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Anna on the Run (盗賊のアンナ Tōzoku no Anna lit. Anna the Thief in the Japanese version) is Xenologue 10 of Fire Emblem Fates.


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Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.

This Xenologue is basically a clone of Awakenings Anna the Merchant in terms of map layout; the only difference is that all of the chests (except the one shown in the beginning) are replaced by staircases. If Anna is attacked by an enemy, she will move to the next staircase, and also use a Concoction if she was damaged. While Anna's stats are completely capped, the enemy is still capable of killing her.

All of the enemies on this map are Berserkers. Almost all of them are carrying Throwing Clubs or Hand Axes; a few carry different weapons, such as Bolt Axes and Berserker's Axes. While they have relatively high health (more then the Berserker's normal health cap) and strength, their other stats are fairly poor. The fact that most of them are carrying thrown weapons (which give -5 speed to them during the battle and cannot perform follow ups), they can be easily disposed of with little worry with units stronger than them. You can simply bring an Axebreaker unit with swords or a Dual Naginata to easily wipe out the enemies with little ease, although you should bring more anyways.

The enemies will prioritize Anna as their first target, although they will attack your units if they're blocking the way or are within their attack range (but unable to get to Anna).


The script for the Xenologue can be found here.


  • Anna will join the party when the map is completed. You will also get an Arms Scroll (one-time only)


  • In the original script from Japan, the bandit leaders are not named after Lloyd and Llewelyn. Instead they, and their gang, are all named after Meat, and related products. This implies they are not Lloyd and Llewelyn.