“A month has passed since word came of Marquess Pherae's disappearance. Rumors and speculation run rampant throughout Lycia. The head of House Ostia, Lord Uther, takes no apparent interest. The marquess's younger brother is considered odd by the populace. He and Marquess Pherae's son, Eliwood, are fast friends. A hot-blooded youth, he cannot ignore his friend's plight. Marquess Ostia's younger brother, Hector. He would one day be a courageous general, a steel warrior to be feared. The path he chooses will test him to the limits of his strength.”
—Opening Narration

Another Journey is Chapter 11H of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade.

In this chapter, you have two units -- Hector and Matthew. Generally, it's a good idea to have Hector take out the Archers with his Hand axe while Matthew Steals (when possible) or helps out with damage. Depending on how many kills he gets, it can be possible to get Hector to Level 3 or so. Either way, once Wire is the last enemy, have Hector fight him with the Wolf Beil, and you're done. Both Matthew and Hector have a special battle conversation with Wire. Wire tells Hector that he should just stay home, while Hector replies that he will crush anyone in his way, including Wire. When talking to Matthew, Wire notes how Matthew was just waiting for the Black Fang to reveal themselves, but Matthew gets scared when Wire comes to attack him.

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