“I've got to find out everyone's likes and dislikes, so I know what to cook! Who knows when it'll be my turn at kitchen duty?”

Annette is a playable character that appears in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Annette is a student at the Officers Academy who hails from the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and a member of the Blue Lions. She possesses a minor Crest of Dominic. She is 16 years old at the start of the game.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Early life[edit | edit source]

Born to House Dominic, Annette is the most recent member of it to have a crest, having the Crest of Dominic. Her father, Gustave was an exemplary knight in service to King Lambert. In the Imperial Year 1176 the Tragedy of Duscur occurred in which he was not present. In shame for not being there to protect and die for his king, he suddenly left in a self-imposed exile, leaving behind Annette and her mother, who were upset by his departure. Gustave's older brother took care of Annette and her mother in his stead.

Her uncle enrolled her in the Royal School of Sorcery in Fhirdiad where she had a natural gift for magic. This is where she met Mercedes, and the two became lifelong friends. She graduated with top marks.

Academy phase[edit | edit source]

Annette enrolls in Garreg Mach Monastery Officers Academy in Imperial Year 1180, and joins the Blue Lions under its house leader Dimitri.

War phase[edit | edit source]

Crimson Flower[edit | edit source]

Anna fates portrait.png
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If recruited by the Black Eagles, in Imperial Year 1181, she absconds from House Dominic, knowing that something is wrong with the Church of Seiros, being commissioned as an Imperial Army general. She is worried about having to fight her father, but promises to support Byleth. Five years later, she becomes a member of the Black Eagle Strike Force. If Mercedes was not recruited, Annette may battle her at Tailtean Plains, where she reluctantly battles her.

If she was not recruited, Annette will appear alongside her father in a burning Fhirdiad, vowing to protect the capital with her life. She may be spared if the Immaculate One is taken down first, although her fate remains unknown.

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Azure Moon[edit | edit source]

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Fulfilling the promise made by the Blue Lions five years prior, the core members minus Dedue reunite for the first time since the fall of Garreg Mach Monastery. After helping Byleth and Dimitri quell a band of bandits, Annette follows them throughout the rest of the war between the three nations.

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Verdant Wind[edit | edit source]

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If Annette has been recruited to the Golden Deer and fights with them at Gronder Field, she reveals that she heard of reports that her father was carrying Dimitri's body off the field in sorrow, hoping that she would be able to meet him again in the future.

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Paralogue[edit | edit source]

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In Annette's paralogue in the Azure Moon route, Annette decides to visit her uncle in order to obtain the Hero's Relic of House Dominic, Crusher, in order to give their army a boost in power. Gilbert advises against this as House Dominic has sided with Cornelia and will likely refuse to relinquish the relic to her. Despite his objections, Annette has decided to try to claim the weapon anyway.

Gilbert goes off with her to protect her, but asks Byleth and their army to assist them and wait outside the castle just in case a fight breaks out. Just as he expected, his brother refuses to hand her the weapon and even threatens to capture her. Thanks to Byleth and their army however, Lord Dominic is defeated, but left alive as the battle was merely a feint to make it look like he was forced to give up Crusher to Annette and thus protect his people from Cornelia's wrath. He promises to Gilbert to keep his wife safe while they continue their war. Gilbert thanks Byleth in the aftermath of the battle and asks for them to continue to protect his daughter.

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Personality[edit | edit source]

Annette is a cheerful and hardworking girl, naturally achieving top marks in the academy. However, outside of her academic pursuits, she often will make missteps along the way that leads to nowhere and often to failure. Nevertheless, she maintains an air of positivity and is usually the one to raise the spirits of her classmates in dour situations.

Annette has an interest in cooking and looks forward to opportunities to be in the kitchen. When she cooks, mayhem ensues with huge messes and sometimes small explosions, though none are harmed. Privately, she adores eating, especially sweets, and loves to compose and sing cute songs, but is usually embarrassed when others catch her in the act. Mercedes is her best friend since their days at the School of Sorcery and is highly protective of her.

Annette's relationship with her father is strained as he effectively abandoned her and her mother following the Tragedy of Duscur. Even though her father assumes a new name, she is instantly able to recognize him and seeks answers for his long absence. Though he maintains a stubborn front of distance from her, she cannot bring herself to hate her father and still loves him dearly. If they pursue their Support ranks, they can eventually reconcile and their family reunited after the war.

Annette can also be really clumsy, as a running gag in the game has her constantly tripping over barrels.

