These are Anna's quotes from Fire Emblem Warriors.

 Intro Cutscene Edit

  • "Oh, hey! Didn't see ya! Something I can do for you?"


  • "You don't wanna mess with me!"

Beginning of Battle:

  • "If we win this, we'll make a killing! ...Get it?"

Switching to Character

  • "Let do this!"

Ally Assist Edit

  • "Here we go!"

Critical Lines Edit

Alone Edit


  • "Slashing more than prices!"


  • "Have you seen my specials?"
  • "Raking in the cash!"
  • "Cha-ching!"

 Awakening Lines Edit

Activating Awakening Mode

  • "Satisfaction guaranteed!"

Beginning of Awakening Special

  • "That'll cost you!"


  • "What a loss!"
  • "For a limited time only!"
  • "That was a win!"

Dual Strike Lines (neutral) Edit

As Vanguard

  • "Go for it!"
  • "Certainly!"
  • "Sounds like a plan!"

As Support

  • "Nothing comes for free!"
  • "Do me a favor?"


  • "Business is booming!"

Dual Strike Lines (special) Edit

With Rowan Edit

With Rowan as Vanguard (A?)

  • Anna: "Can I fight alongside you?"
  • Rowan: "My strength is yours to share!"

With Rowan as Support (A?)

  • Rowan: "Give me a hand, Anna!"
  • Anna: "I'll help you defeat them!"
With Sakura Edit

With Sakura as Vanguard

  • Anna: "Princess Sakura, are you ready to fight?"
  • Sakura: "I... I hope I am..."

With Sakura as Support

  • Sakura: "Anna... Please help me!"
  • Anna: "Since you asked so nicely... yes!"
With Xander Edit

With Xander as Vanguard

  • Anna: "C'mon, Xander!"
  • Xander: "My power is yours!"

With Xander as Support

  • Xander: "Don't let me down, Anna!"
  • Anna: "I'll do what I can!"
With Elise Edit

With Elise as Vanguard

  • Anna: "You ready, Elise?"
  • Elise: "Ready as ever!"

With Elise as Support

  • Elise: "Let's put our backs into it!"
  • Anna: "I always do!"
With Frederick Edit

With Frederick as Vanguard

  • Anna: "Frederick, I need some backup!"
  • Frederick: "I will gladly help, Anna!"

With Frederick as Support

  • Frederick: "Anna! Lend me your support!"
  • Anna: "Sure! But it will cost you..."
With Cordelia Edit

With Cordelia as Vanguard

  • Anna: "I don't know how I'm gonna do this alone!"
  • Cordelia: "I can help you, Anna!"

With Cordelia as Support

  • Cordelia: "Ready, Anna?"
  • Anna: "In-deed!"
With Tiki Edit

With Tiki as Vanguard

  • Anna: "Lend me your power, Tiki!"
  • Tiki: "Yep! Anything for you, Anna!"

With Tiki as Support

  • Tiki: "Anna, can I ask you a favor?"
  • Anna: "Of course, ask me anything!"
With Niles Edit

With Niles as Support

  • Niles: “Your help is priceless, Anna.”
  • Anna: “Oh, believe me. There’s a price!”

With Niles as Vanguard

  • Anna: “Niles, will you help me?”
  • Niles: “How could I rebuke your desire?”
With Navarre Edit

With Navarre as Vanguard

  • Anna: "I hate to ask, but can you help?"
  • Navarre: "If I must."

With Navarre as Support

  • Navarre: "Are you strong enough?"
  • Anna: "I'll fight with all my power!"
With Owain Edit

With Owain as Vanguard

  • Anna: "Owain! Can you help me out?"
  • Owain: "As long as my sword hand begs for battle!"

With Owain as Support

  • Owain: "Fight with me, Anna!"
  • Anna: "You got it!"

Praise Edit

Giving Praise Edit

  • (general) "I like your work ethic! Looking for a job?"
  • (general) "You've got the kind of cutthroat style that every entrepreneur needs!"
To Caeda Edit
  • Anna: "Way to go, Caeda! There's nothing as powerful as a girl in love!"
  • Caeda: "A-Anna! not so loud.. I'm easily startled!"
To Niles Edit
  • Anna: "Now I see why they keep you around, Niles!"
  • Niles: "I assure you that I have other uses, Anna."

Receiving praise Edit

From Caeda Edit
  • Caeda: "Unbelievable... Are you sure you're the same Anna I know?"
  • Anna: "Umm... Probably not!"

Replying to praise

  • (general) "As much as I like it, praise doesn't pay the bills."

Level Up Edit

  • "I wish my sales were doing this well."
  • "Look at that! I'm getting stronger."
  • "At what point does my strengh reaches legendary levels?"

Facing / Defeating an Enemy Edit

Facing a captain

  • "You couldn't pay me enough to let you through!"

Defeating a captain

  • "Sorry. You're bad for business!"
  • "Done and done!"
  • "I took out a commander?!"
  • "Thanks for coming!"
  • "That was fun, but I’ve gotta get back to work!"
  • "Come back soon!"

Defeating Takumi

  • "Don't worry about it, Takumi. You fought well!"

Defeating Sakura

  • "I hate to see you lose Sakura!"

Defeating Lissa

  • "I beat a princess! Oh no. Is that allowed?"

Defeating Marth

  • “I beat the legendary Marth?! That seems unlikely.”

Response to Healing

  • (general) "Thanks for helping me out, I owe you one!"

Base in Danger Edit

  • ""

In Danger

  • (in trouble)
  • (in serious trouble) "I can't handle this much intensity!"

Death Lines Edit

  • (as ally) "I'm sorry... I'm closing early."
  • (as enemy)"I'm going out of business..."

Stage Clear

  • "Business is booming!"

Victory Lines  Edit

Victory Cutscene

  • Anna: "Looks like someone just hit the jackpot!"
  • Other Anna: "Drop it, you greedy little..."
  • Anna: "Finders keepers!"
  • Other Anna: "Oh no you don't! Come back here!"
  • Anna: "Nope! Not going that way!"


  • "Does this come with a cash prize?"
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