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The following is a list of artists for Fire Emblem Heroes. Many of the artists have illustrated characters for previous games, especially Awakening, Fates and 0 (Cipher). Some names in-game are in Japanese order.


Character Artist
Portrait Alfonse Heroes.png Alfonse Yusuke Kozaki
Portrait Sharena Heroes.png Sharena Yusuke Kozaki
Portrait Anna Heroes.png Anna Yusuke Kozaki
Portrait Gustav Heroes.png Gustav Yusuke Kozaki
Portrait Gustav Exsanguinator Heroes.png Gustav Yusuke Kozaki
Portrait Henriette Heroes.png Henriette Yusuke Kozaki
Portrait Ash Heroes.png Ash Yusuke Kozaki
Portrait Veronica Heroes.png Veronica Yusuke Kozaki
Portrait Bruno Heroes.png Bruno Yusuke Kozaki
Portrait Letizia Heroes.png Letizia Yusuke Kozaki
Portrait Elm Heroes.png Elm Yusuke Kozaki
Portrait Nifl Heroes.png Nifl Suzuhito Yasuda
Portrait Fjorm Heroes.png Fjorm Maeshima Shigeki
Portrait Fjorm Ice Ascendant Heroes.png Fjorm (Ice Ascendant) Maeshima Shigeki
Portrait Gunnthra Heroes.png Gunnthrá Maeshima Shigeki
Portrait Hríd Heroes.png Hríd Maeshima Shigeki
Portrait Ylgr Heroes.png Ylgr Maeshima Shigeki
Portrait Múspell Heroes.png Múspell Suzuhito Yasuda
Portrait Surtr Heroes.png Surtr Maeshima Shigeki
Portrait Laegjarn Heroes.png Laegjarn Maeshima Shigeki
Portrait Laegjarn Flame Ascendant Heroes.png Laegjarn (Flame Ascendant) PenekoR
Portrait Laevatein Heroes.png Laevatein Maeshima Shigeki
Portrait Helbindi Heroes.png Helbindi Maeshima Shigeki
Portrait Hel Heroes.png Hel Yusuke Kozaki
Portrait Eir Heroes.png Eir Yusuke Kozaki
Portrait Líf Heroes.png Líf Yusuke Kozaki
Portrait Thrasir Heroes.png Thrasir Yusuke Kozaki
Portrait Peony Heroes.png Peony Yoshiku
Portrait Mirabilis Heroes.png Mirabilis Yoshiku
Portrait Freyr Heroes.png Freyr Yoshiku
Portrait Triandra Heroes.png Triandra Yoshiku
Portrait Plumeria Heroes.png Plumeria Yoshiku
Portrait Freyja Heroes.png Freyja Yoshiku
Portrait Reginn Heroes.png Reginn Yusuke Kozaki
Portrait Fáfnir Heroes.png Fáfnir Yusuke Kozaki
Portrait Ótr Heroes.png Ótr Yusuke Kozaki
Portrait Eitri Heroes.png Eitri Yusuke Kozaki
Portrait Dagr Heroes.png Dagr Yusuke Kozaki
Portrait Nótt Heroes.png Nótt Yusuke Kozaki
Portrait Loki Heroes.png Loki Maeshima Shigeki
Portrait Thórr Heroes.png Thórr Maeshima Shigeki
Portrait Marth Heroes.png Marth Sachiko Wada
Portrait Resplendent Marth Heroes.png Marth (Resplendent) Tobi
Portrait Marth Hero-King Heroes.png Marth (Hero-King) Daisuke Izuka
Portrait Male Kris Heroes.png Kris (Male) Daisuke Izuka
Portrait Female Kris Heroes.png Kris (Female) Daisuke Izuka
Portrait Jagen Heroes.png Jagen Yamada Akihiro
Portrait Cain Heroes.png Cain Meka
Portrait Abel Heroes.png Abel Sasashima Suisei
Portrait Draug Heroes.png Draug Itagaki Hako
Portrait Gordin Heroes.png Gordin Itagaki Hako
Portrait Luke Heroes.png Luke Daisuke Izuka
Portrait Roderick Heroes.png Roderick Itagaki Hako
Portrait Norne Heroes.png Norne kaya8
Portrait Caeda Heroes.png Caeda HAKO
Portrait Resplendent Caeda Heroes.png Caeda (Resplendent) LAL!ROLE
Portrait Caeda Beloved Queen Heroes.png Caeda (Beloved Queen) ichikawa Halu
Portrait Oguma Heroes.png Ogma Yamada Akihiro
Portrait Barst Heroes.png Barst Sachiko Wada
Portrait Linde Heroes.png Linde Kippu
Portrait Resplendent Linde Heroes.png Linde (Resplendent) Satoru Miyamoto
Portrait Jeorge Heroes.png Jeorge Mayo
Portrait Astram Heroes.png Astram AKIRA
Portrait Michalis Heroes.png Michalis Daisuke Izuka
Portrait Minerva Heroes.png Minerva Daisuke Izuka
Portrait Resplendent Minerva Heroes.png Minerva (Resplendent) yoshihisa
Portrait Maria Heroes.png Maria kaya8
Portrait Palla Heroes.png Palla cuboon
Portrait Catria Heroes.png Catria Amagaitaro
Portrait Est Heroes.png Est Miwabe Sakura
Portrait Resplendent Est Heroes.png Est (Resplendent) Konfuzi Kokon
Portrait Julian Heroes.png Julian Kotaro Yamada
Portrait Lena Heroes.png Lena Kousei Horiguchi
Portrait Merric Heroes.png Merric Mizuno Kana
Portrait Resplendent Merric Heroes.png Merric (Resplendent) Nekomochi / Trys Co., Ltd.
Portrait Hardin Dark Emperor Heroes.png Hardin (Dark Emperor) Daisuke Izuka
Portrait Wolf Heroes.png Wolf sachie
Portrait Sedgar Heroes.png Sedgar motsutsu / Trys Inc.