In-Game[edit | edit source]

Fire Emblem: Three Houses[edit | edit source]

Base Stats[edit | edit source]

Starting ClassCrest
FE16 Noble Annette Icon.gifNobleMinor Crest of Dominic
MagicCombat ArtsAbilitiesStarting Items
FE16 black magic icon.pngWind-Perseverance.pngPerseverance
Axe Prowess Lv 1.pngAxe Prowess Lv 1
Reason Lv 2 FE16.pngReason Lv 2
Authority Lv 1.pngAuthority Lv 1
FE16 Potion Icon.pngVulnerary
FE16 Axe Weapon Icon.pngTraining Axe
Skill FE16 sword icon.png FE16 lance icon.png FE16 axe icon.png FE16 bow icon.png FE16 brawl icon.png FE16 reason icon.png FE16 faith icon.png FE16 authority icon.png FE16 heavy armor icon.png FE16 riding icon.png FE16 flying icon.png
Level E E E+ E E D+ E E+ E E E

As an Enemy[edit | edit source]

Battle of the Eagle and Lion[edit | edit source]
Skill FE16 sword icon.png FE16 lance icon.png FE16 axe icon.png FE16 bow icon.png FE16 brawl icon.png FE16 reason icon.png FE16 faith icon.png FE16 authority icon.png FE16 heavy armor icon.png FE16 riding icon.png FE16 flying icon.png
Level E E E E E C E D - - -
The Fight for Fhirdiad[edit | edit source]
Skill FE16 sword icon.png FE16 lance icon.png FE16 axe icon.png FE16 bow icon.png FE16 brawl icon.png FE16 reason icon.png FE16 faith icon.png FE16 authority icon.png FE16 heavy armor icon.png FE16 riding icon.png FE16 flying icon.png
Level E E E E E A E C - - -

Growth Rates[edit | edit source]

HP Str Mag Dex Spd Lck Def Res Charm
25% 30% 50% 50% 35% 35% 20% 30% 35%

Maximum Stats[edit | edit source]

HP Str Mag Dex Spd Lck Def Res Charm
55 43 73 69 50 49 40 41 49

Learnt Magic[edit | edit source]

Skill Level Reason Faith
D Wind Heal
D+ - Nosferatu
C Cutting Gale Recover
C+ - -
B Sagittae -
B+ - -
A Excalibur Abraxas
A+ - -

