Meal Name Type of Meal Description
Beast Meat Teppanyaki Favorite A dish that tastes like the wilderness. Thick slices of meat covered with Noa fruit and grilled on a hotplate.
Vegetable Pasta Salad Favorite Pasta with a blend of fresh vegetables from various regions of Fódlan. This popular dish sells out almost instantly.
Sautéed Jerky Favorite Jerky aged in the monastery and sautéed for a delightfully salty flavor. A perfect snack to go with your favorite drink.
Spicy Fish and Turnip Stew Favorite Spicy stew made with Teutates loach and turnips. The monastery's unique recipe features spices from Dagda.
Sweet and Salty Whitefish Sauté Favorite Whitefish is coated in spices and sautéed with dried tomatoes to bring out an addictive salty-sweet flavor.
Pheasant Roast with Berry Sauce Favorite Well-roasted Fódlan pheasant drizzled with a berry reduction sauce.
Pickled Rabbit Skewers Favorite Hunks of rabbit meat are pickled in bacchus, skewered, and roasted over an open flame to create this flavorful dish.
Peach Sorbet Favorite A sorbet made with thin slices of magically frozen peach, dusted with bean flour.
Pickled Seafood and Vegetables Favorite A Dagdan dish of raw fish and turnips pickled in a vinegar-based seasoning liquid. Rarely eaten in Fódlan.
Sautéed Pheasant and Eggs Favorite Thin slices of bird meat and shredded cabbage, mixed with scrambled eggs and sautéed with spices. Invention of a certain noble.
Bourgeois Pike Favorite A gourmet fish dish with Airmid pike, vegetables, and a sprinkle of expensive spices. Popular among nobles.
Fried Crayfish Favorite Fried and breaded Caledonian crayfish. Looks much tastier than it actually is.
Derdriu-Style Fried Pheasant Favorite Pheasant meat is pounded flat and fried. Can be served as a sort of sandwich, with cheese between two strips of meat.
Grilled Herring Dislike Herring caught off the coast of Albinea, shredded and grilled in an earthenware pot with sliced turnips.
Fruit and Herring Tart Dislike A baked tart with stewed herring and Noa fruit mixed into the batter. Popular in Enbarr, the Imperial Capital.
Fish Sandwich Dislike A simple dish. Airmid pike is pickled in vinegar and served with cabbage between two slices of bread.
Country-Style Red Turnip Plate Dislike A balanced meal including red turnip and verona stew, red turnip salad, and sautéed red turnip with garlic.
Daphnel Stew Dislike Minced poultry and onions boiled with salt. The simple recipe lets high-quality ingredients speak for themselves.
Gautier Cheese Gratin Dislike A gratin of bird meat topped with heaps of Gautier cheese, which is famous for its low fat content. It has a unique flavor.
Vegetable Stir-Fry Dislike A dish of dried tomatoes, cabbage, chickpeas, and other vegetables, stir-fried with eggs. Nutritious and very filling.

Lost Items[edit | edit source]

Lost Item Description
Secret Ledger Countless numbers are listed in this ledger. It probably belongs to someone deeply involved in commerce.
Balance Scale A precious tool used for measuring the weight of objects. It probably belongs to someone in need of accuracy.
Rare Item Index A list of rare items in Fódlan. It probably belongs to someone with a deep interest in rare things…

Tea Party Conversations[edit | edit source]

See also: Anna/Three Houses Tea Party

Fire Emblem Heroes[edit | edit source]

A veteran fighter who leads the Order of Heroes. Alfonse and Sharena's commander.