Portrait Vyland Heroes.png Vyland Yamada Kotaro
Portrait Roshea Heroes.png Roshea Kano Akira
Portrait Camus Heroes.png Camus Suekane Kumiko
Portrait Sirius Heroes.png Sirius Suekane Kumiko
Portrait Sheena Heroes.png Sheena Mayo
Portrait TikiYoung Heroes.png Tiki Ito Noizi
Portrait Resplendent TikiYoung Heroes.png Tiki (Resplendent) Miwabe Sakura
Portrait Tiki Legendary Dragon Heroes.png Tiki (Legendary Dragon) Enkyo Yuichiro
Portrait Tiki Torpid Dragon Heroes.png Tiki (Torpid Dragon) lack
Portrait Nagi Heroes.png Nagi Okaya
Portrait Bantu Heroes.png Bantu Yamada Akihiro
Portrait Eremiya Heroes.png Eremiya Homare
Portrait Katarina Heroes.png Katarina kaya8
Portrait Clarisse Heroes.png Clarisse Yura
Portrait Legion Heroes.png Legion nabe
Portrait Navarre Heroes.png Navarre Yura
Portrait Phina Heroes.png Phina Mayo
Portrait Wrys Heroes.png Wrys pikomaro
Portrait Athena Heroes.png Athena Miyuu
Portrait Malice Heroes.png Malice Chiko
Portrait Gharnef Heroes.png Gharnef HACCAN
Portrait Medeus Heroes.png Medeus Daisuke Izuka
Portrait Alm Heroes.png Alm Arai Teruko
Portrait Resplendent Alm Heroes.png Alm (Resplendent) Nishiki Areku
Portrait Alm Saint-King Heroes.png Alm (Saint-King) Arai Teruko
Portrait Lukas Heroes.png Lukas cuboon
Portrait Resplendent Lukas Heroes.png Lukas (Resplendent) Itō Mio
Portrait Gray Heroes.png Gray kawasumi
Portrait Tobin Heroes.png Tobin kaya8
Portrait Kliff Heroes.png Kliff Tobi
Portrait Faye Heroes.png Faye Konfuzi Kokon
Portrait Resplendent Faye Heroes.png Faye (Resplendent) Mikuro
Portrait Silque Heroes.png Silque lack
Portrait Clair Heroes.png Clair Takagi Masafumi
Portrait Clive Heroes.png Clive Tobi
Portrait Forsyth Heroes.png Forsyth Sainosuke
Portrait Python Heroes.png Python Suda Ayaka
Portrait Celica Heroes.png Celica Akira Fujikawa
Portrait Resplendent Celica Heroes.png Celica (Resplendent) Kae Yamaguchi
Portrait Celica Imprisoned Soul Heroes.png Celica (Imprisoned Soul) Akira Fujikawa
Portrait Celica Queen of Valentia Heroes.png Celica (Queen of Valentia) Geso Umiu
Portrait Mae Heroes.png Mae Gaou
Portrait Boey Heroes.png Boey Aoji
Portrait Genny Heroes.png Genny Amagaitaro
Portrait Saber Heroes.png Saber PenekoR
Portrait Resplendent Saber Heroes.png Saber (Resplendent) Ko Shimomura
Portrait Valbar Heroes.png Valbar Homazo
Portrait Leon Heroes.png Leon Miyajima Haru
Portrait Luthier Heroes.png Luthier maCo
Portrait Mathilda Heroes.png Mathilda Okaya
Portrait Delthea Heroes.png Delthea Miwabe Sakura
Portrait Resplendent Delthea Heroes.png Delthea (Resplendent) kawasumi
Portrait Delthea Tatarrah's Puppet Heroes.png Delthea (Tatarrah's Puppet) Umiu Geso
Portrait Palla Kind Eldest Sister Heroes.png Palla (Shadows of Valentia) teffish
Portrait Catria Mild Middle Sister Heroes.png Catria (Shadows of Valentia) Kakage
Portrait Sonya Heroes.png Sonya Yura
Portrait Resplendent Sonya Heroes.png Sonya (Resplendent) PenekoR
Portrait Tatiana Heroes.png Tatiana Ichikawa Haru
Portrait Zeke Heroes.png Zeke Kotaro Yamada
Portrait Conrad Heroes.png Conrad Teita
Portrait Berkut Heroes.png Berkut Asatani Tomoyo
Portrait Berkut Purgatorial Prince Heroes.png Berkut (Purgatorial Prince) Asatani Tomoyo
Portrait Fernand Heroes.png Fernand Asatani Tomoyo
Portrait Duma Heroes.png Duma Yoneko
Portrait Mila Heroes.png Mila Yamada Akihiro
Portrait Sigurd Heroes.png Sigurd Sata
Portrait Sigurd Fated Holy Knight Heroes.png Sigurd (Fated Holy Knight) Rika Suzuki
Portrait Arden Heroes.png Arden Soeda Ippei
Portrait Arvis Heroes.png Arvis Teita
Portrait Azelle Heroes.png Azelle Tobi
Portrait Lex Heroes.png Lex Shimomura Watari
Portrait Tailtiu Heroes.png Tailtiu Shioemon/INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS
Portrait Resplendent Tailtiu Heroes.png Tailtiu (Resplendent) kaya8
Portrait Quan Heroes.png Quan Aoji
Portrait Ethlyn Heroes.png Ethlyn kaya8
Portrait Ayra Heroes.png Ayra Asatani Tomoyo
Portrait Jamke Heroes.png Jamke Suekane Kumiko
Portrait Lewyn Heroes.png Lewyn Suda Ayaka
Portrait Eldigan Heroes.png Eldigan PenekoR
Portrait Resplendent Eldigan Heroes.png Eldigan (Resplendent) Rika Suzuki
Portrait Lachesis Heroes.png Lachesis Miwabe Sakura
Portrait Resplendent Lachesis Heroes.png Lachesis (Resplendent) Irasutoya
Portrait Annand Heroes.png Annand Mayo
Portrait Díthorba Heroes.png Díthorba Yoneko
Portrait Erinys Heroes.png Erinys Kakage
Portrait Deirdre Heroes.png Deirdre Haimura Kiyotaka
Portrait Resplendent Deirdre Heroes.png Deirdre (Resplendent) Yu Sakuragawa
Portrait Silvia Heroes.png Silvia Chiko
Portrait Seliph Heroes.png Seliph Sata
Portrait Resplendent Seliph Heroes.png Seliph (Resplendent) hou
Portrait Seliph Scion of Light Heroes.png Seliph (Scion of Light) Akira Egawa
Portrait Larcei Heroes.png Larcei Asatani Tomoyo
Portrait Scáthach Heroes.png Scáthach Melo Lyuba
Portrait Shannan Heroes.png Shannan Okuma Yugo
Portrait Julia Heroes.png Julia Haimura Kiyotaka
Portrait Resplendent Julia Heroes.png Julia (Resplendent) kanasebench
Portrait Julia Crusader of Light Heroes.png Julia (Crusader of Light) sachie
Portrait Julia Heart Usurped Heroes.png Julia (Heart Usurped) sachie
Portrait Arthur Genealogy of the Holy War Heroes.png Arthur HAMUSI KAORU
Portrait Tine Heroes.png Tine Amagaitaro
Portrait Ares Heroes.png Ares PenekoR
Portrait Lene Heroes.png Lene Yoshiku
Portrait Ced Heroes.png Ced Suda Ayaka
Portrait Travant Heroes.png Travant Soeda Ippei
Portrait Altena Heroes.png Altena Senri Kibayashi
Portrait Julius Heroes.png Julius sachie
Portrait Ishtar Heroes.png Ishtar Suekane Kumiko
Portrait Resplendent Ishtar Heroes.png Ishtar (Resplendent) Rika Suzuki
Portrait Ishtar Echoing Thunder Heroes.png Ishtar (Ascended) Niji Hayashi
Portrait Hilda Genealogy of the Holy War Heroes.png Hilda motsutsu / Trys Inc.
Portrait Ullr Heroes.png Ullr Rika Suzuki
Portrait Leif Heroes.png Leif Aoji
Portrait Resplendent Leif Heroes.png Leif (Resplendent) Suekane Kumiko
Portrait Leif Unifier of Thracia Heroes.png Leif (Unifier of Thracia) Hino Shinnosuke
Portrait Finn Heroes.png Finn Itagaki Hako
Portrait Nanna Heroes.png Nanna Konfuzi Kokon
Portrait Nanna Beloved Princess Heroes.png Nanna (Beloved Princess) sachie
Portrait Eyvel Heroes.png Eyvel Miyajima Haru
Portrait Mareeta Heroes.png Mareeta kiyu/Exys inc.
Portrait Mareeta The Blade's Pawn Heroes.png Mareeta (The Blade's Pawn) kiyu/Exys inc.
Portrait Mareeta Astra Awakened Heroes.png Mareeta (Astra Awakened) Asatani Tomoyo
Portrait Osian Heroes.png Osian DAI-XT
Portrait Tanya Heroes.png Tanya mattsun!
Portrait Galzus Heroes.png Galzus Chiko
Portrait Karin Heroes.png Karin Naruse Uroko
Portrait Asbel Heroes.png Asbel Wada Sachiko
Portrait Ronan Heroes.png Ronan Naruse Uroko
Portrait Miranda Heroes.png Miranda Asatani Tomoyo
Portrait Salem Heroes.png Salem Yoneko
Portrait Reinhardt Heroes.png Reinhardt cuboon
Portrait Resplendent Reinhardt Heroes.png Reinhardt (Resplendent) Takaya Tomohide
Portrait Reinhardt Thunder's Sword Heroes.png Reinhardt (Thunder's Sword) cuboon
Portrait Olwen Heroes.png Olwen cuboon
Portrait Resplendent Olwen Heroes.png Olwen (Resplendent) ekao
Portrait Olwen Righteous Knight Heroes.png Olwen (Righteous Knight) cuboon
Portrait Saias Heroes.png Saias Teita
Portrait Veld Heroes.png Veld Kazuhiro Taneda
Portrait Sara Heroes.png Sara sachie
Portrait Kempf Heroes.png Kempf Akira Kano
Portrait August Heroes.png August Suzuki Rika
Portrait Roy Heroes.png Roy BUNBUN
Portrait Resplendent Roy Heroes.png Roy (Resplendent) azu-taro
Portrait Roy Blazing Lion Heroes.png Roy (Blazing Lion) Meka
Portrait Merlinus Heroes.png Merlinus DAI-XT
Portrait Lilina Heroes.png Lilina BUNBUN
Portrait Resplendent Lilina Heroes.png Lilina (Resplendent) Kotaro Yamada
Portrait Lilina Firelight Leader Heroes.png Lilina (Firelight Leader) azu-taro
Portrait Gwendolyn Heroes.png Gwendolyn Masao Tsubasa
Portrait Cath Heroes.png Cath kiyu
Portrait Lugh Heroes.png Lugh Himukai Yuji
Portrait Raigh Heroes.png Raigh Himukai Yuji
Portrait Chad Heroes.png Chad Himukai Yuji
Portrait Perceval Heroes.png Perceval Yura
Portrait Cecilia Heroes.png Cecilia Senri Kita
Portrait Klein Heroes.png Klein Tobi
Portrait Clarine Heroes.png Clarine Amagaitaro
Portrait Zephiel Heroes.png Zephiel Yamada Akihiro
Portrait Brunnya Heroes.png Brunnya Yoneko
Portrait Narcian Heroes.png Narcian Kotaro Yamada
Portrait Guinivere Heroes.png Guinivere Asatani Tomoyo
Portrait Melady Heroes.png Melady kiyu/Exys inc.
