Opening Edit

  • Lloyd: Urrrrr! Did Anna turn up anywhere, Llewellyn?
  • Llewelyn: Ablast, Lloyd, she has not. I've seen neither hide nore hair of her.
  • Lloyd: Mow me down, Llewelyn, obviously if she'd hiding you won't see her hair. Quit being so harebrained, or I'll give you a hiding, silver me flinders.
  • Llewelyn: Sorry, Lloyd. I only took my eyes off her for a second, I swear.
  • Lloyd: How does she keep hornswiggling us? It's like she's in several places at once...
  • Llewelyn: A gal like that would make a good addition to the crew, I bet.
  • Lloyd: You've got that right, my brother. If only we could get her to sit still for a parlor...

(Anna emerges from the stairway next to them)

  • Anna: *sigh* Give up now, boys, and save yourself the trouble. I can run rings around the two of you, and you know it.
  • Llewelyn: Urrrrr! She's right, my brother. We'd need a whole pirate crew to pin her down.
  • Lloyd: Lucky for us, my brother, that we happen to have one on call. She'll go on recount before the day's through—I swear on Jaunty Skeet!
  • Anna: "Urrr"? "Go on recount"? You're the saddest excuse for pirates I've ever heard. Why, you can't don't even know Shanty Pete's true name!

(The "pirate crew" surrounds them)

  • Llewelyn: Meet Llars, Llucas, Llincoln, Llogan, Lleland, and Llamar.
  • Lloyd: While not forgetting Llouis, Llyle, Lliam, Lluther, Llester, and Tom. The whole family's turned out, just for you!
  • Anna: It's unsettling how much you all look alike. Not that I'm one to talk.
  • Llewelyn: Ablast, miss, you're outgunned. Surrender, and you can be the first sister in the fam.
  • Lloyd: Yoo hoo hoo! It's a pirate's life for you, little lady!
  • Anna:'s "yo ho ho", you buffoon. And I'm sorry, but my services don't come cheap. If you can't pay the price, stop window-shopping and get out of here!

Male Corrin Edit

(Felicia and Corrin rush onto the scene)

  • Felicia: There's trouble brewing, Lord Corrin! A band of thieves has someone cornered nearby!
  • Corrin: Here?! Gods, is nowhere safe for the common folk?
  • Felicia: Erm, seems we've stumbled into the thieves' territory. This looks to be a storehouse where they keep their pilfered wealth before selling it. I must warn you in advance that this isn't your usual band of thieves. They're landlocked, but they've gotten it into their heads that they're pirates... Even stranger, they say that the whole "crew" are dead ringers for one another.
  • Corrin: Hmm... My goodness, you weren't exaggerating.
  • Felicia: It takes all kinds to make the world go round, I suppose.
  • Corrin: Still, this isn't the time to stand in awe of the mysteries of the universe. There's a person who needs our help!
  • Felicia: Oh! I nearly forgot! Prepare for battle, everyone!

Female Corrin Edit

(Jakob and Corrin rush onto the scene)

  • Jakob: Lady Corrin. We have a problem. Someone is being assailed by thieves over there!
  • Corrin: Here?! Gods, is nowhere safe for the common folk?
  • Jakob: Oh, there are many such places. This particular place, regrettably, seems to be in the midst of a notorious thieves' den. They've made several lucrative scores recently and have quite the reputation. Not for their prowess as highwaymen, mind you... More for their unfortunate attempt at pirate cant, and also because they're identical.
  • Corrin: You can't be serious. My actually were.
  • Jakob: Everytime one thinks one has seen it all, hmm?
  • Corrin: Be that as it may, this is no time to stand in awe of the mysteries of the universe. There's a person who needs our help!
  • Jakob: Understood. To arms, everyone!

Pre-Battle Quotes Edit


“Hmph... thievery is one thing, but coordinated assault? That's low. Er... where did your victim get to? We must find her if we want to protect her!”
—Female Corrin's pre-battle quote.


“You all have the same face... Do you each share the same voice as well? I bet that helps a lot with harmonizing. What a chorus you'd make! Er...but enough of these silly fantasies. I'll hear your voice one way or another.”
—Azura's pre-battle quote.


