Arial (エリアル Eriaru, fan translated as Erial) is a location from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. It was a city in Leda until it was invaded by the Zoa Empire during the Leda Liberation War. Under the Empire's tyrannical rule, the citizens suffered. Eventually, it was liberated by Temzin, whom the people asked to become their king. Despite his intention of refusing, Temzin was forced to accept his new position. In the following year, it switched from the rule of the people to a monarchy.

Known People from ArialEdit

  • Temzin - The king of Arial and a former soldier of Zoa.
  • Katrina - The daughter of Temzin and wife of Samson.
  • Samson - The husband of Katrina and Temzin's son-in-law.
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