Base Stats[edit | edit source]


Heroes Anna Sprite (Default).pngTitle
Heroes Infantry.png Infantry
FEH skill offense.png Iron Axe
FEH skill special.png Night Sky
FEH Axe.png Axe
Heroes Anna Sprite (Default).pngTitle
Heroes Infantry.png Infantry
FEH skill offense.png Iron Axe
FEH skill special.png Night Sky
FEH Axe.png Axe
Heroes Anna Sprite (Default).pngTitle
Heroes Infantry.png Infantry
FEH skill offense.png Iron Axe
FEH skill special.png Night Sky
FEH Axe.png Axe
Heroes Anna Sprite (Default).pngTitle
Heroes Infantry.png Infantry
FEH skill offense.png Iron Axe
FEH skill special.png Night Sky
FEH Axe.png Axe

Skills[edit | edit source]

FEH skill offense.pngIron Axe-FEH Star Rarity 2.png-
Steel AxeIron Axe-FEH Star Rarity 2.png
Silver AxeSteel Axe-FEH Star Rarity 3.png
NóatúnSilver Axe-FEH Star Rarity 5.png
FEH skill special.pngNight Sky-FEH Star Rarity 2.png-
AstraNight Sky-FEH Star Rarity 4.png
BFEH Vantage 1.png Vantage 1-FEH Star Rarity 3.png
FEH Vantage 2.png Vantage 2FEH Vantage 1.png Vantage 1FEH Star Rarity 4.png
FEH Vantage 3.png Vantage 3FEH Vantage 2.png Vantage 2FEH Star Rarity 5.png
CFEH Spur Res 1.png Spur Res 1--
FEH Spur Res 2.png Spur Res 2FEH Spur Res 1.png Spur Res 1FEH Star Rarity 2.png
FEH Spur Res 3.png Spur Res 3FEH Spur Res 3.png Spur Res 3FEH Star Rarity 4.png

Overall[edit | edit source]

Secret Book (Artwork).png
Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.
Base Set[edit | edit source]

Anna is one of the Askran Trio that players of Heroes receives at the very beginning of the game. Of the three, she is the Axe wielder with high speed, which is a rarity with Axe users, though her semi-low Atk prevents her from making effective use of that speed. She does favor Res of her defensive stats, but it does very little to her performance overall. Her legendary axe Nóatún has innate Escape Route 2 which is a quirky skill that allows her a plethora of interesting combo positioning play once she is weakened, especially with the right support skills. With an Effect Refine, she instead has a Flier Formation-like effect, allowing her an interesting teleport effect, but is more a gimmick than anything.

She has Astra for her special skill, but her attack is not high enough to use it nor its other variation Glimmer. Vantage 3 can work in interesting ways with Nóatún. Finally Spur Res 3 for good supportive assistance with allies.

Anna has the makings for a great unit given her high Spd, but like the other Askran trio members, she is hindered by the inability to acquire copies of herself for merging and IVs. Anna was among the best of her unit type in the earliest days of Heroes but she has slowly been powercrept by many Axe users to be released since.

Counters[edit | edit source]

Red units in general are her biggest bane. Fast Reds like Ayra and Mia outspeed her outright while powerful Reds like Chrom and even Alfonse can smash through her low defense in a single blow. Even if Anna is given the the chance to counter them, her middling Atk prevents any form of meaningful damage before she goes down. Red mages like Sanaki and occasional Celica can also obliterate her with a powerful Triangle Adept boost.

Skill Inheritance Options[edit | edit source]
Nóatún is Anna's niche weapon and using its teleportation abilities requires skills that benefit from low health including Brazen Atk/Def for general combat or even Brazen Atk/Res to maximize her good defensive stat against some Dragons. Fury otherwise is a flat boost that also slowly whittles down her health. Desperation uses her low HP to give her immediate follow ups to her initiated attacks. For her other skills Reposition is the standard Support skill and Moonbow gives her the needed boost to cut through enemy defense. Slot C is a bit flexible as Anna can run Hone, Drives, Spurs, Tactics and even Ploy skills if desired.

Commander of the Order of Heroes. Hatched a brilliant strategy for taking advantage of the new year in order to draw in customers.