“What nice weather! I bet I won't make any mistakes in this cold! You guys look identical. Even my twin sister and I aren't that much alike. But everyone is unique on the inside, even you! You don't have to be a thief!”
—Felicia's pre-battle quote.

Jakob Edit

“The word on you mountain thieves is that one never forgets your faces. Which is true as far as it goes, but I'm having difficulty telling you apart. That settles it—I'm leaving a mark on the face of each man that I fight. I'll let you choose whether that's a bruise, scar, or otherwise.”
—Jakob's pre-battle quote.


“Where did that girl go? I just saw her... She must be fast on her feet. Did she actually need our help? Well, even if not, it would reflect badly on us if we did nothing. Here we go!”
—Silas' pre-battle quote.

Kaze Edit

“There's a lot I could learn from a girl so elusive and nimble. Though her slipperiness isn't making our job any easier... Better to focus on what I can control, though. Such as routing this enemy!”
—Kaze's pre-battle quote.


“I need to hurry and save that girl! I know too well how tough it is to be alone and surrounded by enemies. She seems like she's been giving them the slip so far, but... That doesn't mean I don't gotta put my back into helping her out!”
—Mozu's pre-battle quote.


“Look at these crumbling walls. Did people live here once? That's a lot of people who'd be homeless now... I never heard of this place, but I know how they must have felt. *sigh* It's a sick feeling. Here's hoping I'll feel better after beating on you.”
—Shura's pre-battle quote.

Ryoma Edit

“I know they say everyone has his doppelganger somewhere in the world. But 14 identical men all in the same place is taking the idea too far! It makes me wonder how many doubles I have in the world... I can't imagine what my life would be were I to live together with them all.”
—Ryoma's pre-battle quote.

Hinoka Edit

“I used to dislike snow, and winter in general. Not anymore, though. After all, it was snowing when I was reunited with Corrin. I still remember every last detail of the scene on the day he/she came back to us.”
—Hinoka's pre-battle quote.


“I hate the snow. It numbs my fingers, making it hard to draw my bowstring. On the other hand, I do like playing around with igloos. Except the time one collapsed while I was in it. I thought I was going to die!”
—Takumi's pre-battle quote.


“Hmm? Where did that girl we saw go? I wanted to catch up to her, in case she had injuries that needed treating... B-but she's too quick for me. I wish I was that swift on the battlefield...”
—Sakura's pre-battle quote.


“What are you playing at, running about half-naked in this weather? Even a thief can show some dignity. If you won't warm yourself, perhaps the heat of battle is what you need!”
—Saizo's pre-battle quote.

Kagero Edit

“Identical faces everywhere... Are they masters of the duplication technique? Could we have stumbled into a heretofore unknown ninja village? ... Nonsense. No ninja would be so brazen as these men.”
—Kagero's pre-battle quote.


“Don't tell me you want me to join you. Stealing is a sin, you know. You're in for divine retribution if you keep this up, I'm afraid. repent? No, no, there's no fun in that. I want to see you squirm!”
—Azama's pre-battle quote.

Setsuna Edit

“That girl disappeared... She must have fallen into a pit. Oh? She's just running away using the stairs? That's cool. I ran up some stairs once. But Lady Hinoka said I couldn't do it anymore when I almost tripped...”
—Setsuna's pre-battle quote.


“Hey, it's snowing! I used to love building igloos in the snow as a kid. Though it was always sad how they'd fall apart as soon as it thawed. Haha, one time I thought I heard a voice come from one when it caved in! Crazy, right? Anyway, let's get down to fighting.”
—Hinata's pre-battle quote.

Oboro Edit

“It's colder than I expect. I should've worn more layers... Wait, how are you not freezing your rear off?! At least put on a coat! *sigh* If we weren't enemies, I'd pick out a wardrobe for you, but...”
—Oboro's pre-battle quote.


“People associate snow with winter, but it snowed when I was born in spring. My father always reminded me of that on cold spring days. So personally, I associate snow with my father. I want to be strong like him.”
—Hana's pre-battle quote.


“I haven't seen snow since the winters at Castle Shirasagi. The bright red camellias were beautiful against the snow... I wonder if I would be as striking if I were to fall here in battle. Not that one so perfect as I stands any chance of that.”
—Subaki's pre-battle quote.


