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The crest of the Askr Kingdom.

Askr (アスク王国 Asuku Ōkoku lit. Kingdom of Ask) is a holy kingdom in the continent of Zenith, from Fire Emblem Heroes.


Founded by the god-dragon of the same name and Líf, the first king of Askr, Askr once worked with the Emblian Empire to open and close the gates to other worlds, with Askr's bloodline having the power of opening and Embla's having the power of closure. It's a green and abundant land, as at the request of its people, Askr's retainer Ash poured much of her power into the land to keep it prosperous.

Kingdom of Askr

In recent times, Askr is ruled by King Gustav and Queen Henriette. They have two children, Prince Alfonse and Princess Sharena. Once the Emblian Empire begins leaving gates to other worlds open for their own ambitions, Alfonse and Sharena take it on themselves to form the Order of Heroes, despite the disapproval of their father. Alfonse, Sharena, and their gathered heroes to oppose invasions by various armies.

Askr had endured invasions from the Emblian Empire in the past, but once the previous king died, there was a period of peace. However, his daughter, Princess Veronica elected to carry out her father's goals and invaded Askr to try to bring it under Emblian control. She does this by placing Heroes under contract and having them attack Askr. Due to this, Anna brings Kiran into the world so the Order can have heroes of their own. The Order of Heroes fends off attacks from Heroes as they travel from world to world, until Veronica switches up her tactics by trying to destroy the summoning ruins required for summoning and trapping them in another realm.

The Emblian Empire ends up allying with Múspell, as both want to see Askr's destruction. As the order investigates the source of the issue, they come across Fjorm, a princess of Nifl who just saw her country razed to ash by Múspell's king, Surtr. As Múspell's army marches across Askr, they burn Gnótthæð to the ground before the Order of Heroes is able to save it. The Order then moves to Nifl to rendezvous with Gunnthrá, the eldest princess of Nifl who has a method to defeat Surtr.

After the Order of Heroes successfully defeat Surtr, they return to Askr. They're soon met with an invasion of the undead soldiers from Hel. This invasion forces a truce between Askr and the Emblian Empire. When Alfonse attempts to engage Hel in battle, she places a curse on him that ensures death in nine days, but when that time comes, Gustav, the current King of Askr, takes the hit for Alfonse and Hel adds him to her forces. The Order has to face him as they pass through Death's Gate to enter the realm of Hel to find a way to defeat Hel. Following Gustav's death, Henriette takes over as sovereign ruler of Askr.

Upon returning from Hel, the Order of Heroes goes to investigate a town trapped in an endless sleep with a Redolent Censer to protect themselves from whatever the cause may be. They end up falling asleep themselves, and enter Ljósálfheimr. Upon leaving, they find that the nightmares that plagued them there are now plaguing Askr itself as part of an event known as the Waking Dream. Peony tells them that this has happened because Lady Freyja, ruler of Dökkálfheimr has taken Freyr, ruler of Ljósálfheimr to her realm. As she is also affected, Veronica briefly allies herself with Askr again. In order to travel to Dökkálfheimr, the Order seeks out Mirabilis, the ljósálfr of daydreams, who agrees to guide them after being threatened by Veronica. Mirabilis takes them to the Point of Twilight, where from a daydream, one can cross over into nightmare Veronica fends off the nightmares for them as they enter Dökkálfheimr to track down Freyja. When the Order all wake again, it's said that they all slept for three days and three nights, and don't remember much. Peony appears before the Order and greets them.

The next thing the Order of Heroes has to face is an invasion from Niðavellir. King Fáfnir sends his sister, Reginn to engage Askr, but she's moved by their kindness and ends up joining them. The Order ends up going to Niðavellir to confront Fáfnir, and after a series of events, they quickly return to Askr when they're informed Fáfnir is leading an assault on the capital and Askr Castle. Fáfnir nearly kills Henriette, but the Order stops him just in time, and keep him in their underground prison. While the Order and Henriette are distracted, Loki the trickster breaks Fáfnir out for a price. Reginn, and then the Order, return to Niðavellir, where Reginn is revealed to be its true ruler. Rather that immediately claiming the throne, she chooses to stay in Askr for experience, having Princess Dagr of Jötunheimr to rule in her stead.

