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Anthony is a non-playable character from Fire Emblem Fates. One of Anankos' servants, he poses as a hapless civilian in order to gain the trust of Corrin.



Anthony first appears at the end of Chapter 19, claiming to have escaped the Valla capital. After apparently being convinced by Corrin to take them to the capital, Anthony leads them into an area with collapsing bridges, nearly killing Takumi. While Ryoma and Xander warn Corrin to be careful with their treatment of Anthony, they decide to put their trust in them.

In Chapter 21, Anthony leads Corrin into yet another trap in an unidentified set of ruins, where they are ambushed by a horde of Vallite enemies. At this point, however, Corrin has already begun to distrust Anthony, and had, prior to being led into the trap, taken the precaution of stationing their allies in close quarters. Having failed to accomplish his mission twice thus far, Anthony is no longer deemed to be of use to Anankos, who promptly transforms him into a Faceless. Anthony is subsequently killed by Corrin's party in the battle that ensues.


Not much is known about Anthony prior to the events of Fates, but from his involvement with the plot, a few aspects about his character can be observed. The most prominent of these is his calculated cunningness, one that he unhesitatingly utilizes in order to achieve his goals. This fact is proven through the façade of haplessness that he stages in a bid to trick Corrin into believing in his guidance.

This may not be an accurate representation of Anthony's personality, however; through his mental interactions with Anankos, it can be observed that Anthony visibly panics and stammers, unable to express his thoughts coherently. This points towards the fact that Anthony's actions are primarily influenced by a deep-seated fear of Anankos, one that sees him casting aside his morals for the sake of self-preservation.


As an Enemy[]

Revelation Chapter 21 - Going Forward[]


Help Description[]

An underling of the Vallite king, transformed into a monster.

Chapter 21 (Revelation)[]

Battle Quote[]

—Anthony's battle quote

Death Quote[]

“Please... P-please...”
—Anthony's death quote.


Anthony's name is likely derived from Mark Antony or Mark Anthony, a Roman general who's most known for his love affair with Cleopatra.


  • He shares his English voice actress, Kris Zimmerman, with Cassita and Arete in Fates.
  • Anthony has a complete set of head map sprites, including healing and mounted head sprites, possibly indicating he was going to be a Revelation exclusive playable character at one point in development. He shares this trait with Mikoto, Sumeragi, Arete, and Iago.