Base Stats[edit | edit source]

Rarity: ✯✯✯✯✯

Anna Wealth-Wisher Heroes sprite.pngTitle
Heroes Infantry.png Infantry
FEH skill offense.png Fortune Bow+
FEH skill support.png Rally Resistance
FEH Red Bow Icon.png Bow

Skills[edit | edit source]

FEH skill offense.pngIron Bow---
Steel Bow---
Fortune Bow---
Fortune Bow+-FEH Star Rarity 5.png-
FEH skill support.pngRally Resistance-FEH Star Rarity 5.png-
Rally Def/ResRally Resistance-FEH Star Rarity 5.png
Rally Def/Res+Rally Def/Res-FEH Star Rarity 5.png
BFEH Sabotage Atk 1.png Sabotage Atk 1--
FEH Sabotage Atk 2.png Sabotage Atk 2FEH Sabotage Atk 1.png Sabotage Atk 1-
FEH Sabotage Atk 3.png Sabotage Atk 3FEH Sabotage Atk 2.png Sabotage Atk 2FEH Star Rarity 5.png
CFEH Atk Spd Gap 1.png Atk/Spd Gap 1--
FEH Atk Spd Gap 2.png Atk/Spd Gap 2FEH Atk Spd Gap 1.png Atk/Spd Gap 1-
FEH Atk Spd Gap 3.png Atk/Spd Gap 3FEH Atk Spd Gap 2.png Atk/Spd Gap 2FEH Star Rarity 5.png

Overall[edit | edit source]

Secret Book (Artwork).png
Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.
Base Set[edit | edit source]

New Year Anna is a seasonal Red Bow Infantry unit easily compared to Igrene. Her standout stats are her incredible 40 neutral Spd and 37 Res, giving her a strong advantage over mages. Her modest 34 Atk works nicely with her Spd to give her a moderate damage output. Her only weak stat is her Def, which sits at 16, leaving her incredibly vulnerable to physical assaults. Overall, New Year Anna performs admirably against mages, especially green ones as she can take hits from even the hardest hitting ones like Thrasir or Legendary Celica and retaliate hard or outright initiate and demolish them.
Fortune Bow carries the flier effectiveness bow effect and, at the start of her turn, any foe that has at least three or less Res than Anna and is adjacent to another foe, that foe loses 5 Def/Res until the start of their next action. This skill helps against tight formation enemies such as armor units and with her 37 neutral Res, she can inflict this penalty on a wide range of units.
Rally Def/Res+ grants a Def/Res +6 visible boost to an ally she uses the skill on. Sabotage Attack works similarly to her bow, inflicting Atk-7 when the foe is under the same activation condition as the Fortune Bow. Attack Speed Gap grants a visible Atk/Spd +5 buff to the ally with the highest Atk/Spd sum, giving her ally a massive offensive boost.

Counters[edit | edit source]

New Year Anna's incredibly low physical Bulk is her biggest weakness as she will go down to just about any and all physical units save a very small select group of green units. Blue units in general give her immense difficulty as the Red coloring of her bow gives them additional damage against her. Dragon units are also quite problematic as they target her lower bulk.

Skill Inheritance[edit | edit source]

New Year Anna can either run as a Sabotage debuffer or an aggressive Firesweep Bow. In either case, inheriting Iceberg for her special is an excellent choice given its high value, though the Firesweep variant can take Moonbow for high Def enemies.
The Sabotage debuffer is already set for success with her base kit alone and only requires Fury for its flat stat boost, mainly her offenses and Res. The recoil can be easily mitigated by proper healing allies. Giving the Fortune Bow a Res refine also further helps with the Sabotage build's goals. Finally, giving her Speed Ploy for her Seal can effectively give her a quad stat debuff, which is a rarity amongst the units in the game.

The Firesweep Bow build overhauls her kit and mainly focuses on maximizing her player turn offense. Life and Death or Swift Sparrow both serve of boosting her offensive stats during her initiation and the lost bulk or enemy phase offense lost is rendered moot by the function of the bow. Lull Speed Defense removes enemy Spd and Def boosts while further inflicting debuffs to those stats ensures that she can double attack and hit a wider range of enemies harder.

Secret Seller
A merchant who travels the Halidom of Ylisse. She has many sisters who share both her face and name. Appears in Fire Emblem Awakening.

