Chapter 23: Arete Undone Edit

Before Battle Edit

  • Ryoma: Hrm.../Hrm.
  • Corrin: Ryoma, is something the matter? You look lost in thought.
  • Ryoma: Ah, Corrin... I was just thinking about Scarlet. If she were still alive and with us, I'm sure she'd do something to dispel this mood.
  • Corrin: Yeah... I think you're right.
  • Ryoma: Though there's something bothering me about Scarlet's death, Corrin. I've been trying to find the right time to bring it up...
  • Corrin: What is it?
  • Ryoma: I need to know who killed her.
  • Gunter: Ah, so you're curious about that as well, Prince Ryoma.
  • Ryoma: Indeed.
  • Corrin: What do you mean? Wasn't it a random Vallite soldier that killed her?
  • Ryoma: Not a random soldier, Corrin. A spy. Scarlet's most likely one of us.
  • Corrin: That can't be!
  • Ryoma: Think about it. We were the only ones who jumped off that bridge.
  • Gunter: And you said yourself that you and Scarlet were attacked as you were falling, milord/milady.
  • Corrin: Ah, I see now what you mean...
  • Ryoma: For you to be ambushed as you fell... The killer must have jumped with our group. You've wanted us all to trust each other, so I didn't want to say anything... At least, not until I was certain.
  • Corrin: I appreciate that, Ryoma.
  • Ryoma: However, it's possible that we'll encounter even stronger resistance from here on in. We may even reach Anankos soon.
  • Gunter: It would be tragic if someone were to betray us during our final battle.
  • Corrin: But we have no idea who the traitor could be. What can we do?
  • Ryoma: I'm sorry, Corrin. I don't have an answer right now. Don't lose faith in those that have pledged to follow you. Just...keep this conversation in mind.
  • Corrin: All right. Thank you for bringing this to me, Ryoma.

(Scene transition to battle map. Arete teleports in)

  • Arete: You must leave this place at once. I will not allow you to approach the castle. Leave, or I will destroy you.
  • Corrin: Arete!
  • Azura: We won't leave. You must let us pass.
  • Arete: Another fight, then? I knew you wouldn't listen to reason. That's why I brought a friend of yours.
  • Corrin: What are you talking about?
  • Arete: Not to worry—if you live long enough, you'll understand.

(Arete teleports away)

  • Corrin: Here we go, everyone!

Battle Conversations Edit

Against Scarlet Edit

Pre-Battle Edit
—Scarlet's Revelation Chapter 23 pre-battle quote.
vs. Corrin Edit
  • Scarlet: ...
  • Corrin: can't be! Scarlet?! So you're who Arete was talking about when she mentioned a friend of ours... This is beyond cruel. I'm sorry, Scarlet... I know that, in this state, you'd want me to defeat you. I won't let them use you to take my life—not after you gave yours to save it.
vs. Ryoma Edit
  • Scarlet:...
  • Ryoma: This feels so familiar. that you, Scarlet? No, it can't be... This may be Scarlet's form, but the woman herself is long gone. Even knowing that, I... I can't... Forgive me, Scarlet. At the very least, I will give you peace...
Defeated Edit
“Thank... Thank you...”
—Scarlet's Revelation Chapter 23 defeat quote.

Against Arete Edit

Pre-Battle Edit
“I will not allow you to go any farther. If you try, I will kill you.”
—Arete's Revelation Chapter 23 pre-battle quote.
vs. Azura Edit
  • Arete: Why is it that looking at you gives me such an incredible headache?
  • Azura: I... Could it be...
  • Arete: No matter—killing you will make the pain go away. Prepare yourself for the next world.
  • Azura: After our last encounter, I readied myself for this moment. I knew that, if we met again, I might have to be the one to take you down.
Defeated Edit
—Arete's Revelation Chapter 23 defeat quote.

After Battle Edit

  • Arete: Azura...
  • Azura: Did she...just say my name?
  • Arete: Come closer, Azura...
  • Azura: M-Mother? It can't be. You remember who I am?
  • Arete: Soon... body and soul will disappear... I'll be...forever released from...Anankos's control... Ah, my sweet Azura... I finally...remember you...
  • Azura: Can it be true? Is that really you, Mother?
  • Ryoma: Azura, wait! This could be another trap!
  • Azura: But... It might not be. What do I do?
  • Corrin: Azura, you know.
  • Azura: Corrin... You're right, of course... I will trust that this is my mother—that she is telling the truth!

(Azura holds Arete)

  • Azura: Mother...
  • Arete: Azura... You've grown so much.
  • Azura: At last you remember me. I've missed you so much...
  • Arete: I'm sorry for leaving you. You've been suffering alone for so long.
  • Azura: No, I was never alone. I've had the royal children from Nohr and Hoshido by my side. And others have joined to help me, too.
  • Arete: That's wonderful... I wish I had more time... I can feel myself slipping away...
  • Azura: Mother! You can't! I just got you back. Don't go!
  • Arete: Azura... I'm so proud of you. Thank you for being my little girl... I'm glad I saw you one last time. I love you so much, Azura.
  • Azura: Mother? Mother!
  • Ryoma: I'm so sorry, Azura...
  • Xander: ...
  • Corrin: I won't forgive him. Anankos will pay for doing this.
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