“Lord Grima demands blood! All things unto Lord Grima!”

Ardri (カーン Kan, Karn in the Japanese version) is an enemy boss character from Fire Emblem Awakening.

Profile Edit

Ardri appears in Paralogue 20 and is one of the many criminal priests that make up the Grimleal. Per the beliefs of the religion, Ardri has been regularly kidnapping young women and using them as human sacrifices for Grima. When a village the Grimleal have already terrorized before, contacts Chrom and the Shepherds to stop the evil cult from claiming more victims, it is revealed a young woman that escaped from the Grimleal, is actually Emmeryn, who survived her fall in Plegia. Ardri and his cult appears, intent on taking Emmeryn back for their sacrifice. He and his cult fight the Shepherds, only to be defeated and killed, saving Emmeryn and the village.

He shares the same portrait with fellow Grimleal Chalard.

In GameEdit


Starting Class
FE13 Generic Enemy Sorcerer (M) Map SpriteSorcerer
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
FE13CurseHexTomeIconFE13Tome - BWaste FE13Waste
Mire (FE13)Mire
Talisman FE13Talisman*

*Dropped when defeated


“All things...unto...”
—Ardri's death quote


  • Ardri has several curious oversights in the gameplay.
    • Like the rest of the enemies in Paralogue 20, he uses Risen voice clips in battle, despite not being a Risen. It is likely the enemies of the map were originally intended to be Risen.
    • Strangely enough, when fighting Ardri, rather than showing the chathead with pre-battle dialogue, his whole portrait is shown instead. This also occurs after he is killed.

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