“Whoa! There's snow everywhere! Oooh, once the fight's over, we can have a snowball fight. Or build a– *ahem* Pardon me, I forgot myself. We rarely saw snow in my village, so I temporarily lost my composure.”
—Hayato's pre-battle quote.


“Brrr! My fur protects me from the cold, but you look like you're freezing!'re a thief. I bet you want to steel my fur to keep warm! You don't have to resort to that! Try to get your blood flowing instead!”
—Kaden's pre-battle quote.


“Hahahah! Another goon with the same ridiculous face! In Hoshido, we have a method of fortune-telling based on facial features. And I'm getting the same reading from each one of you...a very unhappy future.”
—Orochi's pre-battle quote.


“Aren't you cold, dressed like that in the middle of a snowstorm? I've got fire in my veins, so I don't feel the cold much. But seeing you wear next to nothing in this weather gives me sympathy chills. So cut it out already!”
—Rinkah's pre-battle quote.


“It's interesting to see so little variation in these mountain thieves. Could they all be simulacra? That's one explanation which leaps to mind... But no, even a skilled mechanist couldn't create such perfect copies. Too bad, really. I'd feel better about beating you if you were automatons.”
—Yukimura's pre-battle quote.


“Oh dear... They say looks run in the family, but not to this degree. On the other hand, it will be a rare thrill to slay an enemy multiple times. But try to put some unique character into your death cry. I'm a connoisseur.”
—Reina's pre-battle quote.


“The trees are so pretty with all this snow decorating them! I should make myself some snow-white stones to decorate my own weapon. I'd show you the finished result, but you won't be around to see it!”
—Scarlet's pre-battle quote.


“It often snowed at the Northern Fortress. Elise, Corrin, and I would have snowball fights when I visited. Sometimes, I still pack a bit of snow and throw it into the distance. Though I could never admit to the others that I do anything so childish.”
—Xander's pre-battle quote.


“Remember how we made ice sculptures at the fortress to cheer Corrin? He/She began to cry when he/she saw them begin to melt, day by day... So we asked Felicia and Flora to halt their slow thawing. Do those scultpures still stand? Surely they've lost their shapes by now...”
—Camilla's pre-battle quote.


“Some day meeting your doppelganger is a sure sign your death is imminent. Pure superstition, of course... But it doesn't bode well for your little gang, does it?”
—Leo's pre-battle quote.


“It's snowing! I looooove the snow! You can have snowball fights and make snowmen and all kinds of fun things! But this snow might not be thick enough for any of that... Too bad. Oh! Maybe that man knows! Hey, how do you play when the snow's too thin?”
—Elise's pre-battle quote.


“No true hero would stand idly by as you savages hounded that poor maiden! Though I commend her footwork, I've slipped and fallen six times already. But that's in the past! Starting now, the only one to fall here will be you!”
—Arthur's pre-battle quote.


“This place is pretty run down. Did you guys wreck it yourself? What did you do, take an axe to the walls? Get careless with your spells? Or...did you beat your bare fists against them until they crumbled? Because if it's that, much respect. I'll have to give it a go myself later...”
—Effie's pre-battle quote.


“B-b-brrrrrr! It's beyond my ken why you fools would make your hideout here. And barely dressed, at that, in defiance of all common sense. Not for me are thine frigid ways. Give me a warm blanket and a mug of cocoa.”
—Odin's pre-battle quote.


“A stormy sky, snow on the ground, and broken-down walls... Decent people don't live in places like this. And they especially don't gang up on defenseless girls a dozen to one.”
—Niles' pre-battle quote.


“I despise snow. Some wag once threw a snowball as I practiced dancing. If I ever find out who it was, they're getting a load of ice down their back!”
—Laslow's pre-battle quote.


“Wow...a bunch of brothers who all look alike. That's really something! You won't mind if I kill six or seven, right? You'll hardly notice they're gone!”
—Peri's pre-battle quote.


“Was that the merchant Anna I saw zooming around? She really IS everywhere. I don't know if she's just that market savvy or what. Well, whatever it is, I owe these sisters a lot. She's got my support no matter how much hot water she gets herself into!”
—Selena's pre-battle quote.


“A horde of men who all look alike poses a problem for an assassin. If I was supposed to kill a specific one of you, I wouldn't know who to target. Fortunately, my mission today is to eliminate all thieves. Problem solved.”
—Beruka's pre-battle quote.