Base Stats[edit | edit source]

Rarity: ✯✯✯✯✯

Anna Secret Seller Heroes sprite.pngTitle
Secret Seller
Heroes Infantry.png Infantry
FEH skill offense.png Apotheosis Spear
FEH skill support.png Rally Attack
FEH Lance.png Lance

Skills[edit | edit source]

FEH skill offense.pngIron Lance---
Steel Lance---
Silver Lance---
Apotheosis SpearSilver Lance--
FEH skill support.pngRally Attack-FEH Star Rarity 5.png-
Rally Atk/SpdRally Attack-FEH Star Rarity 5.png
Rally Atk/Spd+Rally Atk/Spd-FEH Star Rarity 5.png
AFEH Atk Spd Form 1.png Atk/Spd Form 1--
FEH Atk Spd Form 2.png Atk/Spd Form 2FEH Atk Spd Form 1.png Atk/Spd Form 1-
FEH Atk Spd Form 3.png Atk/Spd Form 3FEH Atk Spd Form 2.png Atk/Spd Form 2FEH Star Rarity 5.png
BFEH Atk Spd Ruse 1.png Atk/Spd Ruse 1--
FEH Atk Spd Ruse 2.png Atk/Spd Ruse 2FEH Atk Spd Ruse 1.png Atk/Spd Ruse 1-
FEH Atk Spd Ruse 3.png Atk/Spd Ruse 3FEH Atk Spd Ruse 2.png Atk/Spd Ruse 2FEH Star Rarity 5.png
CFEH Spur Spd 1.png Spur Spd 1--
FEH Drive Spd 1.png Drive Spd 1FEH Spur Spd 1.png Spur Spd 1-
FEH Drive Spd 2.png Drive Spd 2FEH Drive Spd 1.png Drive Spd 1FEH Star Rarity 4.png
FEH Joint Drive Spd.png Joint Drive SpdFEH Drive Spd 2.png Drive Spd 2FEH Star Rarity 5.png

Overall[edit | edit source]

Secret Book (Artwork).png
Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.
Base Set[edit | edit source]

Apotheosis Anna harkens back to the final DLC of Fire Emblem Awakening as an incredible lance infantry unit, a combination which is highly underrepresented, giving her a proper advantage over the others who already exist in that combination. Her offensive stats are incredible sitting at neutral 35 Atk and 40 Spd respectively, meaning that not only does she hit hard, but she can double quite a number of the cast. She is incredibly strong as a sword check as some of the fastest Reds find themselves unable to double her and are hit by her color advantage over them. Her overall bulk is decent, sitting at neutral 28 Def and 31 Res. Both are workable, but she cannot take long, drawn out battles. Apotheosis Anna is a unit well worth investing in for long term play.
Apotheosis Spear grants Anna a flat +3 Spd boost, bringing her default Spd to 43 without factoring in buffs from allies. She also always has a Guidance-like effect for herself, allowing her to move to any space adjacent to an ally within two spaces of her, giving her deceptive mobility. Finally, if she is in combat against an enemy who is at least above 75% of their maximum HP, she gains Atk/Spd +5.
Rally Atk/Spd+ gives an ally Atk/Spd +6 when she uses it on them. Attack Speed Form grants her Atk and Spd based on the number of allies within two spaces of her +1, maximizing at a +7 stat boost to both stats if used on a mode that allows more than 4 units like Aether Raids or Grand Conquests. Attack Speed Ruse inflicts Atk/Spd -5 and adds a【Guard】debuff on enemies within Apotheosis Anna's four cardinal directions if she uses her assist skill on an ally. Finally Joint Drive Speed grants +4 Spd to allies within two spaces in combat and grants herself the same boost if there is at least one ally within two spaces of her during combat.

Counters[edit | edit source]

Apotheosis Anna is an absolute terror when she starts a fight, but battles of attrition are her biggest weakness as she loses her spear effect once her foe go under 75% health for future skirmishes. Her bulk is not exactly weak, but she is by no means a tank, thus high bulk green can withstand her attacks like Surtr, Rinkah, and Edelgard. Some of the armor greens can pack skills that allow them to double attack her, thus rendering her Spd less of an issue in terms of damage output. Distant Counter works great on Apotheosis Anna, thus attacking her through uncounterable offense like a Dazzling Staff user can wear her down slowly enough for a suitable ally to take her down can get to her.

