My Castle Edit

Castle Grounds Edit

Alone Edit

  • "Today's a lucky day for me! My profits will soar through the roof!" (surge)
  • "Who would throw this away? One man's trash is another man's profit!" (item found)
  • "I credit the quality of my weapons to the many other great supplies I also stock!" (weapon proficiency improved)
  • "I'm fascinated to see what people will buy...but even more so when it's a gift for me!" (accessory gift)
    • "You're a lifesaver, Lord/Lady Corrin! I'll care for this like it's gold. (accessory gift, liked)
    • "How did... Who are your suppliers?! I've been trying to get one of these for months!" (accessory gift, loved)
    • "Huh? A birthday gift? Heh, thanks! I wish I could give you a discount for being nice..." (accessory gift, birthday)
    • "Oh yay, thanks! It'd be really hard to put a price tag on a present like this." (birthday accessory gift, married)
    • "This is for me? ...Did you keep the receipt?" (accessory gift, disliked (head))
  • "Rest is important! You look more exhausted than the traveling merchants I know. (idle)
  • "I hope our next foe has hoards of gold they'll be willing to part with!" (idle)
  • "Thanks, Lord/Lady Corrin! Business is booming, thanks to you! (idle)
  • "Hello there, Lord/Lady Corrin. In the market for anything?" (idle)
  • "Business has never been better, thanks to you, Avatar! We make a great team!" (idle)
  • "A good merchant never has free time. Time is money!" (idle)
  • "Today is your birthday, yeah? I’ll give you a discount if you wanna pick something out…" (Corrin's birthday, normal)
  • "I got you an extra-special present. I’ll let you find out for yourself what’s inside." (Corrins birthday, married)
  • "Oh, a traveler? You've come to the right place if you want souvenirs and trinkets!" (visiting another castle)

Asking - Normal Edit

  • "So, what do you do when you're free?" (free time)
  • "Can I sell you on fighting with me in the next battle? I swear it's a good deal." (team up)

Replying - Normal Edit

  • "Hobbies? Free time? Pfft! Time is money! I spend my time fining customers." (free time)
  • "Sure, I don't mind working together. It's time for the enemy to settle their debt!" (team up)

Asking - Married Edit

Replying - Married Edit

Private Quarters Edit


  • "Hey there, Lord/Lady Corrin. I guess you're finally ready to make a purchase." (invite)
  • "Next time you hold an auction, you might want to invite a few more guests..." (Invite)
  • "I don't usually do door-to-door sales, but for you, I'll make an exception." (invite)
  • "You two make a great match. Maybe I'll give you a discount. What are we buying today?" (Invite, Married)
“Let me know what you need! My wares are second to none.”
—Anna's friendship bonding quote.
“You're a good listener...Ever thought of going into sales?”
—Anna's friendship bonding quote.
“All of our legends so far are about dragon gods. I wonder if all of humanity's big adventures are still waiting for us...”
—Anna's Friendship level-up quote.


  • "You're home! Just in time for me to pitch my latest business idea to you too!" (Entrance)
  • "Welcome to my shop! Err... I mean welcome home!" (Entrance)
  • "Hey, it's my favorite customer. Welcome home!" (Entrance)
  • "Hmm? Oh, I feel asleep... At least I wasn't on the clock, heehee! (Awakening, good)
  • "Aww, I forget my dreams about massive profits when I'm woken up that roughly..." (Awakening, bad)
  • "Oh, welcome back. Best thing after a hot bath is moisturizer, and I happen to sell it!" (Cool down, entrance)
  • "Oooooooh, yeah! That felt amazing! I bet there's a market for breeze machines..." (Cool down, good)
  • "Welcome home. Remember these flowers? I got a group discount on a bunch!" (Flowers)
  • "Today, Avatar's place is open for extended hours! ...What do you say?" (Exit)
“We could put a store in front, use this room for storage I'll, uh, leave room for your bed.”
—Anna's Lover Bonding quote.
“You and I should open a shop. With your connections and my know-how, we'd be rich!”
—Anna's Lover Bonding quote.
“I've got a special going on today! Here, close your eyes... Heehee! No refunds!”
—Anna's Kiss quote.
“Know how you can tell me apart from my sisters? Just look deep into my eyes... That's true love.”
—Anna's Lover Rank Up quote

