Aquleia is the capital of Etruria. It is the intellectual center of not only Etruria but also Elibe, boasting the most advanced civilization. During the war with Bern, Etruria was overthrown by coup d'etat forces and handed over to Bern, making Aquleia the central pillar its military grasp. Aquleia was soon after liberated by Roy and the Lycian Alliance Army.

Religious AquleiaEdit

Aquleia also serves as the primary location of the church of Saint Elimine and serves as the location for the Tower of the Saint.


The city possibly refers to the Ancient Roman city of Aquileia, which served as a frontier fortress at the north-east corner of transpadane Italy and was intended to protect the Veneti, faithful Roman allies, during the Illyrian Wars and act as a buttress to check the advance of other warlike people, such as the hostile tribes of Carni and Histri.

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