“Forgive me, everyone... My real name is Reese. My reason for coming here was to kill Prince Marth. ”
—Katarina revealing her identity during Prologue 8: Assassination of the Hero-King.

Assassination of the Hero-King (or Assassination of the Hero King) is Prologue VIII of Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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Pacing is key in this map due to the high volume of enemies and reinforcements. Depending on how strong the player's units are defensively and offensively will dictate how fast the player should play. Enemies should be drawn out and picked off in a manner that will not overwhelm the player while using Vulnernaries to ease on usage of Wrys and help units that are focused on counterattacking. If the player is confident in Athena, if she was recruited and leveled with good avoid-related stats, she can be positioned on pillars to attract the Barbarian enemies and rely on her avoid stat to survive. It is also highly recommended to use Merric as a resistance wall when facing the mages. As long as player units are not within Katarina's range, she and her adjacent Thieves will not become aggressive. When it is time to defeat Katarina, she may be drawn out by a suitable unit. Either way, any units lost in this chapter will appear again throughout the main story so suicidal tactics may be employed.

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