Armory Edit

“Before you buy anything, let me examine it first.”
—When buying something for her
“Get a great price for everything, OK?”
—When selling her items

Goods Edit

“My sister supplies our stock here. But we only take gold. We don't do trades.”
—When entering her store
“Hrm... Have to sell high...and only buy low...”
—Buying her items while she's on duty
“This is a pickle. My own profits, or the store's?”
—Selling her things while she's on duty

Smithy Edit

“I'd prefer that you just mint me some coins.”
—When forging one of her weapons
“I'm good at crafting. Leave it to me”
—Forging her weapons while she is on duty

Lottery Shop Edit

“All prizes are generously provided by Anna & Company. Good luck!”
—When entering the shop
“That's too bad. If it'll make you feel better, you could buy yourself a treat...from me.”
—Upon winning a consolation prize
“You've won something special. It even comes with a certificate of authenticity.”
—Upon winning the jackpot

Arena Edit

“In both battle and business, it's important to emerge victorious.”
—When entering the arena
“The audience is getting so carried away. I wonder if I could make some quick gold.”
“Since you're my own sweet little daughter, I'll help you out for free!”
—When assisting Kana

Accessory Shop Edit

“Heehee, I love selling accessories! Step right up and see what we've got!”
—When entering the shop

Mess Hall Edit

“I'm better suited to run the restaurant than cook, but I'll try my best.”
—When entering the mess hall
“Thanks for your patronage! Pleas hold—your meal is important to us.”
—Before cooking
“Sorry to keep you waiting. If you like it, you should let your friends know!”
—After cooking
“I could make a serious killing selling something like this!”
—After eating good food.
“Hmm. This is a good time to mention cooking classes I offer. Anyone? Chef?”
—After eating decent food
“Maybe I can find the way to sell this... It truly is THAT horrible...”
—After eating bad food

Prison Edit

“This isn't really my thing. Not exactly a lot of quality goods for sale in a prison.”
—When entering the prison

Hot Spring Edit

“You want to hop in? Feel free! We're married, after all, so why not?”
—When entering as the male Avatar (spouse)
“I know what you mean. It's really nice. It might even be better than gold.”
—Responding as the male Avatar (spouse)
“Think there's any percentage to be made here? Maybe selling soap dolls...”
—When entering as a female Avatar
“The water here is amazing! I bet I could make a fortune selling bath oils”
—Replying to the female Avatar
“Lord Avatar?'re gonna pay for this. It won't be cheap.”
—When entering as the male Avatar (unmarried)

Einherjar Shop Edit

“Ooh. interesting... I wonder why some of these cards look familiar...”
—When entering the shop

Gathering Spots Edit

“I've got a heaping helping of beans. Now to figure out how to market them!”
—Spoken to at the bean fields
“You have to sell vegetables when they're fresh, or your profit margins are lower!”
—Spoken to at a daikon garden/cabbage patch
“Whew, what a harvest. Time to bake some bread and make some dough!”
—Spoken to at the wheat fields
“This ore isn't really worth money, but hopefully you can put it to good use.”
—Spoken to at a Hoshidan spring
“What a gorgeous spring. We should try and turn it into a tourist attraction.”
—Spoken to at a Hoshidan spring
“I bet if you marketed this as a mining adventure, people would come from all over.”
—Spoken to at a Nohrian mine
“I mined this pretty ore for you. Maybe we could go to the market together now?”
—Spoken to at a Nohrian mine
“You can't male a profit off of raw ore. But if you find a shiny piece, it might be valuable.”
—Spoken to at a Nohrian mine
“Oh, another traveler! Here, this is on the house!”
—Spoken to at a food gathering spot (visiting another castle)
“Consider this ore a little gift from me. Say, have you ever met any of my sisters?”
—Spoken to at a mine (visiting another castle)

