Chapter 23: Arete Undone Edit

Before Battle Edit

  • Ryoma: Hrm...
  • Corrin: Ryoma, is something the matter? You look lost in thought.
  • Ryoma: Ah, Corrin... I was just thinking about Scarlet. If she were still alive and with us, I'm sure she'd do something to dispel this mood.
  • Corrin: Yeah... I think you're right.
  • Ryoma: Though there's something bothering me about Scarlet's death, Corrin. I've been trying to find the right time to bring it up...
  • Corrin: What is it?
  • Ryoma: I need to know who killed her.
  • Gunter: Ah, so you're curious about that as well, Prince Ryoma.
  • Ryoma: Indeed.
  • Corrin: What do you mean? Wasn't it a random Vallite soldier that killed her?
  • Ryoma: Not a random soldier, Corrin. A spy. Scarlet's most likely one of us.
  • Corrin: That can't be!
  • Ryoma: Think about it. We were the only ones who jumped off that bridge.
  • Gunter: And you said yourself that you and Scarlet were attacked as you were falling, milord/milady.
  • Corrin: Ah, I see now what you mean...
  • Ryoma: For you to be ambushed as you fell... The killer must have jumped with our group. You've wanted us all to trust each other, so I didn't want to say anything... At least, not until I was certain.
  • Corrin: I appreciate that, Ryoma.
  • Ryoma: However, it's possible that we'll encounter even stronger resistance from here on in. We may even reach Anankos soon.
  • Gunter: It would be tragic if someone were to betray us during our final battle.
  • Corrin: But we have no idea who the traitor could be. What can we do?
  • Ryoma: I'm sorry, Corrin. I don't have an answer right now. Don't lose faith in those that have pledged to follow you. Just...keep this conversation in mind.
  • Corrin: All right. Thank you for bringing this to me, Ryoma.

(Scene transition to battle map. Arete teleports to the group.)

  • Arete: You must leave this place at once. I will not allow you to approach the castle. Leave, or I will destroy you.
  • Corrin: Arete!
  • Azura: We won't leave. You must let us pass.
  • Arete: Another fight, then? I knew you wouldn't listen to reason. That's why I brought a friend of yours.
  • Corrin: What are you talking about?
  • Arete: Not to worry—if you live long enough, you'll understand.

(Arete teleports away)

  • Corrin: Here we go, everyone!

Battle Begins Edit

Engaging Scarlet Edit

Pre-Battle Edit
—Scarlet's Revelation Chapter 23 pre-battle quote.
vs. Corrin Edit
  • Scarlet: ...
  • Corrin: can't be! Scarlet?! So you're who Arete was talking about when she mentioned a friend of ours... This is beyond cruel. I'm sorry, Scarlet... I know that, in this state, you'd want me to defeat you. I won't let them use you to take my life—not after you gave yours to save it.
vs. Ryoma Edit
  • Scarlet:...
  • Ryoma: This feels so familiar. that you, Scarlet? No, it can't be... This may be Scarlet's form, but the woman herself is long gone. Even knowing that, I... I can't... Forgive me, Scarlet. At the very least, I will give you peace...
Defeated Edit
“Thank... Thank you...”
—Scarlet's Revelation Chapter 23 defeat quote.

Engaging Arete Edit

Pre-Battle Edit
“I will not allow you to go any farther. If you try, I will kill you.”
—Arete's Revelation Chapter 23 pre-battle quote.
vs. Azura Edit
  • Arete: Why is it that looking at you gives me such an incredible headache?
  • Azura: I... Could it be...
  • Arete: No matter—killing you will make the pain go away. Prepare yourself for the next world.
  • Azura: After our last encounter, I readied myself for this moment. I knew that, if we met again, I might have to be the one to take you down.
Defeated Edit
—Arete's Revelation Chapter 23 defeat quote.

After Battle Edit

(Arete lies on the ground. Corrin and the group stand before her)

  • Arete: Azura...
  • Azura: Did she...just say my name?
  • Arete: Come closer, Azura...
  • Azura: M-Mother? It can't be. You remember who I am?
  • Arete: Soon... body and soul will disappear... I'll be...forever released from...Anankos's control... Ah, my sweet Azura... I finally...remember you...
  • Azura: Can it be true? Is that really you, Mother?
  • Ryoma: Azura, wait! This could be another trap!
  • Azura: But... It might not be. What do I do?
  • Corrin: Azura, you know.
  • Azura: Corrin... You're right, of course... I will trust that this is my mother—that she is telling the truth!

(Scene translation. Azura holds Arete)

  • Azura: Mother...
  • Arete: Azura... You've grown so much.
  • Azura: At last you remember me. I've missed you so much...
  • Arete: I'm sorry for leaving you. You've been suffering alone for so long.
  • Azura: No, I was never alone. I've had the royal children from Nohr and Hoshido by my side. And others have joined to help me, too.
  • Arete: That's wonderful... I wish I had more time... I can feel myself slipping away...

(Arete dies by evaporating away and dissolves into water)

  • Azura: Mother! You can't! I just got you back. Don't go!
  • Arete: Azura... I'm so proud of you. Thank you for being my little girl... I'm glad I saw you one last time. I love you so much, Azura.
  • Azura: Mother? Mother!
  • Ryoma: I'm so sorry, Azura...
  • Xander: ...
  • Corrin: I won't forgive him. Anankos will pay for doing this.
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