Learnt Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ability Learned at Notes
Sword Prowess Lv 1.png Sword Prowess Lv 1 FE16 sword icon.png E+ -
Sword Prowess Lv 2.png Sword Prowess Lv 2 FE16 sword icon.png D+ Replaces Sword Prowess Lv 1
Sword Prowess Lv 3.png Sword Prowess Lv 3 FE16 sword icon.png C+ Replaces Sword Prowess Lv 2
Sword Prowess Lv 4.png Sword Prowess Lv 4 FE16 sword icon.png B+ Replaces Sword Prowess Lv 3
Sword Prowess Lv 5.png Sword Prowess Lv 5 FE16 sword icon.png A+ Replaces Sword Prowess Lv 4
Icon Combat Art FE16 Sword.png Wrath Strike FE16 sword icon.png D -
Icon Combat Art FE16 Sword.png Grounder FE16 sword icon.png C -
Axebreaker FE16.png Axebreaker FE16 sword icon.png B -
Sword Crit +10 FE16.png Sword Crit +10 FE16 sword icon.png S -
Swordfaire FE16.png Swordfaire FE16 sword icon.png S+ -
Lance Prowess Lv 1.png Lance Prowess Lv 1 FE16 lance icon.png E+ -
Lance Prowess Lv 2.png Lance Prowess Lv 2 FE16 lance icon.png D+ Replaces Lance Prowess Lv 1
Lance Prowess Lv 3.png Lance Prowess Lv 3 FE16 lance icon.png C+ Replaces Lance Prowess Lv 2
Lance Prowess Lv 4.png Lance Prowess Lv 4 FE16 lance icon.png B+ Replaces Lance Prowess Lv 3
Lance Prowess Lv 5.png Lance Prowess Lv 5 FE16 lance icon.png A+ Replaces Lance Prowess Lv 4
Icon Combat Art FE16 Lance.png Tempest Lance FE16 lance icon.png D -
Icon Combat Art FE16 Lance.png Knightkneeler FE16 lance icon.png C -
Swordbreaker FE16.png Swordbreaker FE16 lance icon.png B -
Lance Crit +10 FE16.png Lance Crit +10 FE16 lance icon.png S -
Lancefaire FE16.png Lancefaire FE16 lance icon.png S+ -
Axe Prowess Lv 1.png Axe Prowess Lv 1 Innate -
Axe Prowess Lv 2.png Axe Prowess Lv 2 FE16 axe icon.png D+ Replaces Axe Prowess Lv 1
Axe Prowess Lv 3.png Axe Prowess Lv 3 FE16 axe icon.png C+ Replaces Axe Prowess Lv 2
Axe Prowess Lv 4.png Axe Prowess Lv 4 FE16 axe icon.png B+ Replaces Axe Prowess Lv 3
Axe Prowess Lv 5.png Axe Prowess Lv 5 FE16 axe icon.png A+ Replaces Axe Prowess Lv 4
Icon Combat Art FE16 Axe.png Smash FE16 axe icon.png D -
Icon Combat Art FE16 Axe.png Helm Splitter FE16 axe icon.png C -
Icon Combat Art FE16 Axe.png Lightning Axe FE16 axe icon.png C+ -
Lancebreaker FE16.png Lancebreaker FE16 axe icon.png B -
Axe Crit +10 FE16.png Axe Crit +10 FE16 axe icon.png S -
Axefaire FE16.png Axefaire FE16 axe icon.png S+ -
Bow Prowess Lv 1 FE16.png Bow Prowess Lv 1 FE16 bow icon.png E+ -
Bow Prowess Lv 2 FE16.png Bow Prowess Lv 2 FE16 bow icon.png D+ Replaces Bow Prowess Lv 1
Bow Prowess Lv 3 FE16.png Bow Prowess Lv 3 FE16 bow icon.png C+ Replaces Bow Prowess Lv 2
Bow Prowess Lv 4 FE16.png Bow Prowess Lv 4 FE16 bow icon.png B+ Replaces Bow Prowess Lv 3
Bow Prowess Lv 5.png Bow Prowess Lv 5 FE16 bow icon.png A+ Replaces Bow Prowess Lv 4
Icon Combat Art FE16 Bow.png Curved Shot FE16 bow icon.png D -
Close Counter FE16.png Close Counter FE16 bow icon.png C -
Bow Crit +10 FE16.png Bow Crit +10 FE16 bow icon.png S -
Bowfaire FE16.png Bowfaire FE16 bow icon.png S+ -
Brawling Prowess Lv 1 FE16.png Brawling Prowess Lv 1 FE16 brawl icon.png E+ -
Brawling Prowess Lv 2 FE16.png Brawling Prowess Lv 2 FE16 brawl icon.png D+ Replaces Brawling Prowess Lv 1
Brawling Prowess Lv 3 FE16.png Brawling Prowess Lv 3 FE16 brawl icon.png C+ Replaces Brawling Prowess Lv 2
Brawling Prowess Lv 4 FE16.png Brawling Prowess Lv 4 FE16 brawl icon.png B+ Replaces Brawling Prowess Lv 3
Brawling Prowess Lv 5 FE16.png Brawling Prowess Lv 5 FE16 brawl icon.png A+ Replaces Brawling Prowess Lv 4
Icon Combat Art FE16 Brawl.png Fading Blow FE16 brawl icon.png D -
Icon Combat Art FE16 Brawl.png Rushing Blow FE16 brawl icon.png C -
Combat Art Icon FE16 Special.png Healing Focus FE16 brawl icon.png B -
Brawl Crit +10 FE16.png Brawl Crit +10 FE16 brawl icon.png S -
Fistfaire FE16.png Fistfaire FE16 brawl icon.png S+ -
Reason Lv 2 FE16.png Reason Lv 2 Innate -
Reason Lv 3 FE16.png Reason Lv 3 FE16 reason icon.png C+ Replaces Reason Lv 2
Reason Lv 4 FE16.png Reason Lv 4 FE16 reason icon.png B+ Replaces Reason Lv 3
Reason Lv 5 FE16.png Reason Lv 5 FE16 reason icon.png A+ Replaces Reason Lv 4
Black Magic Range +1 FE16.png Black Magic Range +1 FE16 reason icon.png S -
Black Tomefaire FE16.png Black Tomefaire FE16 reason icon.png S+ -
Faith Lv 1.png Faith Lv 1 FE16 faith icon.png E+ -
Faith Lv 2.png Faith Lv 2 FE16 faith icon.png D+ Replaces Faith Lv 1
Faith Lv 3.png Faith Lv 3 FE16 faith icon.png C+ Replaces Faith Lv 2
Faith Lv 4.png Faith Lv 4 FE16 faith icon.png B+ Replaces Faith Lv 3
Faith Lv 5.png Faith Lv 5 FE16 faith icon.png A+ Replaces Faith Lv 4
White Magic Range +1 FE16.png White Magic Range +1 FE16 faith icon.png S -
White Tomefaire FE16.png White Tomefaire FE16 faith icon.png S+ -
Authority Lv 1.png Authority Lv 1 Innate -
Authority Lv 2.png Authority Lv 2 FE16 authority icon.png D+ Replaces Authority Lv 1
Authority Lv 3.png Authority Lv 3 FE16 authority icon.png C+ Replaces Authority Lv 2
Authority Lv 4.png Authority Lv 4 FE16 authority icon.png B+ Replaces Authority Lv 3
Authority Lv 5.png Authority Lv 5 FE16 authority icon.png A+ Replaces Authority Lv 4
Rally Resistance FE16.png Rally Resistance FE16 authority icon.png D -
Battalion Renewal FE16.png Battalion Renewal FE16 authority icon.png C -
Rally Speed FE16.png Rally Speed FE16 authority icon.png C+ -
Defensive Tactics FE16.png Defensive Tactics FE16 authority icon.png B -
Battalion Wrath FE16.png Battalion Wrath FE16 authority icon.png A -
Rally Movement FE16.pngRally Movement FE16 authority icon.png S -
Offensive Tactics FE16.png Offensive Tactics FE16 authority icon.png S+ -
Weight -3 FE16.png Weight -3 FE16 heavy armor icon.png C -
Combat Art Icon FE16 Special.png Smite FE16 heavy armor icon.png B -
Weight -5 FE16.png Weight -5 FE16 heavy armor icon.png A+ Replaces Weight -3
Armored Effect Null FE16.png Armored Effect Null FE16 heavy armor icon.png S+ -
Dexterity +4 FE16.png Dexterity +4 FE16 riding icon.png C -
Movement +1 FE16.png Movement +1 FE16 riding icon.png A+ -
Cavalry Effect Null FE16.png Cavalry Effect Null FE16 riding icon.png S+ -
Alert Stance FE16.png Alert Stance FE16 flying icon.png B -
Alert Stance+ FE16.png Alert Stance+ FE16 flying icon.png A+ Replaces Alert Stance
Flying Effect Null FE16.png Flying Effect Null FE16 flying icon.png S+ -