Skill Inheritance[edit | edit source]

Apotheosis Anna is quite flexible and can be built as a tank or a hyper offensive unit given her stats. Regardless of build Reposition is a given as it is the universal assist skill that allows her to place an ally behind her, often out of danger or so she can dealt with them.
The tanky build is for the most part incredibly high investment. It runs Distant Counter, making it even more difficult to initiate on her safely. Given her high speed, Repel or Close Call not only reduces damage from most, if not all enemies, but it also allows her to distance herself from the foe in a pinch if she is particularly injured. Out of all of the skill on this set, these two are absolute musts and have no real budget option alternatives. Noontime or Sol gives her self regeneration. Pulse Smoke slows the special cooldown of all enemies within two spaces of her after combat, further slowing her foes from unleashing their power boost. If not, Attack Smoke works nicely to reduce the enemy Atk, making it harder to damage her in the process.

The hyper offensive build pushes her aggressive playstyle with skills like Galeforce to run down her foes one after the other, especially with a Flashing Blade seal to accelerate it. Swift Sparrow boosts her Atk/Spd when initiating combat. With Swift Sparrow 3, this is a strong Atk+6 and Spd+7 boost. Once she sustains enough damage, Desperation allows her to immediately perform her follow-up attack before her foe can counterattack. Once she can get her special primed to go, Time's Pulse helps to further accelerate the cooldown if one can obtain a unit with the skill. If not, maintaining Joint Hone Speed is a good budget option until then.

Fire Emblem Warriors[edit | edit source]

Base Stats[edit | edit source]

Starting Class
Warriors Anna sprite.gif Trickster
WeaponStarting Items
FEW Bow.png BowBronze Bow

Supports[edit | edit source]

See also: Anna/Warriors Supports

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Awakening[edit | edit source]

Anna/Awakening Quotes

Fates[edit | edit source]

Anna/Fates Quotes

Heroes[edit | edit source]

Anna/Heroes Quotes

Warriors[edit | edit source]

Anna/Warriors Quotes

Three Houses[edit | edit source]

Anna/Three Houses Quotes

Possible Endings[edit | edit source]

Awakening[edit | edit source]

Anna - Secret Seller (秘密の行商人 Himitsu no Kōshōnin lit. Traveling Merchant of Secrets)

With nary a word, Anna left the others and returned to her free-spirited merchant life. She was later sighted across the continent, haggling with suppliers and beating down the cost of goods.
Anna and Robin
Many wrote of Robin's legendary exploits, but accounts of his origins and character varied. Scholars, poets, and bards agreed on one thing alone—he loved his wife, Anna, above all else.

Fates[edit | edit source]

Anna - Secretive Merchant
Anna returned to merchant life, revitalizing trade in parts of the world most affected by the war. Official records show how her network and name were passed down to the next generation.
Anna and Corrin (Birthright/Conquest)
Corrin was hailed as a hero, working alongside his spouse to spread peace worldwide. His wife, Anna, continued to travel the world as a merchant. It is said the two were very much in love.
Anna and Corrin (Revelation)
The two spent the rest of their lives together, Corrin ruling as the wise King of Valla. His wife, Anna, continued to travel the world as a merchant. It is said the two were very much in love.

Three Houses[edit | edit source]

Anna - Traveling Merchant

Anna's business savvy proved to be a great asset in the post-war reconstruction of Garreg Mach. Once the restoration was complete, she disappeared from the area entirely, though tales of a mysterious merchant were passed down in every corner of the world for centuries to come. Some say she continues her travels even to this day, eternally peddling her wares, and ever in search of the next lucrative opportunity.

Non-Canon Appearances[edit | edit source]

Super Smash Bros. series[edit | edit source]

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS[edit | edit source]

Anna appears as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS.

