Aramgraz (アラムグルズ Aramugurazu) was a Lazberian priest during the time after the fall of the Lazberian Empire. He was the founder of the Republic of Eltana, the precursor state to the Kingdom of Veria.

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Aramgraz was descended from the handful of Lazberians who had been exiled for opposing the Empire's oppressive caste system and thus had survived the Empire's destruction. These people, among the many freed slaves, had founded the Free Commonwealth of Veria in the region south of modern Leia, Ishs, and Pesil, and they were ardent worshipers of the goddess Veria.

During the Commonwealth's initial period of struggle against the newly-formed Raze Empire, Aramgraz called for attempts at diplomacy and peaceful resolution to the fighting. Despite this, the bloodshed continued, so he instead gathered over a hundred thousand migrants and led them westward into uncharted territory, far away from the Empire's reach.

The migrants eventually came to a region of forested plains west of the Sevall River, where they founded a city-state called the Republic of Eltana, named after a mythical promised land. He died on the 14th day of the 11th month of the 27th year of the Raze Calendar, corresponding to the first day of the new Verian Calendar. His disciples went on to found the Church of Veria based on his teachings, and his granddaughter Valentia became the Church's first leader, the Apostle Valentia.

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After his death, Aramgraz's granddaughter Valentia went on to lead the Republic of Eltana alongside the senators, and she was the first to be called the Apostle. She and her descendants were said to be able to hear the voice of the goddess Veria and make prophecies to help lead the people of the Republic. The line of the Apostle has continued for many generations, the most recent being Sanacia Fille Bronte, the 27th Apostle.

The Republic of Eltana that Aramgraz established eventually transitioned into the Kingdom of Veria during the tumultuous period of warfare in the time of Apostle Valentia.

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  • Aramgraz can be seen as a loose parallel to Lehran from the Tellius Series, as he is the progenitor of the line of the Apostle whose granddaughter became the first official Apostle.
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