Recruitment[edit | edit source]

Annette will automatically be recruited if Byleth chooses to teach the Blue Lions house in chapter 1. If Byleth chose to teach any other house, Annette can transfer to their class if Byleth has a high enough Magic stat and a high enough Faith proficiency. The player can decrease the required threshold if the player has a support rank with her, and upon reaching a B+ rank she may ask to join your class on a free weekday (even if the Magic stat or Faith rank is not high enough).

Support Rank Magic Faith
None 10 B
C 8 C+
C+ 6 C
B 4 D+
B+ 2 D
A Any Any

Overall[edit | edit source]

Secret Book (Artwork).png
Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.

Annette is a Magic oriented character of the Blue Lions, tied with Mercedes in terms of their Magic growths. She has excellent Magic and Dexterity growths, but every other base stat growth are very low, giving her rather shaky growths. She is a little less fragile than Lysithea, but does not have the same high growths in Magic, Dexterity or Speed, and her Resistance is still unimpressive for a magical unit. Her Strength is a little higher than some of the other mages, but she is by no means a strong physical unit.

Annette's magic is more based on Reason with a focus on Wind spells, most notably gaining Excalibur to deal with flying enemies so Tutoring her in this is her best route, especially since she starts with a D+ proficiency. The low Weight helps her to maintain a potential to double attack a plethora of enemies and is especially useful against the high Def Fortress Knights that show up near mid game (but she'll be easily outrun by high speed units). That being said, the spells on her spell list are pretty subpar outside of Excalibur, yet her spell list consists of high-accuracy magic that should not unexpectedly miss too often. Her Faith spell pool has the standard healing Heal and later Recover, allowing her to help spread around the healing, but does not have the coveted Physic. She has access to the strongest Faith spell Abraxas which can deal powerful damage.

Aside from her Reason magic, Annette has strengths in Axes and Authority. The former may seem unusual given her poor strength growths, but her access to magic-based axes -- namely Crusher and the Bolt Axe -- make it a viable option in battle. Though only available on the Azure Moon route, Crusher is a high-might magic axe that allows her usage of the Combat Art Dust (exclusive to her without NG+), which deals effective damage to dragon units and inflicts a -5 Def penalty on her opponent, which is potentially useful in defeating dragon bosses. The Bolt Axe is a decent weapon as well; it does require a B Rank proficiency, but the Axe has 1-2 range (extended to 1-3 range when forged), making for a fantastic replacement for her lackluster offensive spells. Even if the player does not intend for Annette to make serious use of Axes, she can still benefit from passing the certification for Warrior, as it will give her a minimum 19 Strength, which can help with offsetting the Weight of her spells.

Annette's strength in Authority makes her an excellent Battalion user while unlocking her niche as a supporting Rally bot. Her Personal Skill Perseverance is a permanently equipped Rally Strength, while she unlocks Rally Resistance at Rank D, Rally Speed at C+, and Rally Movement at S, giving her the most amount of Rally skills able to be equipped on a single unit. While doing so takes up three of her skill slots, somewhat hindering her offensive prowess, the overall boost from her Rally command will prove beneficial for her allies.

While unconventional, Annette's strength in axes and authority gives her a niche as a magic-based Wyvern Lord, utilizing the Lightning Axe combat art and either the Bolt Axe or Crusher (if playing Azure Moon). The guaranteed 18 Strength and 20 Speed (in addition to the +4 modifiers) will also allow her to use physical weapons to deal with low-Defense high-Resistance enemies such as Bishops, and will supplement her rallying abilities, as she can rally an ally and fly out of danger after via Canto, most notably on open maps.

Annette's subject weaknesses do not particularly hinder her, as most Bows do not naturally fit her due to her low strength (and her spells are accurate enough already), while Heavy Armor classes do not use Reason and she has little use for Weight -3 or Weight -5. She lacks a Budding Talent, but is otherwise a potent Magic user and best suited for classes that revolve around this. She ideally follows the Monk lines of classes, more so sticking to the Mage line as she has better outcomes increasing her spell casts for Reason. Going down that path leads to the Warlock class for incredible reason output plus increased Reason uses or can go into Gremory to reduce her damage, but also give her supportive utility by increasing her Faith usage. The Priest line is viable, but nowhere near as powerful as most of the natural Priest units, namely Mercedes and Flayn. Annette also serves well in the Dark Knight class for the increased movement, access to Canto, and can use the Arrow of Indra to deal magic based damage with the class's native Lance requirement. Out of the Blue Lions, she is a great option for the Dancer class if looking to maximize as much utility out of her as possible. Dancer will allow her to refresh units and she can still maintain her quad rally skills to give her flexibility in how she supports her allies. However, choosing this class will hinder her offensive power somewhat.

