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“When Corrin's army nears the Vallite castle, they encounter Azura's mother, Arete. She is defeated and withdraws, but her presence shocks Azura.”
—Opening Narration

Arete Undone (眷属シェンメイ Kenzoku Shenmei lit. Servant Shen Mei in the Japanese version) is Chapter 23 of Fire Emblem Fates in the Revelation Version. This chapter takes place in Floating Bridge.


The script for this chapter can be found here.


Dropped Items

Chest Items


Like the last chapter, the goal of this map is to seize the fortress Arete is standing on.

The enemy units consist of basically every enemy unit type there is. Arete, the boss, is equiped with Fortify and Enfeeble. Enfeeble is limited to 4 uses. Scarlet also appears as an undead unit wielding a steel Axe and a Tomahawk. A unique conversation will occur if a battle between her and Ryoma is initiated where she thanks the player for ending her life. Sparing her does not change the plot.

The gimmick of this map are the floating stone blocks. Each stone block can hold 4 units and will move at the end of each turn to the closest stone area of each floating island. To get around this, you may use flying units to carry more units across if you do not wish to separate your forces. Beware of the few snipers however.

None of the enemy units carry chest keys in this chapter so you will need to bring a unit with locktouch or your own chest keys to access the Chest items on this map.

Other than that, this map is fairly similar to the previous map Memories . Kill Arete and Seize the fortress.


Reinforcements start on Turn 11 and come every 3 turns until turn 23.

Difficulty: Normal

  • Turn 11: A Master Ninja appears in the fortress on the Middle Far Left island.
  • Turn 14: A Basara and a Mechanist appear in the 2 fortresses on the bottom left island.
  • Turn 17: A Master Ninja appears in the fortress on the top right island and a Master of Arms appears in the fortress on the middle right island.
  • Turn 20: A Master Ninja and a Merchant appear in the fortresses on the very center island.
  • Turn 23: 2 Falcon Knights appear on the fortresses on the upper middle island

Difficulty: Lunatic