When the Order of Heroes returns from Niðavellir, they find that various Askran villages are being enclosed in darkness through the power of Embla. As the same is happening in the Emblian Empire, Veronica once again allies herself with Askr while they investigate the issue. Knowing that Embla is launching a plan to wipe out the bloodline of Askr, Askr tasks his retainer Ash with going to Midgard to aid the people of Askr. She joins the Order of Heroes to fulfill her mission. While chasing a retainer of Embla, Elm, they end up crossing into Embla and encounter Letizia, director of the Curse Directive. As Veronica is affected by the Emblian blood curse that makes her want to kill Askr and Letizia blocks various routes back into Askr, the Order of Heroes finds themselves unable to return to Askr.

Alternate Askr

The Alternate Askr is another universe's version of Askr that appears in Book III. In this Askr, Hel successfully conquered both it and Embla. That world's versions of Alfonse and Veronica, who go by the names of Líf and Thrasir to hide their identity, preform the Heart's Rite to combat Heel, utilizing the heart of Angrboða. This results in every subject of both of their kingdoms dying, including that world's version of Sharena. Líf agrees to become a general of Hel to balance the cohort of the dead, in which by wiping out another realm, he could bring back their own.

The Order of Heroes enters Alternate Askr as they chase Líf and Thrasir through a portal that leads there. As they travel through the ruins of another version of their kingdom, faced again and again by Líf and Thrasir, they discover clues about the Heart's Rite in that Askr's Library, a rite which would allow them to defeat Hel. After traveling to Alternate Embla, Alfonse deduces that Líf will be at that Askr's version of the Castle of the Order of Heroes, which Líf collapses on the Order to attempt to take them out, but they're able to escape, defeat Líf, and move on to defeating Hel.

Notable Locations

  • Askr Castle - The royal castle of Askr. Home to Gustav and Henriette. Also used as a base and lodging for the Order of Heroes.
  • Coliseum - A location where Askr engages in mock battles with the forces of other Askrs.
  • Tower of Heaven - A tower in the northern region. Site of the Tempest.
  • Vaskrheim - The former resting place of Breidablik, and where Brave Heroes appear.
  • Eternal Sanctum - An ancient ruin in the western region. The Rite of Awakening for Askr is found here as well as a stone slab for the creation of the Sacred Seal Forge.
  • Gnótthæð - An once bountiful farmland in eastern Askr now burned by Múspell.
  • Aether Keep - A floating castle created by the first king of Askr. Also contains the Aether Resort.
  • Death's Gate - The entrance to Hel.
  • Point of Twilight - The location at which one can cross over into Dökkálfheimr.
  • Midgard's Shield- A fortress in the southern region. Contains treasures collected by the humans of Midgard.

Family Tree

Notable Askrans


  • Gustav - The father of Alfonse and Sharena and the King of Askr until the events of Book III.
  • Henriette - The Queen of Askr and the mother of Alfonse and Sharena. Becomes the sovereign ruler after the events of Book III.
  • Alfonse - The kind and serious eldest prince of Askr who is eager to maintain peace.
  • Sharena - The cheerful younger princess of Askr who loves making friends with Heroes.


  • Askr - The god of connections and strong bonds.
  • Ash - The earnest and polite retainer to Askr, who strives to always say exactly what she means.

Sovereign Order of Avian Reporters

  • Fehnix - The Chief of the Sovereign Order of Avian Reporters
  • Feh - Messenger Owl.


  • Anna - The Commander of the Order of Heroes.
  • Líf - A man encountered in Hel who uses the name of the first king of Askr.

Notable Allies

  • Kiran - An individual from the World of Steel, they have the ability to summon Heroes with Breidablik.
  • Fjorm - A princess of Nifl who chooses to spend the little time she has left in Askr after avenging her fallen kingdom.
  • Eir - A princess from the Realm of the Dead who chooses to stay in Askr after defeating her mother.
  • Peony - A ljósálfar from Ljósálfheimr who now resides in Askr after the Order wake up from their dream.
  • Reginn - The queen of Niðavellir who is staying in Askr to gain experience that will help her be a better ruler.


The Japanese name of Askr, "Ask", and "Embla" are derived from Old Norse mythology. Ask representing a male form, whereas Embla represents a female respectively—were the first two humans, created by the gods. In Poetic Edda and Prose Edda, both sources, three gods, one of whom is Odin, find Ask and Embla and bestow upon them various corporeal and spiritual gifts.

In Old Norse, Askr literally means "ash tree".