Portrait Galle Heroes.png Galle Kaoru HAGIYA
Portrait Thea Heroes.png Thea Tobi
Portrait Shanna Heroes.png Shanna HAKO
Portrait Resplendent Shanna Heroes.png Shanna (Resplendent) Miwabe Sakura
Portrait Niime Heroes.png Niime Nishiki Areku
Portrait Hugh Heroes.png Hugh 8ichibi8
Portrait Sue Heroes.png Sue Mayo
Portrait Bartre Heroes.png Bartre Okaya
Portrait Fir Heroes.png Fir kaya8
Portrait Rutger Heroes.png Rutger Itagaki Hako
Portrait Echidna Heroes.png Echidna PenekoR
Portrait Larum Heroes.png Larum kawasumi
Portrait Dieck Heroes.png Dieck Mikuro
Portrait Gonzalez Heroes.png Gonzalez Soeda Ippei
Portrait Sophia Heroes.png Sophia Zaza
Portrait Resplendent Sophia Heroes.png Sophia (Resplendent) Miwabe Sakura
Portrait Fae Heroes.png Fae Himukai Yuji
Portrait Fae Childlike Dragon Heroes.png Fae (Childlike Dragon) Himukai Yuji
Portrait Igrene Heroes.png Igrene cuboon
Portrait Idunn Heroes.png Idunn Kotaro Yamada
Portrait Idunn Divine Demon Heroes.png Idunn Kakage
Portrait Elimine Heroes.png Elimine Alan Smithee
Portrait Eliwood Heroes.png Eliwood Miyuu
Portrait Resplendent Eliwood Heroes.png Eliwood (Resplendent) motsutsu / Exys Inc.
Eliwood (Legendary Heroes) Portrait.png Eliwood (Blazing Knight) Sachiko Wada
Portrait Lyn Heroes.png Lyn Kotaro Yamada
Portrait Resplendent Lyn Heroes.png Lyn (Resplendent) cuboon
Lyn (Legendary Heroes) Portrait.png Lyn (Lady of the Wind) Sachiko Wada
Portrait Hector Heroes.png Hector AKIRA
Portrait Resplendent Hector Heroes.png Hector (Resplendent) Ito Misei
Portrait Hector (Legendary Heroes) Heroes.png Hector (Marquess of Ostia) Sachiko Wada
Portrait Matthew Heroes.png Matthew Okaya
Portrait Leila Heroes.png Leila PenekoR
Portrait Serra Heroes.png Serra Kusugi Toku
Portrait Resplendent Serra Heroes.png Serra (Resplendent) Eihi
Portrait Raven Heroes.png Raven AKIRA
Portrait Resplendent Raven Heroes.png Raven (Resplendent) Niji Hayashi
Portrait Lucius Heroes.png Lucius Itagaki Hako
Portrait Rebecca Heroes.png Rebecca Hoshino Lily
Portrait Pent Heroes.png Pent Wada Sachiko
Portrait Louise Heroes.png Louise tamagonokimi
Portrait Erk Heroes.png Erk NA
Portrait Priscilla Heroes.png Priscilla kaya8
Portrait Dorcas Heroes.png Dorcas Soeda Ippei
Portrait Heath Heroes.png Heath Meka
Portrait Fiora Heroes.png Fiora Konfuzi Kokon
Portrait Farina Heroes.png Farina Nekomochi
Portrait Florina Heroes.png Florina Zaza
Portrait Resplendent Florina Heroes.png Florina (Resplendent) Puki ~yunosuke
Portrait Canas Heroes.png Canas Tobi
Portrait Karel Heroes.png Karel Senri Kita
Portrait Karla Heroes.png Karla Senri Kita
Portrait Rath Heroes.png Rath Watari Shimomura
Portrait Hawkeye Heroes.png Hawkeye HACCAN
Portrait Ninian Heroes.png Ninian Kippu
Portrait Ninian Frozen Heart Heroes.png Ninian Konfuzi Kokon
Portrait Nils Heroes.png Nils Kippu
Portrait Sonia Heroes.png Sonia Yoneko
Portrait Lloyd Heroes.png Lloyd pikomaro
Portrait Linus Heroes.png Linus Meka
Portrait Jaffar Heroes.png Jaffar Kusugi Toku
Portrait Ursula Heroes.png Ursula Kotobuki Tsukasa
Portrait Nino Heroes.png Nino Amagaitaro
Portrait Resplendent Nino Heroes.png Nino (Resplendent) Sakura Shiori
Portrait Nino Pale Flower Heroes.png Nino (Pale Flower) Amagaitaro
Portrait Legault Heroes.png Legault PenekoR
Portrait Bramimond Heroes.png Bramimond Sachiko Wada
Portrait Eirika Heroes.png Eirika Asatani Tomoyo
Portrait Resplendent Eirika Heroes.png Eirika (Resplendent) Saori Toyota
Portrait Eirika Anamnesis Lady Heroes.png Eirika (Anamnesis Lady) Asatani Tomoyo
Portrait Eirika Graceful Resolve Heroes.png Eirika (Graceful Resolve) Asatani Tomoyo
Portrait Ephraim Heroes.png Ephraim Asatani Tomoyo
Portrait Ephraim (Legendary Lord) Heroes.png Ephraim (Legendary Lord) Asatani Tomoyo
Portrait Ephraim & Lyon (Dynastic Duo) Heroes.png Ephraim & Lyon (Dynastic Duo) Kotaro Yamada
Portrait Seth Heroes.png Seth Fujiwara Ryo
Portrait Orson Passion's Folly Heroes.png Orson (Passion's Folly) Shimomura Watari
Portrait Lute Heroes.png Lute Seo Kouji
Portrait Colm Heroes.png Colm Saori Toyota
Portrait Neimi Heroes.png Neimi HASUMI KAORU
Portrait Ross Heroes.png Ross Meka
Portrait Innes Heroes.png Innes Teita
Portrait Tana Heroes.png Tana cuboon
Portrait Resplendent Tana Heroes.png Tana (Resplendent) Kotaro Yamada
Portrait Lyon Heroes.png Lyon Miyajima Haru
Portrait Lyon Demon King Heroes.png Lyon (Demon King) Kazuki Yone
Portrait Duessel Heroes.png Duessel Nishiki Areku
Portrait Selena (The Sacred Stones) Heroes.png Selena Wada Sachiko
Portrait Valter Heroes.png Valter PenekoR
Portrait Caellach Heroes.png Caellach Yoneko
Portrait Riev Heroes.png Riev Daisuke Izuka
Portrait Cormag Heroes.png Cormag argon / Exys Inc.
