Xenologue 14: Another Gift from AnnaEdit

  • Anna: Welcome! Thanks for stopping by! Now I know ever since you read the words "Wave 1," you wondered: what's in Wave 2? Well, good news! We're finally ready to show you! And since you've waited so patiently, I have a very special gift for you. This Paragon item gives extra experience, and we could all use more of that! But wait, there's more! Got places to be? These Boots increase your Move stat! Now how much would you pay? What if I said the Boots AND the Paragon are FREE! You heard me! That's just how much we appreciate you!

(The player receives both items)

  • Anna: There you go! Though while I've got you here... You might consider picking up the maps in the Heirs of Fate arc, hmmmm? The first one's discounted, after all! Anyway, bye now! Don't be a stranger, and don't forget your pocketbook!

(Note: If played again, a message indicating "You already have this item." will appear instead of the cutscene)

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