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The Astral Dragon is a class that debuted in Fire Emblem Fates.

History in the Series

Not much is known about the Astral Dragon species, apart from the fact that they reside in a realm that is separate from the world of Fates. After choosing to abdicate herself from Anankos' control over her life, Lilith journeys to this realm, where she learns how to assume the form of an Astral Dragon to protect her sibling. This alone points towards the Astral Dragons' power of transforming any sentient being into a member of their species.

Astral Dragons also display the ability to travel between worlds. In Fates, Lilith is able to transport the Avatar to and from their castle's dimension and their world of origin.

According to the Fire Emblem Fates Visual Works Pellucid Crystal, Astral Dragons are a subtype of the First Dragons, said to be responsible for creating the world. Incapable of verbal speech, Astral Dragons communicate by means of telepathy instead. This is evidenced in-game, where Lilith's dialogue no longer has voice clips after she permanently assumes her dragon form.

Combat Overview

The Astral Dragon class is exclusive to Fire Emblem Fates. The unique class of Lilith, the only known Astral Dragon to appear in the game, the Astral Dragon class employs both its Breath and Staves as its equipment of choice.


Base Stats

FE141849564586--FE14 Breath.png E FE14 Staff.png E

Maximum Stats

FE1460283529333530356--FE14 Breath.png A FE14 Staff.png A


Seiryū is a play on the Japanese name for the "Azure Dragon of the East" (青竜, Blue Dragon), one of the Four Symbols in various Eastern mythologies.


  • Astral Dragons bear a resemblace to Koi.