Portrait Natasha Heroes.png Natasha Ito Misei
Portrait Knoll Heroes.png Knoll Tomohide Takaya
Portrait Amelia Heroes.png Amelia Amagaitaro
Portrait Resplendent Amelia Heroes.png Amelia (Resplendent) Hi Kanzawa
Portrait Joshua Heroes.png Joshua Fujiwara Ryo
Portrait Joshua Resolute Tempest Heroes.png Joshua (Ascended) Okuma Yugo
Portrait Gerik Heroes.png Gerik Suekane Kumiko
Portrait Marisa Heroes.png Marisa Akira Fujikawa
Portrait Tethys Heroes.png Tethys tokki
Portrait Ewan Heroes.png Ewan azu-taro
Portrait L'Arachel Heroes.png L'Arachel Konfuzi Kokon
Portrait Rennac Heroes.png Rennac Shimomura Watari
Portrait Myrrh Heroes.png Myrrh Amagaitaro
Portrait Ike Heroes.png Ike Meka
Portrait Resplendent Ike Heroes.png Ike (Resplendent) Asatani Tomoyo
Portrait Titania Heroes.png Titania Sachiko Wada
Portrait Soren Heroes.png Soren Miyajima Haru
Portrait Mist Heroes.png Mist Miwabe Sakura
Portrait Oscar Heroes.png Oscar Ichiiro Hako
Portrait Shinon Heroes.png Shinon Sachiko Wada
Portrait Gatrie Heroes.png Gatrie DAI-XT
Portrait Mia Heroes.png Mia Yoneyama Mai
Portrait Elincia Heroes.png Elincia Kippu
Portrait Resplendent Elincia Heroes.png Elincia (Resplendent) Niji Hayashi
Portrait Nephenee Heroes.png Nephenee HACCAN
Portrait Sigrun Heroes.png Sigrun pikomaro
Portrait Tanith Heroes.png Tanith Ito Misei
Portrait Marcia Heroes.png Marcia Kippu
Portrait Astrid Heroes.png Astrid Naruse Uroko
Portrait Jill Heroes.png Jill Asatani Tomoyo
Portrait Ashnard Mad King Heroes.png Ashnard (Mad King) Daisuke Izuka
Portrait Black Knight Heroes.png Black Knight Daisuke Izuka
Portrait Petrine Heroes.png Petrine motsutsu / Trys Inc.
Portrait Bertram Heroes.png Bertram Nishiki Areku
Portrait Ilyana Heroes.png Ilyana hanekoto
Portrait Volke Heroes.png Volke Kita Senri
Portrait Micaiah Heroes.png Micaiah Chiko
Portrait Resplendent Micaiah Heroes.png Micaiah (Resplendent) sachie
Portrait Micaiah Radiant Queen Heroes.png Micaiah (Radiant Queen) HACCAN
Portrait Sothe Heroes.png Sothe Kusugi Toko
Portrait Resplendent Sothe Heroes.png Sothe (Resplendent) Daisuke Izuka
Portrait Pelleas Heroes.png Pelleas HAKO
Portrait Ike Vanguard Legend Heroes.png Ike (Vanguard Legend) Senri Kita
Portrait Ike Zeal Unleashed Heroes.png Ike (Zeal Unleashed) Fujisaka Kimihiko
Portrait Jorge Heroes.png Jorge Daisuke Izuka
Portrait Caineghis Heroes.png Caineghis Senri Kita
Portrait Ranulf Heroes.png Ranulf Meka
Portrait Mordecai Heroes.png Mordecai Homazo
Portrait Lethe Heroes.png Lethe kaya8
Portrait Tibarn Heroes.png Tibarn Suekane Kumiko
Portrait Reyson Heroes.png Reyson Yura
Portrait Leanne Heroes.png Leanne Yura
Portrait Naesala Heroes.png Naesala Suda Ayaka
Portrait Muarim Raw Instinct Heroes.png Muarim Kita Senri
Portrait Nailah Heroes.png Nailah PenekoR
Portrait Altina Heroes.png Altina Senri Kita
Portrait Sanaki Heroes.png Sanaki Tomioka Jiro
Portrait Resplendent Sanaki Heroes.png Sanaki (Resplendent) Kotaro Yamada
Portrait Zelgius Heroes.png Zelgius Daisuke Izuka
Portrait Oliver Heroes.png Oliver Homazo
Portrait Haar Heroes.png Haar Watari Shimomura
Portrait Ashera Heroes.png Ashera Kita Senri
Portrait Yune Heroes.png Yune Miwabe Sakura
Portrait Chrom Heroes.png Chrom Ebila (えびら)
Portrait Resplendent Chrom Heroes.png Chrom (Resplendent) PenekoR
Portrait Chrom Knight Exalt Heroes.png Chrom (Knight Exalt) Kotaro Yamada
Portrait Chrom Crowned Exalt Heroes.png Chrom (Crowned Exalt) Hino Shinnosuke
Portrait RobinM Heroes.png Robin (Male) Fujiwara Ryo
Portrait Resplendent RobinM Heroes.png Robin (Resplendent) Komiya Kuniharu‎
Portrait RobinM Fell Reincarnation Heroes.png Robin (Fell Reincarnation) Okuma Yugo
Portrait RobinF Heroes.png Robin (Female) Ueda Yumehito
Portrait RobinF Fell Vessel Heroes.png Robin (Fell Vessel) Chiko
Portrait Lissa Heroes.png Lissa Zaza
Portrait Emmeryn Heroes.png Emmeryn Zaza
Portrait Frederick Heroes.png Frederick Suekane Kumiko
Portrait Sully Heroes.png Sully Mayo
Portrait Stahl Heroes.png Stahl Mayo
Portrait Miriel Heroes.png Miriel Hirooka Masaki
Portrait Sumia Heroes.png Sumia pikomaro
Portrait Maribelle Heroes.png Maribelle Kousei Horiguchi
Portrait Cordelia Heroes.png Cordelia Ueda Yumehito
Portrait Resplendent Cordelia Heroes.png Cordelia (Resplendent) Noy
Portrait Libra Heroes.png Libra Miyajima Haru
Portrait Gaius Heroes.png Gaius Ichiiro Hako
80px Gaius (Resplendent) Unknown
Portrait Donnel Heroes.png Donnel Okaya
Portrait Flavia Heroes.png Flavia Yoneko
Portrait Basilio Heroes.png Basilio so-taro
Portrait Lonqu Heroes.png Lon'qu AKIRA
Portrait Olivia Heroes.png Olivia AKIRA
Portrait Olivia Sky-High Dancer Heroes.png Olivia (Sky-High Dancer) AKIRA
Portrait Gangrel Heroes.png Gangrel argon / Exys Inc.
Portrait Henry Heroes.png Henry Kusugi Toku
Portrait Tharja Heroes.png Tharja ZIS
Portrait Mustafa Heroes.png Mustafa Kusakihara Toshiyuki /INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS
Portrait Aversa Heroes.png Aversa PenekoR
Portrait Walhart Heroes.png Walhart Soeda Ippei
Portrait Yen'fay Heroes.png Yen'fay HAGIYA Kaoru
Portrait Say'ri Heroes.png Say'ri Yura
Portrait Virion Heroes.png Virion Sachiko Wada
Portrait Cherche Heroes.png Cherche Sachiko Wada
Portrait Tiki Heroes.png Tiki Ito Noizi
Portrait Nowi Heroes.png Nowi lack
Portrait Resplendent Nowi Heroes.png Nowi (Resplendent) Star Horiguch
Portrait Panne Heroes.png Panne Chiko
Portrait Anna Secret Seller Heroes.png Anna (Apotheosis) kaya8
Portrait Lucina Heroes.png Lucina Maiponpon/INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS
Portrait Resplendent Lucina Heroes.png Lucina (Resplendent) Himukai Yuji
Portrait Marth (Masked) Heroes.png Marth Maiponpon/INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS
Portrait Lucina Glorious Archer Heroes.png Lucina (Glorious Archer) Kotaro Yamada
Portrait Owain Heroes.png Owain Suekane Kumiko
Portrait Brady Heroes.png Brady Clover.K.
