Asset and Flaw is a gameplay mechanic introduced in Fire Emblem Awakening. In Fire Emblem Fates, it is alternatively known as a Boon and Bane respectively.


An asset and flaw are stat modifiers that affect a character's growth rates and maximum stats. In all instances, a specific stat is chosen as an Asset, a stat in which they grow exceptionally well in, and a flaw is also chosen, a stat that grows poorly.


Asset and Flaw affects Robin's growth rates and maximum stat caps. Their Asset and Flaw is directly chosen at the start of the game and cannot be changed. Choosing a specific stat for either will improve or hinder said stat in particular, but will also affect some other stats in minor ways, either improving or reducing the growths of the auxiliary stats. Players cannot choose the same stat as an Asset and Flaw.


Known in this game as a Boon and Bane, they are functionally the same as an Asset and Flaw respectively for Corrin. Like in Awakening these are chosen at the start of the game, cannot be changed once chosen, and cannot have the same stat as a Boon and Bane.

Rather than choosing the stats directly, the player chooses from a bank of words for both Boon and Bane categories. The chosen word corresponds to a specific stat for the Boon or Bane. Like Awakening, the Boon stat grows exceptionally well while the Bane is hindered while other auxiliary stats are affected in a minor manner.

Focused Stat Boon Word Bane Word
HP Robust Sickly
Strength Strong Weak
Magic Clever Dull
Skill Deft Clumsy
Speed Quick Slow
Luck Lucky Unlucky
Defense Sturdy Fragile
Resistance Calm Excitable


In Heroes all summonable Heroes have the possibility to have an Asset or Flaw in a particular stat. The chosen Asset and Flaw are randomly chosen when a Hero is summoned though it is possible for a unit to have neutral stat modifiers and thus, lack an Asset and Flaw.

Assets and Flaws each affect only the stat they are randomly placed on and will either improve or reduce its maximum stat total by 3 or 4 points. If the option is turned on to view Assets and Flaws, an Asset stat is highlighted with Red text, a Flaw stat is highlighted with blue text, and a neutral stat remains white. If a character is Merged, the character automatically loses their Flaw reduction, turning it into a neutral stat, but their Asset boost is kept.

Some units are always exempt from having an Asset or Flaw when summoned:

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