Overall, Annette makes for an excellent support mage thanks to her good array of spells and having the most Rally skills in the game. She is ideal for boosting an ally before they attack, but can also dish out plenty of damage when needed. Damage-wise, however, she is inferior to Lysithea or Constance (unless using magic axes), and she lacks utility magic like Restore, Rescue or Warp.

Gift List[edit | edit source]

Gift Name Type of Gift Description Rank
Stylish Hair Clip Favorite A hair accessory from a popular manufacturer. Appreciated by fashionable women. ★★
Arithmetic Textbook Favorite A textbook for studying arithmetic with everyday examples of its use. Appreciated by those who enjoy studying. ★★★
Owl Feather Favorite A feather from a messenger owl that can be used in a variety of ways. Appreciated by everyone. ★★★
Book of Sheet Music Favorite An old collection of sheet music filled with hymns and pastoral songs. Appreciated by those who enjoy music. ★★★
Hunting Dagger Dislike A tool used for processing a catch after a hunt. Appreciated by those who enjoy hunting. ★★
Coffee Beans Dislike Beans meant to be ground and boiled into a hot beverage. Appreciated by those who enjoy bitter flavors. ★★★★
Ceremonial Sword Dislike A beautiful ceremonial sword with a mangled blade. Appreciated by weapon collectors. ★★★★

Share a Meal List[edit | edit source]

Meal Name Type of Meal Description
Grilled Herring Favorite Herring caught off the coast of Albinea, shredded and grilled in an earthenware pot with sliced turnips.
Saghert and Cream Favorite A baked confection coated with Noa fruit cream and a currant reduction, often enjoyed as a dessert at family gatherings.
Fish and Bean Soup Favorite A soup made by simmering white trout and chickpeas. A simple yet wholesome dish.
Vegetable Pasta Salad Favorite Pasta with a blend of fresh vegetables from various regions of Fódlan. This popular dish sells out almost instantly.
Spicy Fish and Turnip Stew Favorite Spicy stew made with Teutates loach and turnips. The monastery's unique recipe features spices from Dagda.
Onion Gratin Soup Favorite Onions stewed with white trout and baked with a layer of cheese on top. Will warm you up from the inside out.
Sweet and Salty Whitefish Sauté Favorite Whitefish is coated in spices and sautéed with dried tomatoes to bring out an addictive salty-sweet flavor.
Sweet Bun Trio Favorite Traditional pastries from Faerghus, known for their subtle sweetness. The dough is made with eggs and sugar.
Fruit and Herring Tart Favorite A baked tart with stewed herring and Noa fruit mixed into the batter. Popular in Enbarr, the Imperial Capital.
Pheasant Roast with Berry Sauce Favorite Well-roasted Fódlan pheasant drizzled with a berry reduction sauce.
Peach Sorbet Favorite A sorbet made with thin slices of magically frozen peach, dusted with bean flour.
Pickled Seafood and Vegetables Favorite A Dagdan dish of raw fish and turnips pickled in a vinegar-based seasoning liquid. Rarely eaten in Fódlan.
Two-Fish Sauté Favorite Two types of fish are cut into strips and sautéed in butter. This lavish meal hails from Enbarr, the Imperial Capital.
Vegetable Stir-Fry Favorite A dish of dried tomatoes, cabbage, chickpeas, and other vegetables, stir-fried with eggs. Nutritious and very filling.
Beast Meat Teppanyaki Dislike A dish that tastes like the wilderness. Thick slices of meat covered with Noa fruit and grilled on a hotplate.
Pickled Rabbit Skewers Dislike Hunks of rabbit meat are pickled in bacchus, skewered, and roasted over an open flame to create this flavorful dish.
Gautier Cheese Gratin Dislike A gratin of bird meat topped with heaps of Gautier cheese, which is famous for its low fat content. It has a unique flavor.

Lost Items[edit | edit source]

Lost Item Description
Unfinished Score Sheet music with unusual lyrics written in by hand. It probably belongs to someone who likes to sing.
School of Sorcery Book A textbook from the Kingdom’s School of Sorcery. It probably belongs to someone who went to that school.
Wax Diptych A wax diptych that has been thoroughly used. It probably belongs to someone who is zealous about studying.

