Anri's Way refers to the route which the hero Anri took to claim the Falchion.


When Anri left Altea with Gotoh to claim the Falchion, he first went through Khadein, then through unsettled territory. The area was inhabited by dragons, most of which had degenerated, or gone wild. This journey took him through deserts, across lava pools, and through barren ice-covered wastelands. Eventually, he made it to the Ice Dragon Temple, where the Falchion was being held. Once he acquired it, Gotoh assisted him in returning to Altea. He initially got the Falchion to protect Artemis, who he had to fallen in love with, but instead took it to Dolhr, where he killed Medeus with it. In Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem, Anri's Way is explained in further detail by Gotoh and Jagen. Eventually, Marth found himself following in his ancestor's footsteps to find Gotoh and bring him the 12 Starsphere shards. While walking along the path of Anri, Xane explains to him the story of the Divine Dragons, and relates it to Anri's quest. When Marth arrives at the Ice Dragon Temple, Gotoh gives him the Lightsphere in addition to fusing the shards; this was used in part to revive Tiki, who had been sleeping there. Eventually, Marth used the spheres to defeat Hardin, recreate the Binding Shield, and slay Medeus for good.

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