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“Long, long ago, your ancestors made a promise to Ashera. They promised they would start no wars among all the nations for at least one thousand years. If this promise was broken, then Ashera would destroy the world and try again with a new one. Despite this promise, you bone-cages kept fighting each other. Eventually, war and conflict spread throughout the world. When Ashera woke up, she cast down her judgement upon those who failed to keep her promise.”

Ashera's Judgement is a major event in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.


800 years prior to Radiant Dawn, a great war erupted between the laguz and beorc, resulting in The Great Flood due to Ashunera losing control of her emotions. Believing that her emotions lead to the flood, Ashunera split herself into two entities: Yune and Ashera. Another war erupted, this time between Yune and Ashera, ultimately resulting in Ashera sealing Yune in a medallion under the suggestion of Altina and Lehran after her army's victory. Though she believed that it would be better to destroy Yune to be more perfect, Lehran and Altina convinced Ashera to sleep for a thousand years. If the laguz and beorc continued to fight, she would pass her judgement upon the denizens of Tellius.


800 years later, during the events of Radiant Dawn, the war between laguz and beorc had endured for centuries, culminating in a large war between the two races. With the weakening of the seal on Lehran's Medallion, Micaiah sings the Galdr of Release and releases Yune while also awakening Ashera as well, 200 year before her intended awakening.

Upon seeing that both the laguz and beorc had broken their promise continuously for over 800 years, Ashera decides that both races are unworthy of existing and enacts her judgement. A large wave of energy covers all of Tellius, turning nearly all of its denizens to stone.


While Ashera's judgement affected a large portion of Tellius's population, a select number individuals were spared of her judgement due to the intervention of Yune who protected them. With the intention to defeat Ashera and release the rest of the continent from her judgement, Yune led Ike, Sanaki, and Micaiah's forces to the Tower of Guidance. To defend herself, Ashera de-petrifies a select army of Begnion soldiers and senators as her Disciples of Order, showing that those turned to stone are not dead, but merely left in suspended animation. Because of this, all of the effects of the Begnion-made Blood Pacts were halted as the stone residence of said nations were technically not alive to be affected by them.

Curiously, all Branded individuals were left completely unaffected by her judgement without needing Yune's protection. This included the members of Stefan's tribe who were completely unaware of the events. Even Amy, a little girl, was spared due to being branded while her adoptive father Largo, a seasoned, but retired warrior, was not spared.