Portrait Gerome Heroes.png Gerome Meka
Portrait Yarne Heroes.png Yarne PenekoR
Portrait MorganM Heroes.png Morgan (Male) Tobi
Portrait Morgan Fated Darkness Heroes.png Morgan (Fated Darkness) itsuki mito
Portrait MorganF Heroes.png Morgan (Female) Tobi
Portrait Morgan Devoted Darkness Heroes.png Morgan (Devoted Darkness) Tobi
Portrait Nah Heroes.png Nah Kousei Horiguchi
Portrait Kjelle Heroes.png Kjelle Amagaitaro
Portrait Cynthia Heroes.png Cynthia Mayo
Portrait Priam Heroes.png Priam maCo
Portrait Naga Heroes.png Naga Asatani Tomoyo
Portrait CorrinM Heroes.png Corrin (Male) Maiponpon/INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS
Portrait Corrin Dream Prince Heroes.png Corrin (Dream Prince) Maiponpon/INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS
Portrait Corrin Bloodbound Beast Heroes.png Corrin (Bloodbound Beast) argon / Exys Inc.
Portrait CorrinF Heroes.png Corrin (Female) bthx
Portrait Corrin Dream Princess Heroes.png Corrin (Dream Princess) Sencha
Portrait Corrin Wailing Soul Heroes.png Corrin (Wailing Soul) Sencha
Portrait Corrin Child of Dusk Heroes.png Corrin (Child of Dusk) Sencha
Portrait Azura Heroes.png Azura kaya8
Portrait Resplendent Azura Heroes.png Azura (Resplendent) Kakage
Portrait Azura Young Songstress Heroes.png Azura (Adrift) kaya8
Portrait Azura Vallite Songstress Heroes.png Azura (Vallite Songstress) kaya8
Portrait Gunter Heroes.png Gunter Yamada Akihiro
Portrait Felicia Heroes.png Felicia HAKO
Portrait Jakob Heroes.png Jakob Fujisaka Kimihiko
Portrait Lilith Heroes.png Lilith Kousei Horiguchi
Portrait Lilith Silent Broodling Heroes.png Lilith Kousei Horiguchi
Portrait Mikoto Caring Mother Heroes.png Mikoto (Adrift) Ito Misei
Portrait Ryoma Heroes.png Ryoma Senri Kita
Portrait Resplendent Ryoma Heroes.png Ryoma (Resplendent) Clover.K
Ryoma (Supreme Samurai) Portrait.png Ryoma (Supreme Samurai) Senri Kita
Portrait Saizo Heroes.png Saizo lack
Portrait Kagero Heroes.png Kagero lack
Portrait Resplendent Kagero Heroes.png Kagero (Resplendent) Kakage
Portrait Hinoka Heroes.png Hinoka HACCAN
Portrait Hinoka WOF Heroes.png Hinoka (Blue Sky Warrior) Chiko
Portrait Azama Heroes.png Azama Okaya
Portrait Setsuna Heroes.png Setsuna Kusugi Toku
Portrait Takumi Heroes.png Takumi Hino Shinnosuke
Portrait Resplendent Takumi Heroes.png Takumi (Resplendent) hou
Portrait Takumi Empty Vessel Heroes.png Takumi (Empty Vessel) Hino Shinnosuke
Portrait Hinata Heroes.png Hinata Ueda Yumehito
Portrait Oboro Heroes.png Oboro Ueda Yumehito
Portrait Sakura Heroes.png Sakura Fuzichoco
Portrait Hana Heroes.png Hana Fuzichoco
Portrait Subaki Heroes.png Subaki Yura
Portrait Orochi Heroes.png Orochi oukawayu
Kaze Heroes Portrait.png Kaze lack
Portrait Rinkah Heroes.png Rinkah Kusakihara Toshiyuki/INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS
Portrait Kaden Heroes.png Kaden Kusugi Toku
Garon Heroes Portrait.png Garon Soeda Ippei
Portrait Xander Heroes.png Xander Maeshima Shigeki
Portrait Laslow Heroes.png Laslow Suekane Kumiko
Portrait Peri Heroes.png Peri Takagi Masafumi
Portrait Camilla Heroes.png Camilla Maeshima Shigeki
Portrait Camilla Flower of Fantasy Heroes.png Camilla (Adrift) Mikuro
Portrait Selena Heroes.png Selena (Fates) Zaza
Portrait Beruka Heroes.png Beruka lack
Portrait Leo Heroes.png Leo Hino Shinnosuke
Portrait Odin Heroes.png Odin Suekane Kumiko
Portrait Niles Heroes.png Niles Yura
Portrait Resplendent Niles Heroes.png Niles (Resplendent) Suekane Kumiko
Portrait Elise Heroes.png Elise HAKO
Portrait Arthur Heroes.png Arthur (Fates) Mendako/INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS
Portrait Effie Heroes.png Effie HACCAN
Silas Heroes Portrait.png Silas Meka
Portrait Benny Heroes.png Benny Konomura
Portrait Charlotte Heroes.png Charlotte yoshihisa
Portrait Iago Heroes.png Iago PenekoR
Portrait Flora Heroes.png Flora HAKO
Portrait Keaton Heroes.png Keaton Okuma Yugo
Portrait Male Kana Heroes.png Kana (Male) kawasumi
Portrait Female Kana Heroes.png Kana (Female) Miwabe Sakura
Shigure Heroes Portrait.png Shigure Yura
Portrait Nyx Heroes.png Nyx Kousei Horiguchi
Portrait Midori Heroes.png Midori Mikuro
Portrait Shiro Heroes.png Shiro Arai Teruko
Portrait Selkie Heroes.png Selkie Enkyo Yuichiro
Portrait Rhajat Heroes.png Rhajat Kusakihara Toshiyuki/INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS
Portrait Siegbert Heroes.png Siegbert Arai Teruko
Portrait Forrest Heroes.png Forrest Tobi
Portrait Velouria Heroes.png Velouria kawasumi
Portrait Soleil Heroes.png Soleil Enkyo Yuichiro
Portrait Ophelia Heroes.png Ophelia Umiu Geso
Portrait Resplendent Ophelia Heroes.png Ophelia (Resplendent) Umiu Geso
Portrait Nina Heroes.png Nina Mikuro
Portrait Arete Heroes.png Arete Azusa
Portrait BylethM Heroes.png Byleth (Male) Teita
Portrait Byleth The Fódlan Star Heroes.png Byleth (The Fodlan Star) HAGIYA kaoru
Portrait BylethF Heroes.png Byleth (Female) Hirooka Masaki
Portrait Byleth The Fódlan Light Heroes.png Byleth (The Fodlan Light) Kakage
Portrait Sothis Heroes.png Sothis Maiponpon / INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS
Portrait Seiros Heroes.png Seiros Nishiki Areku
Portrait Rhea Immaculate One Heroes.png Rhea teffish
Portrait Edelgard Heroes.png Edelgard Suda Ayaka
Portrait Edelgard Flame Emperor Heroes.png Edelgard (Flame Emperor) HACCAN
Portrait Edelgard Hegemon Husk Heroes.png Edelgard (Hegemon Husk) Clover.K
Portrait Hubert Heroes.png Hubert PenekoR
Portrait Ferdinand Heroes.png Ferdinand Sainosuke
Portrait Linhardt Heroes.png Linhardt muraicchi
Portrait Bernadetta Heroes.png Bernadetta nekomochi / Trys Inc.
