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Not to be confused with Ares from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War

“Arless always tried to fight for what he believed in, even if it meant going against Father. Like when he arranged for you to be taken in by the Kingdom of Sofia after your mother passed away.”
—Barker talking about Arless to Reshe

Arless (アーレス Āresu) is a background character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. He was the eldest son of King Bahanuke of Canaan and the older brother of Barker, Julius, and Reshe. He was also the husband of Serene and the father of Sennet and Neyfa. Along with his brothers, he is said to be one of the three stars of Canaan. Additionally, he was one of the Twelve Heroes who fought in the Leda Liberation War. It is mentioned that he often quarreled with Bahanuke in defense of Reshe.

Two years prior to the game's events, Arless was killed by the Water Dragon Muse along with his sworn friend, Duke Glamdr of Razelia, and thousands of other people during a peace conference in Nolzeria. However, the people of Canaan believe that he was betrayed and slain by Reeve.