Armads (アルマーズ Arumāzu) is one of eight Legendary Weapons of Elibe, and is the most formidable Axe in the Elibe Series of Fire Emblem. Forged during the Scouring for the purpose of slaying Manaketes, Armads was first wielded by Durban the Berserker, an individual who later founded the Western Isles.


Also known as the "Thunder Axe", Armads was sealed in a cave located on the Western Isles following the conclusion of the Scouring.

During the events of Rekka no Ken, the seal imposed on the cave is broken by Bramimond, granting Hector passage into its depths to retrieve Armads. After being subjected to a gruelling trial, Hector succeeds in earning the right to claim the axe. As he attempts to do so, the spirit of Durban emerges, warning him that in doing so, he will not die "peacefully, but in battle". Brashly asserting that he is willing to go to any lengths for Eliwood's sake, Hector assumes ownership of Armads and wields it to end Nergal's influence on Elibe.

Twenty years later, as depicted in Binding Blade, Durban's warning proves to be true, as Hector, now the leader of the Lycian League, is ultimately killed by wounds inflicted by King Zephiel when he ambushes the Lycian army at Araphen in Chapter 3. At the time, however, Armads is not in Hector's possession, it having been returned to the Western Isles some two decades previously. Subsequent to this tragedy, Roy's army can recover it from its resting place in the isles in Chapter 12x. Any unit with an S-level proficiency in axes can wield the Armads in this game, although it is never specified if any of the wielders will follow after Hector's example and die violently.

The Armads returns in Awakening, where it noticeably assumes a skeletal appearance, with what appears to be the structure of a hand clutching a red orb at its base.

Weapon Stats

Fire Emblem: Binding Blade

Template:WeaponStatFE5-11 |Armads Armads |Axe Axe |S |20 |18 |75% |0% |1 |13 |1 | - |Grants its user a bonus of +5 Defense. |}

Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken

Template:WeaponStatFE5-11 |Armads Armads |Axe Axe |Prf* |25 |18 |85% |0% |1 |18 |1 | - |Grants its user a bonus of +5 Defense. |} * - Preference = Hector

Fire Emblem: Awakening

Template:WeaponStatFE12-13 |Armads FE13 Icon Armads |AxeIconFE13 Axe |A |25 |17 |80% |10% |1 |? | - |Grants its user a bonus of +5 Defense. |}

Item Locations

Fire Emblem: Binding Blade

Method Location
Event Ch. 12x - End of chapter.

Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken

Method Location
Inventory Athos

Fire Emblem: Awakening

Method Location
Treasure Xeno. 15 - Random from Chest.
SpotPass Bonus Item Available for download from the following dates onwards:
30th August 2012 JP
7th February 2013 NA
1st August 2013 EU


  • Armads is displayed behind Durandal on the title screen in Rekka no Ken.
  • When equipped by Hector, Armads displays unique attack and critical attack animations which seem to reflect on its unusual size and weight; a unique song, called Blessing of the Eight Generals, also plays.
  • If Hector has not yet been promoted when he equips Armads (which can only be done in Eliwood's mode), he is not given an alternate attacking animation.
  • In Awakening, Armads' appearance is akin to a scythe.


The name "Armads" comes from Almace, the legendary sword of Archbishop Turpin, one of Charlemagne's Twelve Peers. Durban is also an alteration of the name Turpin, making the pairing of Durban and Armads fit in nicely with the legend.


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