Portrait Petra Heroes.png Petra Azusa
Portrait Dimitri Heroes.png Dimitri Fujisaka Kimihiko
Portrait Dimitri Savior King Heroes.png Dimitri (Savior King) Chinatsu Kurahana‎
Portrait Dimitri Savage Boar Heroes.png Dimitri (Savage Boar) sena
Portrait Dedue Heroes.png Dedue Kita Senri
Portrait Mercedes Heroes.png Mercedes Kakage
Portrait Annette Heroes.png Annette Tsukito
Portrait Ingrid Heroes.png Ingrid Nishiki Areku
Portrait Claude Heroes.png Claude Sata
Portrait Claude King of Unification Heroes.png Claude (King of Unification) azu - taro
Portrait Lysithea Heroes.png Lysithea Yuichiro Enkyo
Portrait Marianne Heroes.png Marianne HAKO
Portrait Hilda Heroes.png Hilda Noy
Portrait Yuri Heroes.png Yuri Saori Toyota
Portrait Balthus Heroes.png Balthus Maji
Portrait Constance Heroes.png Constance yoshihisa
Portrait Hapi Heroes.png Hapi Hirooka Masaki
Portrait Seteth Heroes.png Seteth Okuma Yugo
Portrait Flayn Heroes.png Flayn Kousei Horiguchi
Portrait Catherine Heroes.png Catherine PenekoR
Portrait Shamir Heroes.png Shamir Maeshima Shigeki
Portrait Death Knight Heroes.png Death Knight Yamao / INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS
Portrait Kronya Heroes.png Kronya Toku Kusugi
Portrait Solon Heroes.png Solon Maji
Portrait Flame Emperor Heroes.png Flame Emperor DAI-XT
Portrait Aelfric Heroes.png Aelfric Kita Senri
Portrait Nemesis Heroes.png Nemesis Fujisaka Kimihiko
Portrait Itsuki Heroes.png Itsuki Mikuro
Portrait Tsubasa Heroes.png Tsubasa azu-taro
Portrait Mamori Heroes.png Mamori Himukai Yuji
Portrait Kiria Heroes.png Kiria cuboon
Portrait Eleonora Heroes.png Eleonora Kakage
Portrait Chrom Spring Heroes.png Chrom Ebila (えびら)
Portrait Camilla Spring Heroes.png Camilla Maeshima Shigeki
Portrait Xander Spring Heroes.png Xander Suekane Kumiko
Portrait Lucina Spring Heroes.png Lucina Tomioka Jiro
Portrait Caeda Bride Heroes.png Caeda Yoshiku
Portrait Lyn Bride Heroes.png Lyn Kotaro Yamada
Portrait Cordelia Bride Heroes.png Cordelia Mayo
Portrait Charlotte Bride Heroes.png Charlotte pikomaro
Portrait Robin Summer Heroes.png Robin (Female) Mayo
Portrait Frederick Summer Heroes.png Frederick Suekane Kumiko
Portrait Gaius Summer Heroes.png Gaius Ichiiro Hako
Portrait Tiki Summer Heroes.png Tiki Okaya
Portrait Corrin Summer Heroes.png Corrin (Female) Sencha
Portrait Xander Summer Heroes.png Xander PenekoR
Portrait Leo Summer Heroes.png Leo Tobi
Portrait Elise Summer Heroes.png Elise Mikuro
Portrait Roy Brave Heroes.png Roy Sachiko Wada
Portrait Lyn Brave Heroes.png Lyn Kotaro Yamada
Portrait Ike Brave Heroes.png Ike Senri Kita
Portrait Resplendent Ike Brave Heroes.png Ike (Resplendent) Kaoru HAGIYA
Portrait Lucina Brave Heroes.png Lucina Yusuke Kozaki
Portrait Olivia Performing Arts.png Olivia Chiko
Portrait Inigo Performing Arts.png Inigo Suekane Kumiko
Portrait Azura Performing Arts.png Azura kaya8
Portrait Shigure Performing Arts.png Shigure Yura
Portrait Sakura Trick Or Defeat.png Sakura Fuzichoco
Portrait Jakob Trick Or Defeat.png Jakob Fujiwara Ryo
Portrait Henry Trick Or Defeat.png Henry Kusugi Toku
Portrait Nowi Trick Or Defeat.png Nowi Enkyo Yuichiro
Portrait Chrom Winter's Envoy.png Chrom Ebila
Portrait Robin Winter's Envoy.png Robin (Male) Fujiwara Ryo
Portrait Lissa Winter's Envoy.png Lissa Umiu Geso
Portrait Tharja Winter's Envoy.png Tharja Washimoto
Portrait Corrin Happy New Year.png Corrin (Male) Maiponpon/INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS
Portrait Azura Happy New Year.png Azura kaya8
Portrait Takumi Happy New Year.png Takumi Tobi
Portrait Camilla Happy New Year.png Camilla Mikuro
Portrait Roy Valentines.png Roy BUNBUN
Portrait Lilina Valentines.png Lilina BUNBUN
Portrait Lyn Valentines.png Lyn Sachiko Wada
Portrait Eliwood Valentines.png Eliwood Ito Misei
Portrait Hector Valentines.png Hector Suekane Kumiko
Portrait Alfonse Hare.png Alfonse Yusuke Kozaki
Portrait Sharena Hare.png Sharena Yusuke Kozaki
Portrait Catria Hare.png Catria Amagaitaro
Portrait Kagero Hare.png Kagero cuboon
Marth (Bridal Bloom) Heroes portrait.png Marth Mayo
Ninian (Bridal Bloom) Heroes portrait.png Ninian Enkyo Yuchiro
Sanaki (Bridal Bloom) Heroes portrait.png Sanaki Tomioka Jiro
Tharja (Bridal Bloom) Heroes portrait.png Tharja Sencha
Tana (Summer's Arrival) Portrait.png Tana cuboon
Innes (Summer's Arrival) Portrait.png Innes Asatani Tomoyo
Noire (Summer's Arrival) Portrait.png Noire Kusakihara Toshiyuki/INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS
Cordelia (Summer's Arrival) Portrait.png Cordelia Mayo
Portrait Camilla Summer Heroes.png Camilla Mikuro
Portrait Tiki Beachside Scion Heroes.png Tiki Gaou
Portrait Linde Summer Heroes.png Linde Kippu
Portrait Takumi Summer Heroes.png Takumi Tobi
Portrait Elincia Dancer Heroes.png Elincia Asatani Tomoyo
Portrait Micaiah Dancer Heroes.png Micaiah Chiko
Portrait Ryoma Dancer Heroes.png Ryoma Senri Kita
Portrait Xander Dancer Heroes.png Xander PenekoR
Portrait Veronica Brave Heroes.png Veronica Yusuke Kozaki
Portrait Celica Brave Heroes.png Celica Hidari
Portrait Hector Brave Heroes.png Hector Senri Kita
Portrait Ephraim Brave Heroes.png Ephraim Sachiko Wada
Portrait Dorcas The Land's Bounty Heroes.png Dorcas Soeda Ippei
Portrait Myrrh The Land's Bounty Heroes.png Myrrh Amagaitaro
Portrait Mia The Land's Bounty Heroes.png Mia Yoneyama Mai
Portrait Kagero The Land's Bounty Heroes.png Kagero cuboon
Portrait Niles The Land's Bounty Heroes.png Niles Yura
Portrait Cecilia Gifts of Winter Heroes.png Cecilia Senri Kita
Portrait Fae Gifts of Winter Heroes.png Fae Himukai Yuji
Portrait Eirika Gifts of Winter Heroes.png Eirika Asatani Tomoyo
Portrait Ephraim Gifts of Winter Heroes.png Ephraim Asatani Tomoyo
Portrait Fjorm New Traditions Heroes.png Fjorm Maeshima Shigeki
Portrait Gunnthrá Year's First Dream Heroes.png Gunnthrá Yoshiku
Portrait Hríd Resolute Prince Heroes.png Hríd argon / Exys Inc.
Portrait Laevatein Kumade Warrior Heroes.png Laevatein kawasumi
Portrait Laegjarn New Experiences Heroes.png Laegjarn Daisuke Izuka
Portrait Ryoma Samurai at Ease Heroes.png Ryoma PenekoR
Portrait Hinoka Relaxed Warrior Heroes.png Hinoka Foo Midori
Portrait Sakura Hot-Spring Healer Heroes.png Sakura Amagitaro
Portrait Camilla Steamy Secrets Heroes.png Camilla lack
Portrait Elise Bubbling Flower Heroes.png Elise Mikuro
Portrait Ike Stalwart Heart Heroes.png Ike Senri Kita
Portrait Titania Warm Knight Heroes.png Titania Sachiko Wada
Portrait Soren Addled Strategist Heroes.png Soren Miyajima Haru
Portrait Mist Purest Spirit Heroes.png Mist Miwabe Sakura
Portrait Greil Heroic Exemplar Heroes.png Greil Daisuke Izuka
Portrait Veronica Spring Princess Heroes.png Veronica Umiu Geso
Portrait Bruno Masked Hare Heroes.png Bruno PenekoR
Portrait Loki Spring Trickster Heroes.png Loki Kusakihara Toshiyuki /INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS
Portrait Palla Eldest Bun-Bun Heroes.png Palla Mayo
Portrait Marisa Crimson Rabbit Heroes.png Marisa Tsukito
Portrait Lukas Buffet For One Heroes.png Lukas cuboon
Portrait Genny Dressed With Care Heroes.png Genny Amagaitaro
Portrait Leo Extra Tomatoes Heroes.png Leo Hino Shinnosuke
Portrait Flora Signature Dish Heroes.png Flora HAKO
Portrait Felicia Off The Menu Heroes.png Felicia HAKO
Portrait Fjorm Bride of Rime Heroes.png Fjorm Maeshima Shigeki
Portrait Pent Fancy Fiance Heroes.png Pent Sachiko Wada
Portrait Louise Eternal Devotion Heroes.png Louise Sachiko Wada
Portrait Tanith Forthright Heart Heroes.png Tanith mattsun!