Level Up Edit

  • "That boost nearly rivals my profits!" (6+ stats up)
  • "This is better than gold! Ha, no it's not." (4-5 stats up)
  • "These figures are a good start!" (2-3 stats up)
  • "Barely stayed in the black with that one..." (0-1 stat up)
  • "Much like my profits, my skills are maxed!" (0-1 stat up, most stats capped)

Class Change Edit

  • "Maybe I'll sell what I was wearing before..."

Confession Edit

“Being with you makes me think good things will keep happening. Is it OK if I still love money a little more than you?”
—Anna's confession quote

Final Chapter Edit

Endgame (Birthright) Edit

“You’re a one-of-a-kind asset... No returns, if you catch my drift. So wake up already!”
—Anna's final chapter quote

Endgame (Conquest) Edit

“You’re a one-of-a-kind asset... No returns, if you catch my drift. So wake up already!”
—Anna's final chapter quote

DLC Pre-Battle Quotes Edit

Ghostly Gold Edit

“What do you think this is? A 24 hour convenience store?! I don't mind opening the shop a little early, but only for customers who pay!”
—Anna's pre-battle quote.

Boo Camp Edit

“I'd heard that Faceless could mutate under the right conditions. But these gleaming, golden ones... I wonder how much they'd sell for?”
—Anna's pre-battle quote.

Museum Melee Edit

“Oooh! Talk about swag! This is gonna be a good haul. Just try not to struggle too much. I'd hate to damage the goods.”
—Anna's pre-battle quote.

Anna on the Run Edit

“Is that thief chasing one of my sisters? This situation feels so familiar. It must run in the family. Well, nothing to do but help her out. What else are sisters for? I just hope she's appreciative enough to adequately compensate us...”
—Anna's pre-battle quote.

Avatar's Birthday Edit

  • "I got you an extra-special present. I'll let you find out for yourself what's inside..." (married)
  • "Today is your birthday, yeah? I'll give you a discount if you wanna pick something out..."
  • "Invest in another year."

Help Description Edit

A merchant who pops up unexpectedly. One of many identical sister Annas.

Roster Edit

A merchant who travels the world. Her many identical sisters do the same thing. Charismatic and curious, but completely obsessed with wealth. Has more side jobs than anyone in the army. Born on 6/10.

Battle Edit

Dual Support Edit

  • "I'll protect you."
  • "Top notch gear you got."
  • "Welcome! Welcome!"
  • "We've got customers!"
  • "Don't lose!"
  • "Time for some customer support!"
  • "I shall learn from this."

Attack Stance Edit

  • "Two for one deal!"
  • "Sale ain't over yet!"
  • "It's on the house!"
  • "On special!"

Guard Stance Edit

  • "Careful with the merchandise!"
  • "Closed for business!"

Critical/Skill Edit

  • "Business is booming!"
  • "Cha-Ching!"
  • "Right to refuse service!"
  • "Slashing more than prices!"

Defeated Enemy Edit

  • "I got my share."
  • "Thanks for the business."
  • "You paid the price."
  • *giggles*
  • "Phew!"
  • "Come again!"
  • "See you later, customer~"

Partner Defeated Enemy/Healed Edit

  • "Top notch gear you got."
  • "Phew"
  • "Thanks!"
  • "Good practice!"

Defeated By Enemy Edit

  • "Looks like I'm.... in the red..."

Death/Retreat Quotes Edit

“I can't be defeated here--who would mind the shop for me? Time to retreat.”
—Anna's retreat quote (casual)
“Penny on a dead woman's eyes? Please...?”
—Anna's death quote (classic)
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