“Hello there, handsome! Am I being rescued?”
Anna talking to Chrom

Anna the Merchant (The Peddler Anna in the Japanese version) is Paralogue 4 of Fire Emblem Awakening. Completion of Chapter 9 is required to access this Paralogue. This chapter takes place in The Twins' Hideout.


The script for this Paralogue can be found here





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You want to have Chrom, rush to Anna so he can recruit her. If you have him, bring Gaius along so you can open more chests and doors quicker. Despite the abundance of chests no keys are dropped in this map. There is a thief up north who will take one of the northeast chests and run to an escape point very close by. You want to block him or have one of your characters open the chest before he can get to it.

Trivia Edit

  • If you do this paralogue before paralogue 2, Vincent will not mourn Victor's death because it would not yet have happened.

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