Tea Party Conversations[edit | edit source]

See also: Annette/Tea Party

Supports[edit | edit source]

See also: Annette/Supports

Fire Emblem Heroes[edit | edit source]

Noblewoman of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and niece of Baron Dominic. Ever the good student, she can sometimes overdo it. Appears in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Base Stats[edit | edit source]

Rarity: ✯✯✯✯✯

Annette Heroes sprite.pngTitle
Heroes Infantry.png Infantry
FEH skill offense.png Crusher
FEH skill support.png Rally Attack
FEH Axe.png Axe

Skills[edit | edit source]

FEH skill offense.pngIron Axe---
Steel Axe-FEH Star Rarity 3.png-
Silver AxeSteel AxeFEH Star Rarity 4.pngFEH Star Rarity 3.png
CrusherSilver Axe-FEH Star Rarity 5.png
FEH skill support.pngRally Attack-FEH Star Rarity 5.png-
Rally Atk/SpdRally Attack-FEH Star Rarity 5.png
Rally Atk/Spd+Rally Atk/Spd-FEH Star Rarity 5.png
BFEH Def Res Ruse 1.png Def/Res Ruse 1--
FEH Def Res Ruse 2.png Def/Res Ruse 2FEH Def Res Ruse 1.png Def/Res Ruse 1-
FEH Def Res Ruse 3.png Def/Res Ruse 3FEH Def Res Ruse 2.png Def/Res Ruse 2FEH Star Rarity 5.png
CFEH Atk Def Gap 1.png Atk/Def Gap 1--
FEH Atk Def Gap 2.png Atk/Def Gap 2FEH Atk Def Gap 1.png Atk/Def Gap 1-
FEH Atk Def Gap 3.png Atk/Def Gap 3FEH Atk Def Gap 2.png Atk/Def Gap 2FEH Star Rarity 5.png

Overall[edit | edit source]

Secret Book (Artwork).png
Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.
Base Set[edit | edit source]

Annette is an interesting Axe Infantry unit as she has excellent offensive stats with a monstrous 39 neutral Atk and 36 neutral Spd. While her bulk is mediocre at best, they are nonetheless decent enough to help her take a hit or two from both categories. She may share similarities to other solidly offensive axe units in terms of combat, she is unlike any previous members of her type due to her personal Axe's unique effect. Annette is effectively an offensive unit that has unique utility that makes her valuable as a support unit, much like her Rally bot origins in Three Houses.

Crusher grants her a bonus 3 Atk, bringing her neutral Atk to a massive 58 without factoring ally buffs, merges or having the super asset stat boost, enough to smash through many units or at least deal damage to the most physically bulky units. However, the Axe ha the further effect of dealing adaptive damage, instead calculating damage against her opponent's lower defensive stat. While this rounds off her offensive prowess, Crusher packs a special surprise. If she uses specifically a Rally skill on an ally, she grants that unit 1 additional movement to their movement range, though it will not stack on Legendary Azura's Gray Waves effect or other movement boosting skills like Armor March and Armored Boots. While it may not revitalize her ally like Gray Waves, that skill only affects Infantry and Flier units while Crusher grants this movement boost to nearly all units except for Ranged Cavalry units. As a result, Annette's potency as a support unit gives her unparalleled synergy on teams, especially on turn limited maps as she can help jump start aggressive tactics. It also is not limited to once per turn, thus she can be Danced by another unit to use Crusher's effect more than once.

To help in get Crusher's support effect going she has Rally Atk/Spd+ which beautifully syncs with Crusher to boost her ally's overall offensive prowess on top of the bonus movement they will now have. Defense Resistance Ruse further takes advantage of her Assist buffs by further inflicting Def/Res -3 and Guard status on enemies within the four cardinal directions of her when she uses her Rally skill or if one of her allies does it to her. Attack Defense Gap grants a bonus Atk/Def +5 buff to the ally on her team with the hightest total in stats between the two.

Counters[edit | edit source]

Built around her specific, unique talents, Annette can be relatively straight forward to deal with as if she is going with her Rally Bot skill set, she will lack many common actual combat skills in exchange. She is victim to the color triangle, but since she can simply target the lower defensive stat of her enemy, trying to wall her off requires a unit who has a balanced enough to take a hit, but few can like Idunn or Sothis. Her Def is just slightly lower so once could try to duel her, but if they fail to, they can wind up taking a massive amount of damage in exchange. Range units can also achieve similar results and will not have to worry for retaliation.

Skill Inheritance[edit | edit source]
Because of Crusher's supportive effect, leaving her Rally skill is an excellent choice and she has the best option always. Glimmer or Moonbow are excellent 2 attack charging specials and nicely boosts her offensive power as a result. Fury is an excellent Skill A as its flat non-visible stat boosts makes her that much more of a threat. There are other Ruse skills available to inherit to suit the player's needs, though Attack Speed Ruse is likely Annete's best alternative if using dueling style units as the reduction to her enemies offensive stats only serves to improve her own allies abilities to take hits.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

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Heroes[edit | edit source]

Annette/Heroes Quotes

Possible Endings[edit | edit source]

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"Just a minute! The following section contains spoilers, viewing it will cost a lot. Are you prepared to pay for it?"

Annette - Bloomed Overachiever

"Annette returned to her hometown of Fhirdiad where she took up a teaching position at the Royal School of Sorcery. She was a gifted instructor, and many of her students went on to become world-renowned sages. Though her talent for teaching was remarkable in its own right, she was perhaps best remembered for effortlessly securing the trust and respect of her many students, as well as inspiring all who knew her by living a life of kindness, cheer, and humility."