Portrait Sigrun Steadfast Bride Heroes.png Sigrun pikomaro
Portrait Gunnthrá Beaming Smile Heroes.png Gunnthrá Kippu
Portrait Ylgr Breaking the Ice Heroes.png Ylgr tobi
Portrait Laevatein Bonfire's Blaze Heroes.png Laevatein Masatsugu Saito
Portrait Laegjarn Burning Sun Heroes.png Laegjarn Maeshima Shigeki
Portrait Helbindi Summer Scourge Heroes.png Helbindi Meka
Portrait Lilina Beachside Bloom Heroes.png Lilina BUNBUN
Portrait Wolt Sunbeam Archer Heroes.png Wolt argon / Exys Inc.
Portrait Lyn Lady of the Beach Heroes.png Lyn teffish
Portrait Fiora Defrosted Illian Heroes.png Fiora Konfuzi Kokon
Portrait Ursula Clear-Blue Crow Heroes.png Ursula Kotaro Yamada
Portrait Alm Imperial Ascent Heroes.png Alm Hidari
Portrait Eliwood Marquess Pherae Heroes.png Eliwood Sachiko Wada
Portrait Micaiah Queen of Dawn Heroes.png Micaiah Senri Kita
Portrait Camilla Light of Nohr Heroes.png Camilla Yusuke Kozaki
Portrait Berkut Debonair Noble Heroes.png Berkut Asatani Tomoyo
Portrait Rinea Reminiscent Belle Heroes.png Rinea Asatani Tomoyo
Portrait Ishtar Thunder's Waltz Heroes.png Ishtar Chiko
Portrait Reinhardt Lightning's Rondo Heroes.png Reinhardt Kotaro Yamada
Portrait Nephenee Sincere Dancer Heroes.png Nephenee HACCAN
Portrait Hector Dressed-Up Duo Heroes.png Hector Sachiko Wada
Portrait L'Arachel Harvest Princess Heroes.png L'Arachel Konfuzi Kokon
Portrait Dozla Harvest Attendant Heroes.png Dozla Senri Kita
Portrait Ilyana Treat Harvester Heroes.png Ilyana Mayo
Portrait Rolf Tricky Archer Heroes.png Rolf Mikuro
Portrait Marth Royal Altean Duo Heroes.png Marth Mayo
Portrait Nino Flower of Frost Heroes.png Nino Amagaitaro
Portrait Jaffar Angel of Night Heroes.png Jaffar motsutsu/Exys Inc.
Portrait Zephiel Winter's Crown Heroes.png Zephiel Kimihiko Fujisaka
Portrait Sothis Silver Specter Heroes.png Sothis Maiponpon / INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS
Portrait Alfonse Askran Duo Heroes.png Alfonse argon / Exys Inc.
Portrait Anna Wealth-Wisher Heroes.png Anna hanekoto
Portrait Eir Renewed Life Heroes.png Eir Misei Ito
Portrait Lethe New Year's Claw Heroes.png Lethe kaya8
Portrait Selkie New Year's Spirit Heroes.png Selkie Enkyo Yuichiro
Portrait Alm Lovebird Duo Heroes.png Alm Tsukkii / INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS.
Portrait Faye Drawn Heartstring Heroes.png Faye Tobi
Portrait Silque Selfless Cleric Heroes.png Silque HAKO
Portrait Conrad Unmasked Knight Heroes.png Conrad argon / Exys Inc.
Portrait Rudolf Emperor of Rigel Heroes.png Rudolf Satoru Miyamoto
Portrait Est Springtime Flier Heroes.png Est DSmile
Portrait Fir Student of Spring Heroes.png Fir kaya8
Portrait Bartre Earsome Warrior Heroes.png Bartre DAI-XT
Portrait Narcian Vernal General Heroes.png Narcian Kotaro Yamada
Portrait Dragonkin Duo Heroes.png Idunn Geso Umiu
Portrait Marth Legacied Hero Heroes.png Marth Sachiko Wada
Portrait Caeda Princess of Talys Heroes.png Caeda HAKO
Portrait Minerva Macedon Princess Heroes.png Minerva Meka
Portrait Palla Sisterly Trio Heroes.png Palla hanekoto
Portrait Merric Changing Winds Heroes.png Merric Mayo
Portrait Micaiah Dawn Wind's Duo Heroes.png Micaiah teffish
Portrait Rafiel Blessed Wings Heroes.png Rafiel Watari Shimomura
Portrait Nailah Blessed Queen Heroes.png Nailah PenekoR
Portrait Hinata Samurai Groom Heroes.png Hinata Akira Kano
Portrait Oboro Fierce Bride-to-Be Heroes.png Oboro Noy
Portrait Lute Summer Prodigy Heroes.png Lute Seo Kouji
Portrait Joshua Tropical Gambler Heroes.png Joshua Suekane Kumiko
Portrait Selena Sandbar Fluorspar Heroes.png Selena Sachiko Wada
Portrait Rhys Gentle Basker Heroes.png Rhys Kippu
Portrait Mia Harmonic Blades Heroes.png Mia Yoneyama Mai
Portrait Byleth Fell Star's Duo Heroes.png Byleth (Female) cuboon
Portrait Dorothea Solar Songstress Heroes.png Dorothea Azusa
Portrait Sylvain Hanging with Tens Heroes.png Sylvain argon / Exys Inc.
Portrait Ingrid Solstice Knight Heroes.png Ingrid Sencha
Portrait Lorenz Highborn Heat Heroes.png Lorenz PenekoR
Portrait Veronica Harmonic Pirates Heroes.png Veronica PenekoR
Portrait Darros Seawalker Heroes.png Darros Soeda Ippei
Portrait Brigid Orgahil Pirate Heroes.png Brigid Might O
Portrait Geese Life at Sea Heroes.png Geese motsutsu / Trys Inc.
Portrait Tibarn Shipless Pirate Heroes.png Tibarn Senri Kita
Portrait Edelgard Adrestian Emperor Heroes.png Edelgard cuboon
Portrait Dimitri King of Faerghus Heroes.png Dimitri lack
Portrait Claude Almyra's King Heroes.png Claude Sachiko Wada
Portrait Lysithea Earnest Seeker Heroes.png Lysithea Amagaitaro
Portrait Sigurd Destined Duo Heroes.png Sigurd azu-taro
Portrait Quan Lightfoot Prince Heroes.png Quan Teita
Portrait Ethlyn Glimmering Lady Heroes.png Ethlyn kaya8
Portrait Eldigan Strutting Lion Heroes.png Eldigan Niji Hayashi
Portrait Lachesis Ballroom Bloom Heroes.png Lachesis Miwabe Sakura
Portrait Tiki Harmonic Hope Heroes.png Tiki Amagaitaro
Portrait Xane Autumn Trickster Heroes.png Xane nekomochi / Trys Inc.
Portrait Ena Autumn Tactician Heroes.png Ena kaya8
Portrait Dheginsea Harvest Goldoan Heroes.png Dheginsea Senri Kita
Portrait Robin Fall Vessel Heroes.png Robin (Female) teffish
Portrait Laevatein Ninja of Múspell Heroes.png Laevatein Yasuda Suzuhito
Portrait Navarre Scarlet Ninja Heroes.png Navarre argon / Exys Inc.