“Are you interested in me? What a coincidence.... I'm interested in you. It's a rare sight to come across so many people who all look alike. Was your home village perhaps under the effects of a curse? If so, it's the only one I've ever heard of more frightening than my own...”
—Nyx's pre-battle quote.


“Heyyyy, these are some fine-looking ruins. I appreciate a good mess. And check out the people inside! They're just as much of a disaster! I hope they'll play with me for a while!”
—Keaton's pre-battle quote.


“Yipes! Wasn't there someone else back there who looks just like you? Don't tell me you come back to life every time you're beaten...”
—Benny's pre-battle quote.


“You wouldn't happen to be infamous identical thieves, would you? I haven't mistaken you for someone wealthier or more influential? Ugh! Then your number's UP, scumbag! Calling on a lady to shower her with gifts is one thing... But ganging up on her so you can clap her in irons is inexcusable!”
—Charlotte's pre-battle quote.


“I have what might sound like an odd question for you... What if someone you thought was the same is better than you at something? I'm told you're all brothers, so I thought you might know. But you needn't answer the question. I'm here to fight, not commiserate.”
—Flora's pre-battle quote.


“I feel like I'm seeing double...or worse. Is this some trap? Some illusion meant to throw me off my game? Because I may be old, but these eyes are still sharp to spot a target.”
—Gunter's pre-battle quote.


“Woooow! This many identical brothers must be like a never-ending party! Want to know what's funny, though? If my divination is right, and it is... This lady you're chasing down has her share of identical sisters, too. What is it they say? Like attracts like? It's a funny old world, isn't it?”
—Izana's pre-battle quote.


“This is your idea of a stronghold? These walls could cave in any moment. Such neglect of your defenses is an outward sign of your inner weakness. Though even the sturdiest walls cannot hold back the violent gale of my attack!”
—Fuga's pre-battle quote.


“Wow! So many look-alikes! I bet that's really fun! You could switch places with each other whenever you wanted. Do you ever secretly swap chores or play pranks on people? If I had a twin, I think that's what we would do!”
—Kana's pre-battle quote.


“You look like...traced copies of a painting. After enough accurate copies, you forget which was the original. I'm a trained artist, and even I can't pick out your minute differences.”
—Shigure's pre-battle quote.


“I-it's s-so c-c-cold... Winter isn't any better than summer, in my book. But I know 10 tricks of the trade that require cold weather to shine. You want to see them? And inquisitive sort, aren't you? I'll tell you what. If you can beat me, I'll show you the best one...”
—Dwyer's pre-battle quote.


“Found you, you cur! Surrender now! Or I'll...I'll... I'll strip you of what little clothes you still have left! How would you like that, eh? Doesn't sound very fun, does it? Too bad!”
—Sophie's pre-battle quote.


“Excuse me, but did you realize how many rare plants are found here? Herbs that only bloom in cold climates, flowers that thrive in rocky soil... You should be selling these instead of resorting to thievery! Though I guess if that were possible, you'd be doing it already.”
—Midori's pre-battle quote.


“I'd love to find a bunch of guys who look like me. I'd challenge 'em all to a fight and see if I'm the best me out there! But since that'll never happen, I'll settle for being better than you.”
—Shiro's pre-battle quote.


“It snowed in my Deeprealm, too. I could always tell my parents' visits by the crunch of snow underfoot. I'd sit and stare at their footprints long after they were gone. A shame there won't be anyone left to see your footprints once we're done.”
—Kiragi's pre-battle quote.


“What I love about winter is, my chocolate doesn't melt as fast. Plus, regular fruit tastes great when you stick it in the snow for a while. Between you and me, I've got a couple of blood oranges buried past the ridge. They should be ready by the time I'm done beating you.”
—Asugi's pre-battle quote.


“Thick snow, lots of hiding spots... This would make a great preyground! Huh? No, I said it right. You and everyone looking like you are my prey. There's enough of you to have fun with all day long! Let's prey!”
—Selkie's pre-battle quote.


“This cold sure is bracing, isn't it? I like to train in the chill air, though. It gives me more focus than usual. Not only that, but pickled veggies taste best during the winter. Mmm... I need to finish you off quick so I can hurry home and savor some.”
—Hisame's pre-battle quote.