Annette, Bloomed Overachiever and Byleth, Guardian of Order (Azure Moon)

"After becoming the new archbishop of the Church of Seiros, Byleth announced his marriage to Annette. His wife actively contributed to his endeavors, and it is said her wisdom was heavily relied upon during Fódlan's restoration and development. Despite her lofty position, she was known to occasionally step in as a guest speaker at the Royal School of Sorcery, where she educated many renowned sages. Though her talents were widely respected, it is said she was a bit accident-prone. Charming tales endure of her husband saving her from countless kitchen explosions, but it is unknown whether there are fact or purely fiction."

Annette, Bloomed Overachiever and Byleth, Wings of the Hegemon (Crimson Flower)

"When the fighting was over and the Officers Academy was reopened, Byleth was reinstated as a professor. His wife, Annette, took on a position alongside him teaching sorcery, and the couple spent many years educating and guiding generations of students. In their later years, they attempted to retire to a quiet life in a village near Annette's hometown. That quickly proved to be too quiet of a life for them, and so they opened up a local school and resumed teaching. They continued on as educators until the end of their long and happy lives."

Annette, Bloomed Overachiever and Byleth, Ruler of Dawn/ Wandering Flame (Verdant Wind / Silver Snow)

"After ascending the throne as the first leader of the United Kingdom of Fódlan, Byleth announced his marriage to Annette. His wife actively contributed to his endeavors, and it is said that her wisdom was heavily relied upon during Fódlan's restoration and development. Despite her lofty position, she was known to occasionally step in as a guest speaker at the Royal School of Sorcery, where she educated many renowned sages. Though her talents were widely respected, it is said she was always a bit accident-prone. Charming tales endure of her husband saving her from countless kitchen explosions, but it is unknown whether these are fact or purely fiction."

Annette, Bloomed Overachiever and Dimitri, Savior King

"After his coronation, Dimitri assumed the throne of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and spent his life ruling justly over Fódlan. At his side every step of the way was his queen, Annette, whose wisdom provided not only reliable counsel, but a whole assortment of revolutionary policies. The royal couple's sincere approach to governance earned them widespread acclaim, securing their line as a dynasty that lasted for generations to come. Their married life was said to be full of love and cheer."

Annette, Bloomed Overachiever and Claude, King of Unification

"Entrusting the future of Fódlan to his friends, Claude left for Almyra with Annette, whom he intended to marry. He announced this fact to his father, the king of Almyra, who approved of Claude's growth and Annette's wisdom and resolved to entrust the monarchy to them. Once he became king, Claude established a school of sorcery with the intent to use it as a bridge between Almyra and Fódlan. Annette took on a role as headmaster, supporting Claude's dream by opening the doors to students from every corner of the world. Relations between Almyra and Fódlan improved drastically as a result."

Annette and Linhardt

"When the Officers Academy reopened after the war, Linhardt gave up his inheritance to take on a position as a professor there. He soon married Annette, who had taken on the same job, and side by side, they helped to educate the next generation of students. Unfortunately, Annette took her teaching duties far more seriously then Linhardt, who was more concerned with his Crest research, and developed a reputation for falling asleep-sometimes more than once-during his own lectures. In their first few years as a couple she fought desperately to correct his behaviour, but later she learned to accept it, and even looked forward to finding creative ways to wake him up."

Annette and Caspar (Crimson Flower)

"In recognition of his achievements during the war, Caspar was given the title of Minister of Military Affair in the new Adrestian Empire. Though he was well-known for his valor in battle, it was his wife, Annette who reined in his recklessness and who truly kept the army in order. The troops came to see Annette as a motherly figure, and under her guidance, the Imperial army thrived. In their private life as a couple, the roles were totally reversed, as Caspar had to be the one to step in and correct Annette's various calamities around the house."

Annette and Caspar (Other routes)

"Annette returned to her hometown of Fhirdiad, where she took up a teaching position at the school of sorcery and mentored many great sages. Unfortunately, she remained prone to accidents, and one such event nearly took her life. Separated from her students in the mountains, she became totally lost–but just when it seemed she would never be found, she was rescued by none other that Caspar, who happened to be passing through on his travels around the world. After this lucky reunion, he escorted her to Firdiad, and during this his time there, the two fell in love. The couple's fateful tale inspired a generation of young, starry–eyed students."

Annette and Dedue

"Some time after the war, Dedue and Annette exchanged wedding vows in a modest ceremony and then settled down to a life in Fhirdiad. For them, after marriage stayed much the same as before. Dedue continue his duty to King Dimitri, and Annette took up a teaching position at Fhirdiad's school of sorcery. Though each gave the other space for the work that was important to them, they made sure to spend much of their free time together, and to bond over cooking and housework."

Annette and Felix (Azure Moon)

"After the war, Felix inherited the title of Duke Fraldarius from his late father, Rodrigue. Some time later, he married Annette, and the pair earned renown together by working hard at restoring their territory to and beyond its former glory. The people adored the pair: Felix for his fierce determination, and Annette for her boundless cheer. Years later, Annette threw herself into songwriting, and with the support and encouragement of her husband, she produced melodies that remained popular for generations. The lyrics became distorted over time, however, and the original meaning of the music was lost."

