The Ashen Wolves (灰狼の学級ヴォルフクラッセ Vorufukurasse) is a group that inhabits Abyss. They appear and play a critical role in the Cindered Shadows story in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. They claim to be the secret fourth house of the Officers Academy. Instead of having eight members, like the other houses, they only have four who can be recruited by playing Cindered Shadows.


Described as a house in name only, the Ashen Wolves are all nobles who felt wronged by society in some way and seek some type of relief from it. Having found comfort in Abyss, they actively seek to protect it and its citizens from harm.

The group's flag is that of a lone gray wolf standing over a globe. Its shape and colorization is similar to that of the normal houses flags, with so purple mixed in.

Clothing of the Ashen Wolves resembled that of the typical students at the Officers Academy with some minor distinctions, the biggest of which is the color scheme. Instead of focusing mostly on black and gold, the Ashen Wolves focus more on silver and grey. Additionally, they have black chains over their clothing that no other students have.




Much like the other three classes, the Japanese pronunciation of the Ashen Wolves take their names from German. The Ashen Wolves are roughly called "wolfklasse," which means "Wolf Class."

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