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Ashera's Chosen is a type A passive skill introduced in Fire Emblem Heroes.


One of the unique skills within Altina's kit, Ashera's Chosen serves as an enhanced Iote's Shield for the woman. As with its inheritable counterpart, Ashera's Chosen neutralizes flier effectiveness on weapons such as bows. In addition to this effect, if Altina is on her own or adjacent to only beast or dragon allies, she gains Attack and Defense +6 during combat.


Fire Emblem Heroes

Name Activation SP
FEH Asheras Chosen.png Ashera's Chosen Foe initiates combat 300
Effects Neutralizes "effective against flying" bonuses. If Altina is adjacent to only beast or dragon allies or she is is not adjacent to any allies, grants her Atk/Def+6 during combat.
Users Altina
Notes Skill cannot be inherited.