Annette and Felix (Other routes)

"After the war, Felix intended to abandon his noble title and make a living with his sword. On the day that he was to depart, however, he was waylaid by Annette, who begged him not to leave her behind. Instead, she proposed that they relocate to the Officers Academy when it reopened, and take up positions as teachers. When the school did reopen, it is said that the new sword instructor was notoriously harsh, but that he eventually learned to enjoy his work. He was seen to smile, on occasion, but only in the presence of the friendly professor of sorcery."

Annette and Ashe

"After the war, Ashe was formally knighted and appointed the new head of House Gaspard, which had no successors. He married Annette, and the couple's combined tenacity, intelligence, and courage proved more than a match for the many difficulties they faced in governing. Together they helped Gaspard territory flourish more than it ever had before. From his lowly origins and an orphan, Ashe grew to become a splendid knight, much beloved by his people. After he passed, his story was immortalized in a book that was authored by his beloved wife."

Annette and Mercedes

"After the war, Annette and Mercedes lived seperate lives: the former as a teacher at the school of sorcery in Fhirdiad, the latter as the proprietor of an orphanage in a village in the Faerghus region. Though they lived apart, they exchanged letters so frequently and shared their lives with one another in such detail that it was as though they were side by side. After many decades, Annette decided to resign from her post and move to the village where Mercedes lived to help run the orphanage. The life they lived there was modest, but it is said that they were happy to the very end."

Annette and Hanneman

"After the war, Annette and Hanneman both accepted teaching positions at Fhirdiad's school of sorcery. There, while educating the next generation of mages, they made great strides in their research of Crests and magic. Working side by side, the pair—formerly teacher and student, now partners and colleagues—brought great progress to the world and prestige to their institution. It is said that the wait list for students to enroll in either of their classes was notoriously long."

Annette and Gilbert

"Gustave discarded the name of Gilbert and reaffirmed his oath of fealty to King Dimitri and the royal family. After returning to Fhirdiad, he reunited with his wife, who had returned to live with Baron Dominic, and his beloved daughter, Annette, who had begun teaching at the capital's school of sorcery. Though it was initially an awkward reunion, over time the family rekindled their love for one another. As the shadow of war receded from the Kingdom, the three spent their days happily making up for lost time."
"End of spoilers. It's a pleasure doing business with you!"

Non-Canon Appearances[edit | edit source]

Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher)[edit | edit source]

Annette is illustrated in the trading card game Fire Emblem Cipher with the following cards:

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Annette is a name of French origin and is a diminutive form of Anna. The name is derivative of the Hebrew Hannah, originating from the Hebrew word Channah, meaning "favor" or "grace".

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Annette shares her English Voice actor with Laegjarn and Nanna as she appears in Heroes.
  • Annette has a unique post-timeskip battle model as a Mage and Warlock.
    • Otherwise, she uses blue colours for her classes.
  • Annette stands at 151cm (or about 4’11”), growing to 153cm (or about 5’0”) after the time skip.
    • This makes Annette the shortest student during the War Phase.
  • Caspar, Mercedes, Ferdinand, Lysithea and Annette are the only characters to be playable in all paths whose Paralogue cannot be played in all routes.
    • This also makes Annette and Mercedes the only characters whose Hero's Relic cannot be obtained in all paths.
    • In Annette's case, her Paralogue cannot be played in any route with the only exception being the Azure Moon route.
    • Of those five, Annette is the only one to not share her Paralogue with any of them. Instead, she shares her Paralogue with Gilbert, who is route exclusive.
  • Sagittae is the only Reason spell not based on wind that Annette can learn.
  • In cutscenes after the timeskip, the outfit Annette wears is her unique take on that of Mages.
  • Unused dialogue in the Azure Moon route revealed that Annette was supposed to be encountered as an enemy. Her dialogue implied that she sided with Cornelia over Dimitri to protect her uncle and her mother.
    • She shares this trait with Felix, who was also supposed to be encountered as an enemy in the Azure Moon route.
  • Annette and Ingrid's C-Support has the former mention that the latter has long legs, and this conversation has never been changed in any version. Oddly, references of this theme have been censored in other Fire Emblem games.
  • In a survey conducted by Famitsu Magazine, Annette placed 10th for females and 17th overall with 540 votes in the character popularity poll for Fire Emblem: Three Houses.
  • In the fourth survey conducted by Nintendo DREAM Magazine, Annette placed 22nd in the character popularity poll for Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The male-female vote ratio was 1:4. She ranked 22nd among those who completed the game with 23 points.
  • In the fifth survey conducted by Nintendo DREAM Magazine, Annette tied with Sothis for 22nd in the character popularity poll for Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The male-female vote ratio was 1:4. She ranked 22nd among those who completed the game with 4.2% of the vote.
  • Mamori's Officers Academy uniform in Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore is modeled after Annette's (blue tights and a blue satchel with a cream-colored strap).

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