Type Image Description
Anna Anna3DS.png Anna is a bright, cheerful young merchant, but her true nature is clouded in mystery. She's very fixated on money and is a girl of many talents, but it wasn't until Fire Emblem Awakening that she became a playable character. There's still a lot we don't know about her-she likes to keep everybody guessing!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit | edit source]

Anna appears as a spirit in Ultimate, using artwork from Awakening. She appears as an unequippable Master Spirit, acting as a shop for spirits and items. Her shop specializes in spirits based on warriors.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE[edit | edit source]

Although Anna does not make a direct appearance, a store clerk that works for Hee Ho Mart bears her likeness, including her trademark pose. She plays a small role in side stories during the course of the game and is only ever referred to as "Salesclerk."

Eventually, the empty checkout station becomes manned by a second Anna dressed in a dark purple and black version of the HHM uniform and a Black Frost mask. (Black Frost is a derivative of Jack Frost, the in-game mascot of Hee Ho Mart as well as the mascot of Atlus, who developed the game.) She is only visible to Mirage Masters and sells rarer and more expensive items. She also appears in the Idolaspheres to offer sidequests in which she requests the party harvest a specific material from a specific enemy and return the collected items to her for a reward. The Black Frost Anna also speaks like Jack Frost/Black Frost, commonly using Jack Frost's catchphrase "Hee ho!" as well as ending her sentences with "ho."

Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher)[edit | edit source]

Anna is illustrated in the trading card game with the following cards:

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Anna is the Latin derivative of the Hebrew name Hannah, originating from the Hebrew word Channah, meaning "favor" or "grace".

Trivia[edit | edit source]

TS Secret shop owner.png

  • An unnamed character, visually identical to Anna, runs the secret shop and the game suspension feature in TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga, complete with an identical pose.
  • In Awakening, after playing for at least an hour, Anna will appear in the bottom screen of the save menu, saying "Don't forget to take breaks!"
  • Anna shares her English voice actress, Karen Strassman, with Olivia, Hana and Mozu.
    • She also shares her Japanese voice actress, Saori Seto, with Severa.
  • Anna was voted as the 13th most popular female on Nintendo's Awakening poll.
    • For Fates, Anna was voted as the 31st most popular female on Nintendo's official poll.
    • In 2017, Anna's Awakening incarnation came in 17th place for females in the first Fire Emblem Heroes Choose Your Legends popularity poll, with 8,431 votes. Her Fates incarnation came in 31st place for females, and had 5,065 votes.
  • Anna's portrait art in Fire Emblem Fates depicts her with 6 fingers.
  • Anna's official artwork from Heroes depicts her wielding the Nóatún.
  • In Heroes, Anna Secret Seller's official artwork depicts her in Awakening's Merchant class, wielding a Spear.
  • Anna and Celica's Fire Emblem Warriors support conversation, where Celica says she has never seen another Anna before, is a reference to Fire Emblem Gaiden and Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia being the only games in the series without an appearance from Anna.
  • Anna's outfit in Three Houses depicts one of the 22 Crests in-game, specifically the Crest of Ernest, which is her Crest. The Crest of Ernest is one of the Crests that are not only faded out on the mural but are also described as "a Crest long lost to history" in-game.
  • In Three Houses, Anna shares her Paralogue with Jeritza but, differently from the other characters with a shared Paralogue, the two cannot support. The same goes for Ferdinand and Lysithea, Linhardt and Leonie, and finally Caspar and Mercedes.
    • Additionally, in Three Houses, Anna is the only playable character who cannot form a Support with any character in the game, including the protagonist Byleth.
  • In Three Houses, Anna is the only playable character (aside from Byleth) that is never encountered as an enemy.
  • According to Three Houses, Anna stands at 5'6" (168 cm).
  • In Heroes, on Paralogue 13: Part 2, Loki's image is replaced with Anna's image throughout the dialogue.
  • Despite playing an important role in Heroes, Anna has not appeared in any of the game's numerous cutscenes.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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