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Anri is a legendary figure in the background of the Archanea Series.


When Medeus and the Dolhr Empire of Manaketes began their conquest of the continent of Archanea, Anri, a peasant who lived in the island town of Altea with his brother Marcelus, met Princess Artemis, the last surviving member of the royal family of Archanea, who was hiding from the Dolhrian forces in Altea. Anri and Artemis fell in love and Anri went on a long journey to find the Falchion in order to protect her and defeat Medeus. He eventually found the sword in the Ice Dragon Temple guarded by Gotoh, who entrusted the sword to him.

Five years later, while the legendary heroes of the Archanean army, Cartas wielding the Fire Emblem, Iote, Ordwin and Marlon, had managed to bring the fight to Dolhr, all hope seemed lost for them once the unstoppable Medeus stepped onto the battlefield. However, Anri finally returned from his long journey and slew Medeus using the Falchion after a long battle.

Despite having killed Medeus and ended the war, Anri was not allowed to marry Artemis and succeed Archanea as King due to him being a commoner. Instead, Artemis was forced to marry Duke Cartas. However, as a reward for his actions, Anri was allowed to turn his former town and the territory around it into the kingdom of Altea and became its first king. Unfortunately, he never married as he loved only Artemis, even after she died giving birth to the next heir of Archanea. Because of this, after his death, an issue of inheritance split his kingdom in two: Altea, ruled by Marcelus, and Gra.

Sixty-eight years later, during the War of Shadows and War of Heroes, Anri's indirect descendant, Marth, would come to repeat the feats of Anri by twice slaying Medeus and making a journey to the Ice Dragon Temple. The people of Archanea saw Marth as a "second coming" of Anri.


In Awakening, he is referenced in a support between Kjelle and Lucina as an ancestor of the hero-king who fought back a great evil single-handedly, which would imply that while his deeds and relation to Marth carried on throughout history, his name was all but forgotten.

Non Canon

Anri is mentioned by name in a support between Marth and Chrom in the spinoff Fire Emblem Warriors by Koei.


The name "Anri" may be the Irish Gaelic variation of the English name "Henry".


  • Anri's deeds were recorded in a literary work called the Anri Saga.
  • In Fire Emblem Heroes, Marth's Choose Your Legend Hero costume is based on Anri.