Portrait Lyn Ninja-Friend Duo Heroes.png Lyn Kotaro Yamada
Portrait Zihark Ninja Blademaster Heroes.png Zihark Akira Kano
Portrait Hana Focused Ninja Heroes.png Hana Enkyo Yuichiro
Portrait Altina Cross-Time Duo Heroes.png Altina Kita Senri
Portrait Sephiran Hoary Sovereign Heroes.png Sephiran pikomaro
Portrait Bernadetta Frosty Shut-In Heroes.png Bernadetta Tobi
Portrait Felix Icy Gift Giver Heroes.png Felix Clover.K
Portrait Hilda Holiday Layabout Heroes.png Hilda HAKO
Portrait Peony Alfar Dream Duo Heroes.png Peony Kippu
Portrait Plumeria Temptation Anew Heroes.png Plumeria teffish
Portrait Kaden Refreshed Kitsune Heroes.png Kaden Yakiniku
Portrait Keaton Resolved Wolfskin Heroes.png Keaton Meka
Portrait Velouria Renewed Wolfpup Heroes.png Velouria Fuzichoco
Portrait Kris Ardent Firebrand Heroes.png Kris (Male) Mikuro
Portrait Katarina Torchlit Wanderer Heroes.png Katarina kaya8
Portrait Tharja Florid Charmer Heroes.png Tharja Chiko
Portrait Dorothea Twilit Harmony Heroes.png Dorothea ekao
Portrait Raphael Muscle-Monger Heroes.png Raphael DAI-XT.
Portrait Alfonse Uplifting Love Heroes.png Alfonse argon
Portrait Gustav Majestic Love Heroes.png Gustav Daisuke Izuka
Portrait Henriette Overflowing Love Heroes.png Henriette Yoshiro Ambe
Portrait Veronica Bestowed Love Heroes.png Veronica eihi
Portrait Líf Undying Ties Duo Heroes.png Líf Azusa
Portrait Minerva Verdant Dragoon Heroes.png Minerva Mayo
Portrait Myrrh Spring Harmony Heroes.png Myrrh Miwabe Sakura
Portrait Saleh Vernal Sage Heroes.png Saleh Miyajima Haru
Portrait Inigo Festival Flower Heroes.png Inigo PenekoR
Portrait Severa Bitter Blossom Heroes.png Severa Kaya8
Portrait Eirika Twin Refulgence Heroes.png Eirika Asatani Tomoyo
Portrait Innes Frelian Moonlight Heroes.png Innes Hanamori Yumiri
Portrait Tana Frelian Starlight Heroes.png Tana hanekoto
Portrait Lyon Grado's Gaze Heroes.png Lyon azu - taro
Portrait L'Arachel Seeker of Justice Heroes.png L'Arachel Amagaitaro
Portrait Catria Azure Wing Pair Heroes.png Catria Kakage
Portrait Saul Minister of Love Heroes.png Saul Saori Toyota
Portrait Zelot Avowed Groom Heroes.png Zelot Itagaki Hako
Portrait Juno Soaring Bride Heroes.png Juno Naruse Uroko
Portrait Shanna Bridal Novice Heroes.png Shanna HAKO
Portrait Caspar Summer Intensity Heroes.png Caspar Meka
Portrait Ashe Fabled Sea Knight Heroes.png Ashe azu-taro
Portrait Mercedes Unfussed Basker Heroes.png Mercedes Kippu
Portrait Hilda Deer's Two-Piece Heroes.png Hilda Niji Hayashi
Portrait Leonie Relentless Rays Heroes.png Leonie Wada Sachiko
Portrait Freyr Estival Dreams Heroes.png Freyr Sainosuke
Portrait Freyja Fleeting Summer Heroes.png Freyja Yoshiku
Portrait Norne Seaside Volunteer Heroes.png Norne kaya8
Portrait Caeda Sea-Blossom Pair Heroes.png Caeda Ryoma Kitada
Portrait Ogma Blade on Leave Heroes.png Ogma Kano Akira
Portrait Surtr Pirate of Red Sky Heroes.png Surtr so-taro
Portrait Lifis Terror of Iz Heroes.png Lifis otorihara
Portrait Naesala Sea's Shadow Heroes.png Naesala CloverK
Portrait Vika Sea-Dark Wing Heroes.png Vika Naruse Uroko
Portrait Hinoka Fair Pirate Pair Heroes.png Hinoka Yoshiro Ambe
Portrait Marth Prince of Light Heroes.png Marth Kita Senri
Portrait Eirika Pledged Restorer Heroes.png Eirika Wada Sachiko
Portrait Marianne Serene Adherent Heroes.png Marianne Kusakihara Toshiyuki
Portrait Gatekeeper Nothing to Report Heroes.png Gatekeeper Yamada Akihiro
Portrait Lewyn Wind-Song Scion Heroes.png Lewyn Takaya Tomohide
Portrait Larcei Scion of Astra Heroes.png Larcei Asatani Tomoyo
Portrait Julia Scion of the Saint Heroes.png Julia hanusu
Portrait Leif Destined Scions Heroes.png Leif Hino Shinnosuke
Portrait Nanna Mystletainn Scion Heroes.png Nanna Konfuzi Kokon
Portrait Sophia Cobweb Prophet Heroes.png Sophia Asao Urata
Portrait Kurthnaga Autumn Goldoan Heroes.png Kurthnaga hou
Portrait Robin Fall Reincarnation Heroes.png Robin (Male) Okuma Yugo
Portrait Sothis Bound-Spirit Duo Heroes.png Sothis azu-taro
Portrait Rhea Witch of Creation Heroes.png Rhea ichikawa Halu
Portrait Igrene Ninja of Nabata Heroes.png Igrene cuboon
Portrait Shinon Sharptongue Ninja Heroes.png Shinon Wada Sachiko
Portrait Corrin Daylight Ninja Act Heroes.png Corrin (Male) Hanamura Mai
Portrait Corrin Nightfall Ninja Act Heroes.png Corrin (Female) Sencha
Portrait Shamir Lone-Moon Ninja Heroes.png Shamir PenekoR
Portrait Mirabilis Sugarplum Vision Heroes.png Mirabilis Enkyo Yuichiro
Portrait Artur Silver Saint Heroes.png Artur Tobi
Portrait Ignatz Snowscape Artist Heroes.png Ignatz Nekomochi / Trys Inc.
Portrait Lysithea Gifted Students Heroes.png Lysithea Amagaitaro
Portrait Manuela Silver Caroler Heroes.png Manuela ekao
Portrait Reginn Bearing Dawn Heroes.png Reginn 8ichibi8
Portrait Fáfnir Fresh Ambition Heroes.png Fáfnir Niji Hayashi
Portrait Dagr New Year Jötnar Heroes.png Dagr cuboon
Portrait Lyre Lap Cat of Luxury Heroes.png Lyre kaya8
Portrait Kyza Tiger of Fortune Heroes.png Kyza Maji
Portrait Xane Desert Mirage Heroes.png Xane Yo Kanzawa
Portrait Deen Bladed Sandstorm Heroes.png Deen PenekoR
Portrait Karla Sun-Piercing Steel Heroes.png Karla Kita Senri
Portrait Nailah Hatari Scorcher Heroes.png Nailah Azusa
Portrait Azura Hatari Duet Heroes.png Azura kaya8
Portrait Chrom Fate-Defying Duo Heroes.png Chrom Yamada Kotaro
Portrait Robin Tactful Deliverer Heroes.png Robin Yoshiro Ambe
Portrait Lissa Sweet Celebrant Heroes.png Lissa Fuzichoco
Portrait Lucina Future Fondness Heroes.png Lucina RIZ3
Portrait Owain Devoted Defender Heroes.png Owain Futaba Hazuki
Portrait Maria Sunny Smile Heroes.png Maria hanekoto
Portrait Delthea Prodigy in Bloom Heroes.png Delthea Miwabe Sakura
Portrait Luthier Spring Hopes Heroes.png Luthier Mayo
Portrait Sonya Dazzling Rabbits Heroes.png Sonya Kippu
Portrait Henry Peculiar Egg Heroes.png Henry Tobi
Portrait Ike Close-Knit Siblings Heroes.png Ike Yo Kanzawa
Portrait Soren Hushed Voice Heroes.png Soren Iori Suzuki
Portrait Boyd Future Great Heroes.png Boyd nijimaarc
Portrait Mia Budding Blade Heroes.png Mia Sakura Shiori
Portrait Ilyana Awakened Appetite Heroes.png Ilyana ichikawa Halu