“Mirrors on all sides / Surrounded by reflections / Which of them is me? I would never want to live with so many people indistinguishable from myself. I prefer to see myself exclusively in mirrors. Or in dreams...”
—Mitama's pre-battle quote.


“I've read that snow really brings out a woman's beauty. Its stark white contrasts with her features, and suggests innocence. I want to test it for myself...but there are more pressing matters at hand.”
—Caeldori's pre-battle quote.


“Why do you all look and act the same? It baffles me. With no identity of your own, you're doomed to be lumped together forever. No matter, though. I see you for what you are. I will remember you as individual conquests for the rest of my days.”
—Rhajat's pre-battle quote.


“Have you turned to this life of crime because you've fallen on hard times? You do seem shabbily dressed for such inclement weather. Surrender now, and I promise to properly clothe you. can't be serious. You don't find it cold here? I-I see. I clearly don't understand the common folk as well as I thought...”
—Siegbert's pre-battle quote.


“What lovely snow. Oh! I should make a coat when I get home. A long, winter overcoat, with that nice fabric I've been saving! I could make one for you too, if you'll promise to behave. say you're fine the way you're dressed? Hmph. I beg to differ!”
—Forrest's pre-battle quote.


“Father made me a snowman once... shaped like a cute bear cub. I liked it. Don't you have someone like that you want to live up to in your life? Oh. Well. I tried, but you won't listen to reason...”
—Ignatius' pre-battle quote.


“You look...amazing. That hair...those clothes... I like your style. It's making me sad I'm supposed to beat you up. Don't worry. I'll take good care of your bones. I wonder what color they are...”
—Velouria's pre-battle quote.


“I can't believe I get to see snow! This must be my lucky day! Ace loves snow. He especially likes to scarf down big piles of it. It's super cute. Surrender now, and I'll show you, but I gotta warn you... If anyone but me gets close while he's chowing down, they'll get bit!”
—Percy's pre-battle quote.


“Oh my, it's snowing! How I adore these miniature white crystals. Alas, they persistently elude capture, as they melt far too swiftly. *sigh* Why must snow melt? We lose such beauty and never think twice. It is only proper that I grace such a landscape with a beautiful battle.”
—Ophelia's pre-battle quote.


“Meh. There's nothing here but a bunch of big lugs. If I could face off against a team of cat burglars instead. Yeah...all dressed in formfitting suits...the hint of a smile under their masks... Mmmm... Ack, no! I could never lay a hand on them! I'd better stick with these lugs.”
—Soleil's pre-battle quote.


“Very peculiar... There's no shortage of men here, but... I'm not getting my usual thrill out of imagining them together. My mind keeps wandering toward the trees and snow instead...”
—Nina's pre-battle quote.


“Is that thief chasing one of my sisters? This situation feels so familiar. It must run in the family. Well, nothing to do but help her out. What else are sisters for? I just hope she's appreciative enough to adequately compensate us...”
—Anna's pre-battle quote.

Closing Edit

First Time Edit

  • Anna: Thanks. Your team really got me out of a jam back there. I'm not sure how I could even begin to repay a debt like that.
  • Corrin: It's payment enough to see you through unharmed, I assure you.
  • Anna: That won't cut it. You saved my life. I owe you SOMETHING... Huh. Now that I see your clothes up close, they're pretty fancy. Like something royalty would wear... Am I warm?
  • Corrin: Royalty? Well... yes, in fact.
  • Anna: No kidding! You're actually a blueblood? Then that settles it! The payment for your services... is my services!
  • Corrin: What?
  • Anna: My name's Anna. I'm posing as a thief for the moment... But my real job is in sales! It was so rude of those losers to treat me like one of them. The only reason I was here was to steal back what they took from me!
  • Corrin: The situation sounds more complicated than we realized.
  • Anna: Tell me about it. I didn't expect those dimwits to find me out, though. I'm better off sticking with you, I think. Then I can focus on what matters: sales. Trust me, I've got a lot to offer. And for you, my services will be free! How could you refuse? You couldn't! So I'm on your team now, Mr./Ms. Blueblood!
  • Corrin: Ahahaha... Thank you, Anna.
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